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Finally, I can get a good night's sleep and be greeted with pleasant dreams. Thanks Hallowtide 2020 update!
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] What Herd?
2017 Jan 31, 19:18:00
The city of Shibuya, a bustling city filled with people and shops. Everyone is so busy with their lives, that they do not notice two ponies in the middle of the street. (Something about how The World Ends With You, I don't know).

Twilight Sparkle: You're never going to get away with this, Trixie! Deckard Cain told me all about your evil scheme.
Trixie: That's the Grrrrreat and Powerful Trixie to you! And yes, I was the one who took your parents' essence. I need them as tribute along with this Shen Gong Wu, the Golden Tiger Claws, to gain access to the two pieces of the Triforce. And with those pieces combined, I can take over the Nexus! And there's nothing you can do about it.

An epic martial arts sequence occurs. They eventually end up touching the Golden Tiger Claws at the same time.

T.S.: There is one way to settle this. With a Xiaolin Showdown! The game is a foal's card game, each of us starts with 4000 life points. The first pony to lose all their life points will lose. I will bet in the Yin-Yang Yo-yo.
Trixie: Very well. I accept this challenge. And I will bet in the Two-Ton Tunic.

A blinding light flashes from the Golden Tiger Claws. The scenery changes to what appears to be a city made for dueling. Both ponies are now sporting specialized Duel Disks (trademark).

Both: Gong Yi Tanpai!

T.S. [thinking internally]: Oh, who am I kidding? I don't even know how to play this card game. I didn't think Trixie would go through with this. There's no way I can win this...
???: Perhaps I can help.

The Helements of Armory emerge from her pack, circling around Twilight. Then, a cutscene that's pretty similar to the one shown in the very early episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! plays out where the main protagonist goes through an epic 90's transformation. Go see it. It's cool.

Now, Twilight is slightly taller, and now has wings. Also, for the rest of this episode, the voice of Twilight will now be played by Dan Green.

T.S.: Who are you?
???: I am the spirit of an ancient ruler of a faraway land. For now, call me Yami. I may not remember who I truly am, but I do know one thing: how to play a foal's card game!

Narrator: Who is this mysterious spirit that has taken over Twilight's body? Who will win the Xiaolin Showdown Duel Monsters Duel? How many episodes will this battle take? Tune in next time to see this epic battle commence. Same bat-time! Same bat-channel!
Quote from: WizzlePiff on 2016 Nov 29, 10:43:45
Quote from: Cooly568 on 2016 Nov 29, 10:25:59
I just realized I forgot to mention something in my application. Well shoot. RIP me.

Same x)

To all who have applied or will apply before the 21st:

Good luck. And have fun.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] What Herd?
2016 Oct 05, 22:48:15
Quote from: zealous98 on 2016 Oct 05, 18:54:59
Activity should ramp up in December. Limited access is like an official release, right?

An official limited release, yeah. That would be exciting.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] What Herd?
2016 Oct 04, 01:24:43
It's just the four of us, huh?
I know this is probably won't count, but I'll just post it anyway.

Spoiler: I call it the Two Afro. • show

I feel disappointed.
No one suggested an Afro and I missed the deadline.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] What Herd?
2016 Aug 30, 13:02:48
What Herd??
This looks interesting.

Before I forget,
Spoiler: what do you think of this? • show

Added. Working on the latest update. Slowly.
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 27, 01:20:38
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2016 Jul 25, 06:03:06
It means that the servers will be opened the whole December, I am not sure for this answer. I think that simK64 will give you a better answer :D

Original post claims joining Equestria in December will be for good.

I'm going to assume the servers will be up much longer than just December.
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 24, 22:10:36
Quote from: White Chaos on 2016 Jul 24, 19:41:51
You mean it's gonna open forever but with just limited spot?

That is what it is. The game will be released, but only some can get in. When that time comes, the game will be open longer than any open server event.
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 11, 02:17:18
Quote from: albedoequals1 on 2016 Jul 11, 01:26:38
How limited is limited access?  >:/ And what is being limited?  :s Does this mean that only the first 50 people can log in, or does it mean that each person can only log in for an hour per day, or...what?  o.O

Ellowee gave a basic idea of how limited access will go.

It appears to be select people who apply to gain access to the game in December. Once they get in, they are set for the full release. What is limited is the number of players for December.


Quote from: Ellowee on 2016 Jul 10, 21:25:12
This December, Legends of Equestria will begin opening its servers starting with a limited access release!

I cannot find the right reaction for this.
But what I can find is that this is in the lead--so far out of three games--I will be able to play.
Xenoblade Chronicles. For the Wii.

I'm definitely feeling it.
That was quite a run. I'm surprised at what was the result.  :o
I will join you all eventually.
Congrats to those 5.  You'll make this game even greater. :)
I want to ask something regarding this application:

Are edits allowed once an application is posted?
Forum Name: SimK64

Age: 22

Experience: A year or two in moderating a Minecraft server (Canterlot Arcade when it was still up). Volunteered at BABSCon 2015 as part of the Video Game Arcade area (Button's Arcade).

Why would you make a good moderator?: I keep watch of things, especially at times most people aren't online. I lurk around and go invisible whenever anyone is acting suspicious. I have taken some course of action on my own, but I almost always make reports to fellow mods/admins/colleagues before making a final call.

Anything else you would like us to know?: Hmm...
I was able to find a temporary fix for one of the open server events (only to be overshadowed by a newer version moments later).
I'm not sure where I'll be within a year or two from now, but I'll be sure to stop by periodically if I get a busy schedule. Otherwise, I'll be online often.
As for the BABSCon 2015 volunteering, I basically had to keep an eye on the equipment and to tend to all visitors' carry-ons not from the staff, so nothing from the room gets stolen. Thankfully, nothing was reported missing from what I am aware. Oh, and seeing the Legends of Equestria section of the gaming was really neat. Not only was I able to attend the panel, but I was able to meet with a few of the representatives that were present for the game. I asked a few questions, got some answers. Overall, a great experience (not to mention running the game in 60 frames per second!!). Seeing LoE was the highlight of my first BABSCon experience.

EDIT: Added an extra line to "Experience" and added a few lines to "Anything else you would like us to know?".
I got too excited the first time typing up this application and missed a few details. Also, I would like to mention my personal meeting with a few of the LoE staff.
 :)   Woohoo!

(There needs to be a happy Fluttershy emote)

All the new features were quite a sight. Every single one was implemented well (albeit there are still some issues new and old in this game). :)

Really awesome that what was mentioned at BabsCon about the experience system turned out to be true. This game's in Alpha now.   :o

This is also the first time I'm not using my ancient Windows XP desktop as it still has problems with the game. Most of those problems were removed after using a non-gaming Windows 8 laptop. I'm surprised as to what can run this game. As a result, this made the gaming experience stable (never got crash logs while playing on this laptop--a first time ever).  :D

Overall, this one was the best Open Server Weekend I have ever played.
Quote from: KirbyFluttershy on 2015 Aug 05, 13:28:02
Quick Question in pokemon rumble world: is there fairy land master title? cuz I'm not finding any information on that title.

I believe you'll need the Fairy Balloon for this title.
Capture the following Pokemon:

  • Mandibuzz

  • Hippowdon

  • Feraligatr

  • Zapdos

  • Regirock

  • Xerneas

You get the Fairy Land Background for this title.