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It's good to see that this project is still moving forwards! Congrats on reaching this stage.
Resolved Issues / Re: Merging Posts
2013 Jun 06, 23:03:59
If you post twice in a row, you can ask a moderator to merge the post for you, or you can simply copy the second post and post it into the first one, putting a notification in the second (now blank) post informing a moderator to delete the post.
Unless it's posted by a member of the official Legends of Equestria team. Then I'm sorry to inform you that it's not true.
Topic has been moved to the deleted section of the forums. It's one of the longest on-going conversations that had little meaning to it, and thus wasn't necessary to continue.
Play nice.

Off-topic posts removed...

- Wolfs Ghost
The man who... wait... wrong forums. Legends of Equestria Writer and Moderator[
Sorry, I must have deleted it on accident. You can rewrite the thread once the RP forums open up if you remember a majority of the information.

- WolfsGhost
Legends of Equestria is not a dating service for your OC, I don't know why this wasn't closed before.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
The Retirement Home / Re: who is better?
2012 Jul 12, 16:49:49
Original Characters / Re: Drumroll's OC
2012 Jul 12, 13:04:38
Topic moved to proper section, posts about being in the wrong section removed.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
Team Bio Archive / WolfsGhost
2012 Jul 11, 11:00:46
I generally find my life a bit too boring to give a full and detailed "About Me." Considering I'm probably not one of the most interesting ponies. Anyways... My name is Shadow Riverwind Murphy, I'm part Cherokee Indian, which is where I get my first and middle name from. A common question that I get when I tell my full name to ponies is "Are you parents hippies?" So I'll go ahead and state it here, No. They aren't.
I'm a former cadet of the Junior Reserved Officer Training Course in high school, the JROTC program is a military introduction course that some high schools here in the United States have, it attempts to prepare the student for life in Military Service, if they choose to go through to it. It looks good to have on your resume due to being a huge source of volunteer hours. During my "service" I was promoted to Cadet Sergeant and then later to Cadet Second Lieutenant serving as a Staff member for my Battalion. I had the fun job of security.

Science-fiction is probably one of my favorite genres. I am a huge science-fiction fan. Books, movies, shows, games, anything in the science fiction genre and I've probably read it, seen it, or played it. Of course, there is a very little place in my heart for the Fantasy genre, although I prefer Sci-Fi. With that said, my favorite book series would have to be "DUNE" any novel within that universe and I'm hooked. My home library has almost has a shelf dedicated to the entire DUNE series, and if you're a fan of the DUNE series, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

My favorite television shows are Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, The Walking Dead, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon Five, Doctor Whooves, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Cleveland Show, Awake, Kings, Misfits, Falling Skies, Terra Nova, Firefly, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Suits. Favorite movies are Serenity, Star Wars, The Secret World of Arrietty, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Schindler's List, Flyboys, Monsters, Foals of Stallions, Tron, and of course, Dune. My favorite games story wise Mass Effect One, Two, and Three, Dragon Age One and Two, the entire Halo Series (excluding Halo Wars,) Alan Wake, Fallout Three, Fallout New Vegas, TES IV: Oblivion, and TES V: Skyrim. My other favorite games are Mech Warriors, Freelancer, X Series, Chromehounds, Command and Conquer, and Sins of a Solar Empire.

During my senior year of high school, I finally brought myself to the conclusion that I wanted nothing more in life than to write and be an author. Anything that was creative and required creative writing, I wanted a career in it. I even poured my heart into some writing assignments near the end of the school year - breaking from my norm and writing two great reports on satire, although my strong suit in writing would be within the Science-Fiction genre as I'm currently writing a science fiction space opera novel that I hope allows me to become the next "Frank Herbert" or "George Orwell." So... you can say I have a goal. Around late summer last year a friend of mine got my role-playing group into the Brony Fandom, and by early fall I managed to find my way into Equestria Online as a writer, and later moderator, thanks to my experience and work that I had written in High School.

That's about it on my end... Au Revoir.
Okay, now I'm locking the thread as you've strayed off topic.

- LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
The Retirement Home / Re: Going to Vegas
2012 Jul 10, 14:35:51
Locked and moved. Thank you Madness for pointing out the thread.

I'll leave this topic open, however if anything does happen, it will be locked and removed.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
Welcome back, Zaner, and remember if you ever need to talk to people the moderation team is here to help, despite what many people think about Moderators, we do more than carry a big stick around keeping order, and that's to make sure the player base is having a good time.
Introductions / Leave of Absence Thread
2012 Jul 09, 12:47:10
Due to the new rule 5A. This thread has been created to inform the community of an individual leaving for an extended amount of time. This is not a farewell thread, so if you're planning on permenantly leaving, tell those that you still want to be in contact with on Skype or through PM and leave.

The only time you should post here is if you're leaving for an extended amount of time. Do Not Post here to wish someone farewell because your post will be deleted and you will be warned.

- Wolfs Ghost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Jun 27, 14:37:24
Right, right, that makes much more sense. Should I message WolfsGhost?

First post is updated to include the LoE Editing Guide, and the guide itself has been pinned.

~ Wolfs Ghost
Topic pinned. I'm allowing this thread to stay open despite the straying of the initial topic. If the topic strays again, I will be deleting posts and locking it. This thread is useful for new players to ask questions and get answers. The last thing it needs is to be filled with random off topic posts.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
The Retirement Home / Re: LoE with Steam
2012 Jul 08, 08:44:04
There are absolutely no plans in the works dealing with Steam.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator.
The Retirement Home / Re: About leaving...
2012 Jul 08, 08:27:01
Topic Locked. Intentionally or unintentionally causing unwanted forum drama.

Quote from: 14.) Controversial Posts - If you believe something is controversial, questionable, or against the rules do not post it! The likelihood of it being against the rules is high if you, yourself, are unable to determine whether it is following the rules.

- WolfsGhost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator