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Quote from: borgsy2 on 2014 Jul 09, 03:28:28
1 get rid of the thing harming the pc/mac
2 restart your pc/mac

Here's a hypothetical situation: my motherboard is defective, leading to (as you would say) it 'harming' the PC. I get rid of it. I restart my PC.
Now, my PC crashes, because there is no motherboard. The thing harming the PC is the lack of motherboard. The lack of motherboard = nothing. Now how do I get rid of nothing?
I've tried reading it, but it's so dark and depressing to read. I just can't read it without having the image of the fandom spoiled. I don't know why, but I always feel depressed after reading chapters from it.
Not military, but was CCF cadet (RN). For those commissioned here, I'd just like to say thanks for your service. However much or little you do in your services, it does make a difference.
[QUOTE]Though, I have to say, Hasbro needs to figure out that Rainbow Dash does not have a blue streak in her bangs (fringe, for English people). Learn what your pony looks like, Hasbro! o.O[/QUOTE]

You sure have an eye for the detail.
Resolved Issues / Re: LoE on Tapatalk!
2014 Jun 26, 15:44:37
I agree. It shouldn't take too much work:
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Who here can code?
2014 May 11, 14:04:25
Quote from: Tekner on 2014 May 07, 17:25:51
I know lots of languages, mostly C languages. Right now I'm working on this really big MMORPG project for diminutive horses. We're still keeping it under wraps. You can check out our forums if you want to learn more about it.

Sounds like such a boring MMORPG. Who would want to play that? :P
Off-Topic Archive / Who here can code?
2014 May 06, 17:50:13
I'd love to meet fellow programmers here. Hopefully I'm not the only one. I'm working on several bash and PHP projects right now which are pretty neat. What can you guys do, and are you doing any cool projects right now?

I'm currently working on an (awesome) web application to teach and test users on language vocabulary using proven, effective techniques. I've been doing education sector apps for a long time, but perhaps in July I can sit down and do something for bronies. Anyhow, fingers crossed I'm not the only one here.
Resolved Issues / Re: Homepage CSS bug
2014 Apr 26, 12:19:59
Quote from: SparkX120 on 2014 Apr 22, 04:00:06
I noticed on the homepage ""; that the Article that lists the Download Locations had an overflow error with the Linux Magent URI.

To see the error, scroll down on the home page to the post I mentioned using Google Chromes current stable release. Also  noticeable in IE 11 and Firefox 27.0.1

I poked through Google Chrome Developer Tools and determined that if you add

overflow-wrap: break-word; /*Fix chrome display perfectly*/
overflow-x: hidden; /*Patch to hide problem in other browsers IE11 & Firefox until overflow-wrap is implemented (if it is)*/

to the style sheet containing #col1 article > div.content

it will fix the overflow problem. However this CSS tag is only valid in Google Chrome so use overflow-x: hidden  for other browser compatibility. Adding both tags should patch the problem and when the CSS attribute works in Firefox and IE the overflow-x will not be needed.

Hope this helps!

Is it fixed? If not, email LoE's dev team. I emailed them about information disclosure and they patched it pretty quickly.
Quote from: djazz on 2014 Feb 10, 14:55:50
Quote from: Mayapple on 2014 Feb 10, 11:20:01
If I may, djazz, how did they notify you, saying you were accepted, and when did you apply?  I applied for Web Development a day or two after the open weekend, but I haven't heard back yet.  I want to know if I should just assume I'm denied, or still wait.

I sent in my application a day or two after the open weekend, I got an email response from cerebrate 5 days ago stating he would like to talk to me to skype and when I'm usually available. And today we chatted a bit and I got to join :)
I don't know how much pre-knowledge you are required to have... I've been doing web dev stuff for almost 10 years and in my application I showed off what I've done etc..

I applied for a server management position around two weeks ago. I have not received a response from Cerebate. I believe my application either has been denied.
Quote from: SkullMidnight on 2014 Apr 20, 19:24:25
I'm able to download but it fails, is the problem caused by my computer or something else?

You can verify the integrity of the downloaded file by using my tutorial here:
Quote from: Krystalyn Katara on 2014 Apr 19, 13:14:02
I'm sorry to ask it here, though I'm having trouble with the game as well, I downloaded the full zipped thingy on torrent, but after extracting it all i won't see any .exe there only .86 files or whatever, wonder if i can find the .exe elsewhere

Check -

I've sent you a PM with my mirror link.

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Quote from: Jaywo on 2014 Apr 19, 07:17:17Anypony else having this problem?

I'm inexperienced in game programming, but my guess is that there's an issue with the rendering engine... I'm not sure what LoE uses. Direct3D? OpenGL? Try reinstalling both Direct3D and OpenGL.
I believe I also sent you a mirror link to RC2. Try downloading from that link since it's wget friendly, and verify the file integrity using
Quote from: Jaywo on 2014 Apr 19, 08:15:11
I'm positive that's LoE, the executable it loe.exe and the data files and everything in the folder are LoE related.
No crash logs.
I'm on an Acer running Windows 7.

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My computer is acting like this is completely normal.
I heard someone else was having this problem too, I can't remember who though.

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Heres the download name:
rebuilt.LoE-Windows_86 2014 Babscon RC1(1)

You should be downloading RC2...
You sure you downloaded Legends of Equestria and not accidentally a random flash game?

But seriously, that should not be happening. Are you getting crash logs or anything? What's your PC model/GPU?
Quote from: Aster on 2014 Apr 19, 07:56:21
Quote from: Warglebargle on 2014 Apr 19, 07:53:38
A screenshot would be useful in this case.

Main Menu:

Oh god, I hate SMF. Terrible forum software. I mean @Jaywo.
A screenshot would be useful in this case.
Quote from: TheFrostShard on 2014 Apr 19, 03:50:04
I agree with alchemist here, firedrive is horrendously slow, is it possible for someone to put up a torrent or mirror for the x86 version?

You and Alchemist get a mirror link via PM. If anybody else wants a mirror link, PM me.
As if the government is wasting enough taxpayer money...
I've sent a few of you a self hosted mirror link for Win32 Babscon RC2.
What plot arc? S4 was meant to have a long plot arc, and the series is lacking its plot arc. We need more occurrences of what happened in the earlier episodes of S4 which I don't remember anymore because they haven't reinforced the plot arc.