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Hey, everyone! First I just wanted to thank you for giving us honest critique. We do read it (even if we don't always reply) and we do really appreciate it. A lot of the issues mentioned here are things we have on our list to improve/fix. I promise we will eventually get to them.

I also want to thank you all for all the love and support you give our team and how quick you are to defend us when people point out obvious shortcomings the game has and such. I do want to say, though, that while it is absolutely true that we are an all-volunteer/unpaid team of developers, it is not true that most of us do not have outside experience working on games. A lot of us (especially the team leads) do work on their respective fields professionally or at least have had years of experience under their belt before coming to LoE. In addition, it is my personal belief (which I believe most of the team shares, though I won't put words in their mouths) that regardless of what kind of a team we are, we still chose to put our game out there and it is still our responsibility to make it the best game that we can. Lack of money and being volunteers are no excuse for shortcomings the game has. It does make prioritizing things difficult, though. I will admit to that.

Side note: Silver Gust, until we add proper gamepad support, you can use one of the many free gamepad emulators out there to re-keybind your gamepad to the keyboard. An example of the one your xbox friend likely used is . For all I know (and I honestly have not checked) there may even be tutorials other ponies have posted on how to keybind gamepads because I know it's been an oft-mentioned suggestion for a while now. Even if not, there are plenty of tutorials for keybinding all the populars MMOs out there, which should be a great starting point for keybinding LoE.

Keep it up, guys! Thank you so much!
Thank you for your input (truly - not trying to be curt.)
It is a definite topic of discussion amongst our web developers and it is something they're constantly balancing over the work required to migrate all of our existing tools to another forum system on top of the fact that the new forum system would likely not be compatible with SMF's database structure, so all posts would be lost and all sticky posts would need to be remade. While I agree, personally, that there may be better alternatives, we can only make a change if it makes sense and is necessary. For now SMF seems to work quite well for our purposes.

I am now closing this thread since no further discussion is required, nor have there been any other replies in the last 120 days.
We are aware that this is a commonly requested feature. I'll contact the other moderators and team members involved in making the decision and see if it is a feature we would like to add back.

I am now closing this topic since no further discussion is required, nor has there been discussion for over 120 days.
Resolved Issues / Re: sugestion
2016 May 23, 23:39:32
We are exploring other options for resolving this issue, but ultimately, as Darcy mentioned, we are limited by the technology we are using (Unity3D in this case.) We will change the format of the website character creator to be able to run on Chrome if we are able, but until such a time, it will unfortunatley not work on Chrome and you will need to use another web browser such as Firefox.

I am now closing this topic because the original questions has been answered. We'll update you guys if there's anything you need to be made aware of regarding the character creator.
Resolved Issues / Re: Pony creator
2016 May 23, 23:36:09
The character creator is essentially a port of the in-game creator and as long as it is updated along with the game, all codes should work 100% of the time. The issue, as Mizuki mentioned, is that it is not a big priority to update the website character creator. In addition, as we develop the game further, it is inevitable that your codes will become invalid since the internal structure of the pony data will be changing. We apologize ahead of time, but it is a necessary eventuality. Development must move on!

I am now closing this topic since the original question has been answered.
Resolved Issues / Re: Filter/Limit
2016 May 23, 23:24:24
This is an issue we are aware of and we are looking into options to either prevent this or fascilitate moderators' abilities to respond to these situations and take action accordingly. Since this is on our internal list of things to work on, I am closing this thread to further discussion. We'll let you guys know if anything changes that you need to be made aware of.
Resolved Issues / Re: Two Suggestions
2016 May 23, 23:19:46
I can confirm that the game, once fully developed, will start you out as a filly/colt where you have to do a series of quests to discover your talent mark. Once your talent mark has been discovered (chosen), you will grow up and continue the rest of the game. The decision as to whether you will be able to remain a filly/colt after you get your cutie mark is undecided presently and we have no plans to allow players to access the majority of mid to late-game content if they choose to remain a blank flank. Choosing to remain a blank flank should be a choice solely for RP purposes because it will very negatively affect your ability to quest, combat enemies, and progress much further in the game. Our most recent livestream and convention panel videos (all can be found on youtube) detail this system a little more in-depth if you want to learn more.

I am now closing this topic since all original questions have been answered between myself and Darcy.
This feature used to exist, but we have an email limit, so we disabled it.
Resolved Issues / Re: internet solution
2015 Jan 31, 00:51:56
This simply isn't possible due to the type of game that this is.
MMO in MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online.
This means that there will be a lot of players playing, and thus a lot of data must be sent to you in order to be kept up-to-date, which is the only way to play the game.
Dial-up also does not have separate caps for data going from and to your computer, so if you're overwhelmed with the sheer amount of players playing, you won't be able to communicate with the server and will disconnect.
Resolved Issues / Re: Cutie mark test!
2014 Dec 20, 12:18:38
Quote from: tangcat on 2014 Dec 20, 05:46:15
Hi! I have a suggestion to make...
I think you guys should make a test and depending on what they answer they are then suggested a cutie mark for them at the end (they can still change it though)
You just described the already planned, and partially written, quest chain that leads up to getting a talent mark. It's not a test, strictly speaking, but it's full of dialogue, questions, and your answers determine what talent mark is "recommended" for you.

Quote from: tangcat on 2014 Dec 20, 05:46:15
this also happens throughout the game if they choose to be a filly At the start
You can't choose to be a filly. You can only choose to not grow up. Because of how integrated talent marks are to the game, it's still being debated within the team whether you'll be allowed to go very far out of the starting zones before you get your talent mark.
We test the game internally all the time. We're aware of 99% of the bugs going into OSWs, and stress testing the server software and hardware with sheer numbers of players is the only thing we cannot do internally at the moment. That is why Open Server Weekends are also (and originally were) called Stress Tests.
This is a duplicate thread, as Tiger pointed out.
Sorry, but I need to lock it up.
Alright, sounds good.
Locking up!
It is not possible to change your username yourself. Your only option is to create a new account, sorry.
This is a known bug in both the character creator and the game itself. We're working on it. Thank you for reporting it.
The Retirement Home / Re: alicornios
2014 Oct 14, 19:28:21
Lo siento pero por favor habla solamente en ingles. Use un traductor si necesita.

The reason you can not play as alicorn is because we are not adding them to the game.
We only want you to play as unicorn, pegasi, and earth ponies.
Exactly what Night Pony said. The only races you can and will ever be able to play as are Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony. That means, unfortunately, you will not be able to play as an alicorn, gryphon, breezie, sea pony, zebra, dragon, dog, or any other species/race. However, there may be costume pieces you can get that make you look more like another species/race. For example, we have had a helmet piece for a while that has a horn on it, so pegasi wearing it looked like alicorn.
No, this is a site issue. Thank you for reporting it. We'll get right on it.
We only speak english on these forums. If you do not speak english, then use a translator.
Before asking any questions, make sure you read our FAQ and check the forums to see if your question has already been asked.