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Introductions / Re: hi
Yesterday at 15:30:30
Hello razoul,

welcome to Legends of Equestria.

Maybe you want to show a screenshot, so the team knows if this is a known problem or not and can maybe offer a solution.

If you want to report a bug, here is a thread that shows how to do it:
Session Summary 5/17/2019
Players: Farsight, pony jack, Toot Sweet, Aura Swirl, Sweet Wing, Boss Racket, Rosie Sunshine
  • It is a rainy and stormy day in Ponydale. The ponies take shelter in the Clover Café.
  • Farsight meets a shady contact.
  • Toot seems a bit absent. Rosie and Farsight worry.
  • Sweet Wing asks Rosie to go for a walk. Aura Swirl follows them. First they visit the hospital to visit some of Sweet Wing's friends. Sweet Wing breaks down crying, telling Rosie that she wanted to become a nurse, but her classmates said that was stupid.
  • Toot tells Farsight why she is so absent-minded: She had weird dreams involving stone creatures, a diadem and a cult that they have dealt with.
  • Rosie and Sweet Wing visit the school. Sweet Wing tells Rosie that she flew for the first time there: A friend would move the swing and Sweet Wing would jump off and fly.
  • Farsight promises Toot to do some research on the cult.
  • Toot runs off and Farsight tries to get her back, but loses her.
Check out recaps of previous sessions at:
I love the Cloudopolis Academy interior. The details. And the pictures and toys are so cute.
Introductions / Re: Hello! :3
2019 May 12, 15:59:47
Hello, nice to see you as well!
Hello Adonis Spero,

sorry for it taking so long. Welcome to Legends of Equestria.

If you like roleplaying, you might like the Sweet & Elite: Meet and Greet.

It's on Fridays at 8:00 GMT / 4:00 PM EST (check your time zone).

So far, we haven't been using any stats, so it's more about playing out your character.

A note on the Style: Slice of Life usually means that, while there will be a setup, the session will mostly be driven by character interaction. Adventure means that the Game Master will have a plot set up that we will follow.

If you want to participate in it, I would also recommend joining their Discord channel. They have an invite link in the thread as well.

I would also recommend the Hide and Seek:

Please note that the information about the next event will always be on the first page.
Yay! Looking forward to the Winter Warm-Up event and the new quests! Also looking forward to see the new Academy interior. Maybe taking lessons in the classroom will help me not crashing into everything. Also looking forward to the new foal content. Good that I have one. I'm also happy that the launcher now works again.
I totally understand the argument that this will make a bad impression on new players, and you are probably right.

Personally, I like the trees though. Though other players might disagree with me, I personally like the spirit of Heartswarming being carried over the year. Maybe that's just because I haven't grown sick of the trees yet. However, I do like the idea of reviving the Winter Roll Up quest. I have been playing this for less than a year, so I have never seen that quest and I wonder what it might be like. I would think that I would be more positive about the idea of removing the trees if they are replaced by other interesting decoration.

However, I will also appreciate a new update with new contents and new quests. Also, I don't mean to be pressing, but a new update would be a good opportunity to make it run with the launcher again. I got used to the luxury of auto-updating. Of course, if you are already very busy with other things, I don't want to cause any problems.
Off-Topic / Re: Christmas traditions
2019 Apr 22, 12:29:54
I didn't expect someone still posting in this thread, since it is already spring, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
Thank you, Griffon, for sharing this with us.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2019 Apr 22, 12:22:38
I like your Developments pictures.
Original Characters / Re: Hi everyone!
2019 Apr 14, 10:02:37
Hello Looloo, welcome to Legends of Equestria. I hope you will have lots of fun!

I like the name.
Introductions / Re: Hello?
2019 Apr 08, 04:49:46
Hello Unnamed Dragon,

welcome to Legends of Equestria.
I hope you will enjoy the game.

If you don't feel like talking to the players at the beginning, you can talk to NPCs and see if they have some quests for you. To do this, right-click on an NPC, then you can select "Talk". Some, but not all NPCs offer quests for you. You'll often have a dialog option where you can offer them help. You can distinguish NPCs from players by their level indication. When a level is shown under their name, it's a player, if it is not, it's an NPC.

