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I have up on my PS4 Warframe.  Though I'm more of waiting for good alerts to show up. So it is an off and on kind of thing.  My PS4 controller right next to my mouse sometimes.
*Throws a Daring Do Body Pillow*
Only once this huge pile of dishes is washed, dried, and put away in the proper drawers
Only once you've mowed the farm grass and other chores*
*Throws a bag of confetti*
*Throws big pillow at FeverishPegasus*
Lately I've been addicted to "Take on me" by "A-ha".  I saw it recently in a parody of the Take on me jogging video done by Marlon Webb where instead of Marlon Webb doing the jogging, it was some Halo Spartans.  That, and "Roundabout" by "Yes"  Its a great song.  It was used as the ending credits for Jojo's Bizarre Adventures and is in English actually.

((Note: I could not figure out how to use the youtube button))
Video Games Archive / Re: Overwatch
2016 Aug 01, 00:46:23
Now personally I do not have the game.  Though I can tell you that it is fun.  Since I played the open beta they had back in I think it was early May.  Widowmaker is waifu though. >:3c

Now if you are getting Overwatch in hopes of a story mode then you should not buy it.  Overwatch is strictly multiplayer.  The lore is on the website sadly.  If you want a thing similar to Overwatch with a story, try out Battleborn.  It's alright though I do not like the multiplayer on it.
If  there is a game that should be known.  There is a game coming out in like 8 days called "No Man's Sky".  Now the number of planets in this game is absurd.  They estimated about 18 quintillion planets.  So many planets that if you spent a second on each one you still wouldn't explore all of them in your life time and several of your descendant's lifetimes.  What I like about this game is the fact that you are an explorer in a 3d generated world.  If you come across a lifeform, ship type, planet, system or area like a cave before anyone else does, you get the honor of naming it.  Now its a pretty big game.  You would probably spend quite a long time by yourself before you met anyone.  They said that if you and your friend were to meet at the center of the galaxy you start in it would still take 40 to 100 hours to get there.  Even then someone would end up waiting a while.  It's a really cool game that I know will have my attention. xD