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Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2017 Apr 09, 05:36:50
and youre telling me this just now  :o  O:

Why, it's been there for ages:o Since the second or third OSW, actually! I just can't tell you more about its current status because I'm part of LAR.  :/
Have that as an easter egg would be quite neat! The closest thing of a hidden arcade so far is that Pac-Man-like minigame in the well in Ponydale.

Alternatively, there could be an actual arcade cabinet somewhere (maybe inside Sugarcane Corner) with LoS on the screen as an animated texture, though not possible for the player to interact with it. It would be like the cabinet is simply on and the game is running on Demo Mode.
Quote from: Galapagois on 2017 Apr 07, 12:27:16
Gonna get it hosted directly on our server hopefully, once it's there the original post will be updated with the correct URL.

Sweet!  :D
Quote from: Sollace on 2017 Apr 06, 04:00:48
Can someone re-upload the original Sockuestria game? I want to try it but mediafire has blocked the file thinking it's 'dangerous'.

Here you go!  ^-^!JcYU1abJ!hgummczXOOUoWn9PST3USrj6GG5mFQ3Dqr2BLEwBQfM
Hey, it worked! Thank you!  :D
Quote from: Gregorio on 2017 Apr 02, 02:19:57
file 00000051.wav
Best. Song. Ever.
(it's the actual music you hear when playing the game)
Nuff said again.

Where do I find that file? I extracted the .exe of the game and found all songs, except for that one.  :c
I have decided to abandon dragons as my main theme for art and also to change the focus of my channel. Thanks to this epic game, I have decided that pony is the way I should head.  :D
Quote from: Satellight Moon on 2017 Jan 06, 17:13:37

So, I just found out this place existed
I just wanted to know that if another opportunity to sign up for testing will be coming soon and/or if I will get an email alerting me of it. This is one thing I don't want to miss!

Yes, new sign ups will come eventually. Just keep an eye on the site for they will make an announcement there when they are ready to take in a new wave of players for beta testing. :)
Here's mine.  :D

I was going to have the goatee in separate from the mane and tail but to save time I ended up adding it in the same pictures. Obviously, this mane and tail should work fine on mares, as well but I didn't apply them to the mare template because I drew on Corel and edited in Photoshop. I didn't want to go through all that process again.  :s

Full size (large picture):
Same here. I wish they would make some official announcement to let us know what is going on. :( I really hope it is not another DDoS attack.
Quote from: Galapagois on 2015 Jan 24, 23:45:45
At the moment that seems to be a server load issue; if an area's too full, it just keeps you there until there's room or something. We're definitely going to work on it, but for now the best 'fix' is to be patient and wait, or try a less popular area! The Crystal Kingdom, for example, seems very quiet. Which is weird, because I personally think it's the most beautiful area in the game right now!

You can't go there if you can't spawn, to begin with. And I still couldn't spawn and play since last night, regardless of the race I pick. Several tries for several hours and I still can't play.
Mostly no one was able to play. That is true. Myself included. I only got to play for less than 10 minutes as a pegasus before the server crashed on me (and that after the DDoS attack issue have been resolved). I couldn't connect/spawn after that, regardless of the race I chose. And I wanted to play as unicorn all along to begin with. I tried several times for -literally- hours and could not play. This OSW is being extremely irritating>:( And I love this game so much!  ono I've been on the waiting list for over three hours, now. THREE HOURS! And that was just my latest attempt to play. Same deal on all servers. That is... when I get to connect to other besides Equus.

As for why they can't/won't extend the OSW the reason is simple and have already been mentioned: Money. It costs money to make these servers run and they use their own money to do it. They are not paid to even make this game to begin with. :\
Quote from: ElectricAura on 2014 Dec 14, 18:36:55
So, exactly how long is this going to last?

It just ended. :c
Art / Ponies From a Dragon Artist
2014 Jan 23, 23:21:32
So, hello everyone. :) I don't use to horse around these forums often but finding about this area about art I thought about showing something of my own. It's simple stuff. I don't draw ponies very often but when I do I make it with care and have lots of fun in the process. c: I normally draw dragons for my gallery on deviantART but I have a few pony works there, too.
This last one is my dragon OC as a pony.

So yeah... some positive criticism is welcomed. I'd love to hear what you guys think about my stuff. :) There is more stuff in my gallery if you liked these ones here and are curious. You're most welcome for a visit!  :D
Quote from: Turret Pony on 2013 Jul 08, 19:21:15
Am I really the only one who is getting the server error?
("Failed to connect.  Failed to establish connection - no response from remote host")

LoE, I'm getting tired of this...   >:/

It does that randomly. I too get it, sometimes. You just gotta keep trying. Remember that the game is still in Alpha, so there is a lot that still needs fixing, building and polishing!