You can open your journal by clicking on the book icon in the bottom right corner. There, you can find your quests as well as your skills.

When you start the game, you will be offered an initial questline. The first quest is a tutorial, you can start it by speaking to your teacher. They are easy to find since they have an exclamation mark over their head.

The Talent Mark quest is part of the first questline. After you have completed it, you are an adult pony.

After the first questline is finished, you must walk around and talk to random ponies to get more quests.
Introductions / Re: Hello!
2019 Apr 03, 14:36:11
Hello, CrystalCatStudios,

welcome to Legends of Equestria.

Looks like you have lots of interesting hobbies. Sounds like time with you certainly isn't boring.

Also, you sing and play multiple instruments? You have my respect!

That you enjoy baking makes you likable. Surely, your friends will always have something yummy to eat.

Lately, Legends of Equestria was hiring for voice acting. I don't know if they still do that, though.

I hope that you will have lots of fun in the game.
Hello, Twilight.

Welcome to Legends of Equestria.

I hope you will get into this game with no problems and will have a lot of fun.
Audio / My interpretation of Starbust Nova
2019 Mar 24, 16:33:08
This is my interpretation of Starbust Nova:

She is the liaison teacher and has made it her job to make sure that every student feels comfortable and welcome at the University.

She shows the new students the campus every year and always has an open ear for the students, old and new. She believes that students can't properly learn if there are problems that burden their hearts, so she makes an effort to listen to every student to make sure that nopony is stopped from doing their best. (Though when you think it through, I wonder if it isn't stressful to burden oneself with the problems of every student.)

With this piece of music, I intend to convey the above interpretation of her personality.
Introductions / Re: Hello!
2019 Mar 21, 16:55:47
Hello, welcome to Legends of Equestria. I hope you are having fun so far.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that, or even knew it was possible, sorry. Maybe someone else will reply to this post. If no one does, you can always ask in-game.

Good luck. Anyway, have a lot of fun!

(In case you are wondering why I'm replying without giving an answer: I just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten you or ignore you.)
Introductions / Re: Heyo!
2019 Feb 07, 07:37:37
Hello, and welcome to the game,

I hope you'll like it. If you have any questions, I'm sure other players will be ready to help you.

Have fun!
Forum suggestions / Re: language
2019 Feb 07, 07:34:38
I would also like the option of changing the language, but I would understand if there is no such option. It is going to involve translators and additional voice actors and synchronizing (if they are going to have voice acting, which is probable since they are hiring voice actors). This will be additional effort and cost time and maybe money. So I wouldn't be disappointed if there will be no option to select a language, but I'd like it if they did.

Flan owns a café in the city center of Cantermore. Depending on your pony kind, you start out in Ponydale (earth pony), Cantermore (unicorn) or Cloudopolis (pegaus).

If you are in Ponydale, go to the train station, click on the sign and select Cantermore. From Cantermore train station, you go straight ahead and are in the city center. You'll pass Astral Charm on the way.

If you are in Cloudopolis, things are a little bit more complicated. You follow the signs pointing to Cantermore, until you are on the landing platform, then go to Cantermore. You'll arrive on a hill near Cantermore. You should see the city in the distance. Go down the hill and towards the city wall. Go through the gate to enter the city. I don't remember in which direction you should go from there, but you should find the city center from there on your own. If in doubt, ask other players.

Flan owns a café in the city center. If you still can't see her, it's probably a bug or a matter of circumstances. In this case, I can't help you.

Good luck.
Introductions / Re: Hello everyone!
2019 Jan 14, 15:36:41
Hello Pigeon,

welcome to the forum!

I hope you will enjoy your stay here.
Okay, maybe this is a bit late, but there is one more thing I thought about. FireShadow, if this is still relevant to you and you haven't solved it yet: Windows might sometimes hide file extensions (i.e. not show the "exe" thing). So if that helps: It might just be called "loe". I don't know what operating system you have, but if it is Windows x64, the file you need is the one that is not "loe_Data" and is about 21.808 KB in size.