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true i do believe its not real but i decided to see if it was
LOL i had the fan on when i did it its not real i just wanted to see if it was but its not most videos have special FX
MLP: FiM SD Archive / YAY
2013 Aug 28, 19:22:26
Has anyone herad of it well its like haveing magic like twilight sparkle and its very weird and interesting cause u can levitate objects most humans can do it its shown on wikipedia if anyone is studying it tell me i'd like to know your progress as for me i moved a pencil half a inch with telekinisis i possibly spelled it wrong oh well...
Ok well its good to know that player houses might be added
I've been watching gameplay videos and i've been thinking that it would be nice for instead of house models that just stand there and have no real purpose you should add in a later update ownable houses that have an interior and if in someway it is like another map if u add it hopefully you can do some sort of thing like a camera on the windows so ponys could look in and see peoples creativity and the person inside could look outside but if u can it might be easier just to zone like make the houses have doors that can be opened by the owners and owners can decorate or build at the houses size and height and they should cost bits if u add them but this is a sugestion/idea i had. another idea is random events could happen at canterlot or ponyvillie like a ursa rampage or a evil unicorn and some other events that could happen. i have a lot more ideas so if u need some they will be right on this topic.

here are Even more ideas. like a auction if there isn't one and crafting and digging also gathering so ponys could create items that can be looted and ponys can sell the items they loot through an aution which can be a easier way.
Another idea is rideable trains boats and air ballons if they're isn't any that way earth ponies and unicorns can get around a little more faster and pegasus can get around in style or faster.
thats all the ideas i got at the time.