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Here is just a suggestion for the winter games this year...

(I already suggested this to Holiday Cheer on discord and then found out she doesn't run the games. XD)

Anyways here is what I suggest for this years games you know how in the summer games ponies had a figure eight race inside the crystal kingdom stadium how about the same for the winter games except with the enchanted ice skates.

And also for nightmare rush through the brambles ponies can wear the enchanted ice skates too.

This is just a suggestion for the games this year I personally think that it will be more creative and make it have that more "wintery" feel to it.
I know I am a bit klate on posting this but these major changes were quite the improvement I love all the new locations Applewood and white tail park the crystal caves are amazing everything is great.

Thanks to all the creators, devs, and people that have made this game possible and awesome!!!
cool can't wait to check all of the new changes out the last major update was amazing so these changes should be as well.

Thanks to all the creators, devs and people that make this game possible.
Let me start off by saying that my characters name comes from a hotwheels car I named... Hot lemon as a kid funny right who would ever thought that name would actually become something other than a toy car from when I was a child.
The car had a yellow body with red flames running down the hood i know what you are thinking (how lame right!) but i was a kid and thought it was something cool at the time and i still think it is cool to this day never thought that name would lead to anything else other then a car.

Name of character: Hot Lemon.
Race: Pegasus.
Hometown: Cloudopolis. (Yes the beautiful, wild, and wonderful city of Cloudopolis!)
Current location: Anywhere in Equestria!
special talent: Medical Talent. (Hey! that is the talent I chose.)
Gender: Male.
Colors of mane and tail: Blonde with orange (like flames) mohawk for the mane, And blonde with orange(again like flames) for the tail.
Color of eyes: Red-ish brown with a little bit of yellow thrown into the mix.
Color of body: Red (along with having a lemon for a cutie mark yes an actual lemon!)
Likes: Having fun, being with friends, combat, training in my medical profession, RP-ing (when i have the opportunity) jokes and really silly terrible but delightful puns, parties, food, just all around having fun throughout Equestria!
Dislikes: spiders, ignorant stuck up people (but who likes those anyway!) and the level 65 dragon in the dragons den uggggghhhh that thing takes forever to take down! (but hey it is still fun to fight even if it is complicated.)

Back story: (yes now a small but sort of long back story about my characters bio.)
My name is Hot lemon I grew up and was raised in Cloudopolis by my parents my mom and my dad, My mom is a Pegasus who worked at the weather factory but she now studies cloud formations in the Neighterlands and is very proud of her life's work.
My dad is/was a Pegasus too he was a combat pone, and a heck of a combat pone from the stories my mom has told me he was in the Cloudopolis army during the great changeling war. my dad never returned home after the war was over and has never been found so we are not sure what happened?
My mom and I will always meet up in the Crystal kingdom or in Cloudopolis if she decides to come home for a weekend I plan one day to visit her in the Neighterlands or perhaps wherever her work carries her to in the future.

Yes I am a trained medical pone (currently working on my medical talent) and i dream one day of becoming a doctor to help other pones throughout Equestria I already hold a vast knowledge of medicine and medicinal practices. (only with my character in equestria i could never make for a very good doctor in real life.)

My mom wanted me to follow in my dad's footsteps and become a combat pone but nope not for me i went to flight school for starts with that career of being a combat pone! surprising that I did try to follow in his footsteps. But then something hit me one day( hey! it's a figure of speech nothing actually hit me.) but i decided to become a medical pone instead and who knows where the future might take me.

I think that is enough for my back story for now anyways!
I hope this is a good introduction for my (OC) into the equestrian history books (to sort of speak) well that is all for now.

I got the updates I had to re-download the whole game.

But it was well worth it and the wait is now over and everything is fantastic.
Quote from: FrostedTwinkie on 2018 Dec 24, 20:30:24Im having the same issue it give me this when i try to log in as well and i already updated it from the downloads tab for the newest update. doesn't seem to do anything  ovO

Quote from: FrostedTwinkie on 2018 Dec 24, 20:58:44maybe they took it down they seem to remove the post saying it was live

Yep looks like we are all having the same issues!

I have gotten both of these forementioned screens and still cannot get into the game wheni was in the game earlier today just fine with no problems but then these updates hit and nothing can't even access the game.

I cannot seem to be able to find or get the updates for the game please help me.

I was trying to log in on the game it stopped me and said I needed the updates. So I come to the website to look for them and find the appropriate area but when I go into it just says [ error: this page is missing or is off limits to you]

I went to "ball pit" and received the same results so please tell me and others who may have this same issue how do we update the game.

i and others haqve waited for these updates for a long time now and they are here and csn't seem to get them any help from the staff would be greatly appreciated.
Introductions / Re: Hello everyone....
2018 Nov 18, 12:06:14
everybody has an interesting life in one way or another.

(BTW I didn't mean for "nothing" to be taken out of context)

but you have to find what you like doing and make it interesting otherwise life is boring.
I wish I could choose them all but alas, that wasn't an option.

so I chose:

Twilight sparkle
Rainbow dash and
Pinkie pie
I picked unicorn because I have always wanted the ability to fly.

Introductions / Hello everyone....
2018 Nov 13, 08:30:07
Hello my name is Josh.

I became a Brony around 2014 and I am now just founding out about this website (terrible of me I know XD)
I should have found out about it sooner I have never really joined any of the fan sites until now finding out about legends of equestrian the game made me do this.

I will start off by saying that.... I like long walks on the beach, long romantic talks into the night, and MUFFINS!! (Oh who am I kidding!!) that was just for laughs. :P

I love the show, I love everything about it, the fandom is great and the people are awesome I hope to meet a lot of people on this site and in the game.

 I like games, I love MLP:fim, music, YouTube, hanging with my friends, I have a lot more interests too many to name really.

I just don't really know what else to say in this topic this is my introduction so here goes nothing...

Hello everypony!