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It was wonderful! :3

My first time was the weekend before this one, and that time the game was remarkably different than the current, I was surprised how much it had improved :3 Also last time I only did quests and explored on my own, but this time I didn't do any quests at all but instead explored with other players - and made friends! :P

P.S. Allow private servers to be hosted so we could play more often! D:
Original Characters / Thunderblitz
2013 Jul 08, 06:20:11

Name: Thunderblitz
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Approximate age: 19 (In human years)

Background: A pegasus foal was born for Cheer Blue and Bright Light in Canterlot's hospital. Now officially parents, they looked at their newborn foal and noticed it was a female. Then they looked at her striking colours, sky blue and lightning yellow. The parents looked at each other and whispered "Thunderblitz", the name to be given for the foal.

After visiting the preschool for the first time, Thunderblitz was already ready to move on to the actual school in just 6 years of (human) age, much for her intelligence the personnel noted about. In the school she was always the eyesore of her class, others wondering and bullying Thunderblitz about her early entry to the school. However, as intelligent as Thunderblitz was, she didn't care for the bullying at all since she could ignore the meaningless bullying. Her intelligence was also a reason to the bullying, and she was left behind from the groups. Some of the class had already received their cutie marks, making Thunderblitz look awful with her "blank flank".

During school Thunderblitz showed interest towards chemistry, and she was also good in mathematics. Thunderblitz then started studying chemistry in hopes for getting her cutie mark from it, to no avail. Despite being intelligent she was far too young for getting her cutie mark from chemistry. Thunderblitz however didn't give up and continued studying.

One day, the pupils were taken out on a picnic in some of the most fascinating sights of Canterlot. They ended the day near the cliffs of Canterlot for sightseeing. However, some of the pupils were careless enough to go near the cliffs despite the teacher warning them, and one filly fell. After hearing the filly scream, Thunderblitz, with lightning reactions, flew and saved the Filly just in time before him hitting the ground. Thunderblitz safely landed back on the top of the cliff with her classmate, both them and the rest of the class amazed at Thunderblitz's ability to fly so well for a filly of her age. Thunderblitz then received her cutie mark which resembles a lightning bolt. She then realized her talent is helping others "in a flash", without compensation. Thunderblitz was now considered as one of the best pupils of the class, and was now allowed to take part in the other fillies' activities.

Just when Thunderblitz graduated from her school, her father Cheer Blue left for discovery exploration in the unknown with other explorers. Thunderblitz and her mother became upset about this, knowing he could get lost or in the worst case, get hurt while being there. They calmed down pretty soon, however, because they both loved each other so much they forgot about the known absence of him. Both Thunderblitz and Bright Light agreed Thunderblitz was ready to live on her own, but they both also knew it was the best for them to stay together. Being a librarian in Canterlot's library, Bright Light searched for any material regarding the current events of the exploration trip, to no avail. Thunderblitz had already become famous for her rescue/helping cases, but when she has nothing else to do, she practices chemistry.

During Cheer Blue's absence, Thunderblitz lived in peace with her mother and worked as an apprentice to numerous ponies for chemistry researching and other rare arts. One day, Cheer Blue finally returned from his exploration trip and reunited with his daughter and wife. Cheer Blue had discovered a remarkable relic which brought him the title of a relics professor. Thunderblitz was now ready to live on her own, yet she does keep contact with her parents, especially her father. She has also caught attention from the most famous ponies of Canterlot for her achievements. Thunderblitz, however, like anypony else has also made humiliating mistakes in life, mainly because of her impatience. This has also caused problems while doing chemistry. She has also proven to be reckless at times, not caring of the side effects that could happen while rescuing or helping others. Thunderblitz now moves to Ponyville, where she can practice her chemistry with ease. Thunderblitz visits Canterlot at least each month to meet her parents again.

Personality: Calm, generous, honest, anticipant, modest, kind, helpful, sophisticated, adventurous, curious, optimistic, wise, impatient, reckless