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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jul 27, 20:58:18
There are certain things in life, a certain view you have of people,
a certain insight joke, a memory,
a foundation upon your way of thinking was built.
Slowly crumbling away, nothing will ever be the same.
Some things were said, some things are going to be said.
Irreversible, leaving ignorant happiness behind you
and replacing it with silence, regret, shame.
Just installed it, is there a difference between servers.
English, European, PvE, ... and all that
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2013 Jul 26, 04:53:18
Finally, it's raining again.
Music Archive / Re: Metal thread
2013 Jul 25, 09:03:07
Quote from: Howitzer on 2013 Jul 23, 23:10:10
Anyone here listen to heavy metal before the 90's?
like Ratt, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, or Black Sabbath?
I just want to know if I'm alone on this or not.

You're not alone, I'm big fan of Black Sabbath.
Also most bands from 70's, though that's more Rock than Metal.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jul 25, 08:44:58
Music Archive / Re: Metal thread
2013 Jul 15, 20:37:14
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jul 14, 18:41:47
Spoiler: show
Original Characters / Re: Judas
2013 Jul 14, 08:49:14
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2013 Feb 17, 22:39:09
Spoiler: show

I'll take it as a compliment, though I'm usually not associated with that kind of music.

Anyway, Magic Abilities are written down and the location has been clarified with a map.

Changed discription of CM, posted a crude drawing (by yours truly) and wrote down some personality/characteristics.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jul 11, 18:35:16
Today I got back from vacation, it was great and all that but... thanks to it I missed the Open Server Weekend.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jul 01, 15:34:26
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2013 Jun 27, 01:44:50
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Scary stories?
2013 Jun 23, 19:12:43
Well I have a true story and it's kind of creepy.
Spoiler: show
When I was younger, around 11, I walked to school everyday.
And on my route there was this house, nice front garden, real colourful,
with a nice old lady looking out the window every morning and afternoon.
I believe she was about 60 or even 70, doesn't matter.
Anyway, one day I was walking home from school and she was working in her garden.
She asked me, while I was passing her house, if I could lend her a hand with pulling out a stubborn root.
My parents always told me to help others, so, as a good boy, I helped.
Afterwards, she asked me inside to wash my hands and to give something for my troubles.
While I was washing my hands she starts to reminisce about her own son,
who according to my mother disappeared 30 years ago.
The old woman starts to say he and I look a lot alike, thinking about it, I know believe something snapped inside her.
She continues to see resemblances between her son and me, until she just starts to believe I am her lost son.
Completely scared and crying, I try to bring to reason, saying that I'm too young and that I have my own mother.
She wouldn't have it, "YOU ARE MY SON", she screamed, "I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, EVER AGAIN".
I wanted to run, but she suddenly grabbed a gun forcing me to stay.
BANG!!! She shot me.

She fainted from all the emotions, the neighbours heard and busted in.

And from that moment I have a dimple in the middle of my belly...
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 20, 06:38:27
Feeling sick.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 18, 19:30:33
The heat.
Artist Showcases / Re: June Artist Showcase
2013 Jun 18, 10:01:22
Quote from: Brick Stonewood on 2013 Jun 18, 00:31:02
Quote from: PïkâWölf on 2013 Jun 17, 17:22:29
:P :D
Quote from: Brick Stonewood on 2013 Jun 17, 00:40:58
To Yay or not to Yay, that's the question.

I never said that! This is libel! Libel, I say!

For those who don't know what "libel" is, it's a dutch dragonfly
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 18, 06:27:38
The trains in Belgium are planning to go on a strike the 27 of june.
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jun 17, 14:00:03
..., but she is nervous about some.

I do believe we all are
NSA proud sponsor of XBox One
Quote from: Blues-Music on 2013 Jun 16, 06:58:31
Quote from: Little Judas on 2013 Jun 16, 04:36:45
I found a positive thing about XBox One!!!

Quote from: GameinformerIn addition, Microsoft has revealed that up to ten players in your "family" can have access to your shared library of games from any console, and you'll be able to access your full library of games and play them from any connected Xbox One.

Link to entire article.
Not positive.
So what if ten people of your family could play?It's very rare for TWO family members to play video games. Also even if someone has a family of ten gamers it's still not a positive. Just because it was something worse , and they turned it less so doesn't make it good. Before we knew that we couldn't lend games , but now we know we can only lend to 10 people on the same console. So just because it's a tiny , and unnoticable slightly remove of a negative does not make it a positive.

Never in my life will I consider this console. The wii-U is superior anyway.

It's like a small island in the sea of bad features, might be enough to save the crew of the sinking USS XBox 1.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2013 Jun 16, 06:06:46
I found the perfect gift for my fathers birthday.
--> A ticket to see the WK Biljart Driebanden
(translations World Championship Three-cushion billiards)