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 As I log into the lovely LoE, it starts to load the servers, but instead it comes up with

Server Listing

Cutiemarks .. Done
Items .. Done
Abilities .. Done
Skills .. Done
Recipes .. Error!
Item Atlas .. Done

I have no idea what to do. I've checked the other filter forum for the issue and it was resolved thanks to the help of a video. The problem NOW is that the video has been taken down off youtube!  :c So now I await for assistance. I have a Windows 7 laptop with no other problems or issues with LoE. I've been stuck in this vicious cycle for the last SEVEN open server weekends!
Introductions Archive / hello~
2013 Aug 19, 10:33:51
I'm new here =3 (but the download for the game has not been up for a while and I can't get it D=  )