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I've only gotten one of the Turquoise all of the times I fought the dogs, and it was from one at the camp between the dig site and river in the Heartlands (there needs to be more drops of it). And the lv 50 dragons in the Evershade are the best for  the other 2 gems.
Forum suggestions / Re: Reduce Bits Drop
2019 Sep 23, 18:52:13
Actually it's good to have all of those bits now, because if you want to put on a fireworks show with the new ones, it'll run you around 100,000 bits to have a good one (us Wind Riders feel the pain of this when it comes to making airshows XD).
Well... So much for my thread. Tinypic has shut down.
You mean to create a character in the game?
Defeating mobs (and lots of them) is the only way to increase your exp after you finish all of the quests. There's mobs that give 300+ exp, but are higher level. One way to do it is find a few other players of a higher level, and have a "grinding party" in the Everfree. These are a good way to knock out levels in short order. You only need to get to lv 30 to be able to use all armors. Also you can only increase your level using combat attacks (ground pound seismic buck, bubble barrage, stored strike, jeering shot, and adrenaline surge).

If you can't find anyone else, a good place to grind is the area to the right of the mushroom patch. There's a spot with some lv 23 hornets (and lv 35 manticores but they're harder to kill) that won't attack until provoked, so you can pick them off 1 at a time. They give around 250 exp each.
 The lv 50 pegasus golems in the Everfree drop copious amounts of copper and tin ore (and iron ingots if you don't want to mess with making them XD). Corgis also drop small amounts of copper, and iron ore can be obtained in small amounts from dalmatian dogs, and large amounts from dragons (namely the lv 50's in the Everfree).
 Making bronze ingots from copper and tin ore is a good way to raise your artisan early on (the ores are pretty much worthless, but you can sell the bronze ingots for 4 bits each).
And time for some more. Mostly of the Gala.

Spoiler: show

Maverick in the new academy:

Using CC camera to view the strange land mass outside the academy:

Papa on the animal WWU mission. The bunnies he woke up loved to follow or go to NPC's for some reason.

The pre Gala dinner event:

For some reason some ponies appeared to be outside the gala hall at some points. In one case a pegasus seemed to be floating out in space:

Uh hello, aren't you supposed to be attacking me?

Raspberry found you can stand on the clouds in the weather WWU mission:

The Gala

Uh Flurry, what did you do? (just before the gala started):

Wind Riders getting ready for their show:

The crowd gathers for the show:

Show finale:

The team takes a bow:

Parade to the hall:

Here's a video of the airshow and parade:

The gala. 101 ponies attended:

Even Ellowee showed up for a brief time:

Glad I was able to attend the gala this time. Last year I wanted to, and even trained for the airshow, but I had to work that night.

Until next time!
Well it's been awhile. Time for more pic's:

Spoiler: show


Team Cloudsdale preparing/training for the winter games ice skating race:

Grinding to raise levels for the games:

Get him!

Dragons aren't good for raising your level quick though.

A supernova of fireworks:

Raspberry and others taking over the Naiad rock in the Heartlands:

It was short lived though:



Farewell party for a player who left the game (forgot the name). Even Ellowee was in attendance:

Chrome at the Hearts and Hooves day event:

Even Ellowee was there:

Winter Games opening ceremonies. Team Cloudsdale represent!

Scavenger hunt. Raspberry did good in it:

Flight race. Maverick failed to place:

Papa watching the foal curling event:

Chrome in the ice race (Raspberry took part too). Despite being a lv 34 pony, he was able to tie the race with Pink Pony, who was lv 50:

Aerial view of another:

Team Cloudsdale after their winter games airshow  at Crystal Empire castle:

Closing ceremonies:

Ellowee decided to liven it up a bit with mob spawns:

Who keeps unblocking the cave to the mirror pool? :facehoof: 

Raspberry decided to take up artisan to get a set of iridescent armor and upgrade it with harmonies. 
Her successful attempt at pearlescent armor:



And her finished set of iridescent. She wanted to make some lv 4 harmonies for it and worked very hard at raising her level and gathering supplies, only to find out it was in vain as she could make harmonies no higher than lv 3:  >:/

Raspberry in the storm:

Random SCC moment :

Raspberry's somewhere in that steam bath:

One of those rare moments when the mobs are chill. In this case in the bramble woods (entered with a group of others, and for some reason they became invisible to me and the enemies went calm. It cleared up with a server reset):



I decided to hold an event celebrating the 8 year anniversary of the New Lunar Republic trope (April 24th) with a photoshoot event and airshow put on by the new Wind Riders (or Wind Howlers for this event as our version of the Shadowbolts).

The centerpiece act was a tornado of pegasi using fireworks:

Remember what I said about the mirror pool?  ovO

One of the clones fighting a hornet at Midway:

Another mob calm moment:

The NLR event started at the castle ruins:

The best princess herself showed up and thanked everyone for their support, and passed out rock candy:

From there the army of the night headed to Ponyville:

Finally Canterlot, where the castle was stormed and taken over:

The Wind Howlers then put on what was one of their best airshows yet:

After event party at SCC:

Papa and his family in front of SCC:



The Wind Riders have been hired to perform at the Gala towards the end of May, and training is already underway:

That's it for now. Next post will be after the gala.
EDIT: Updated the start time

On April 24th, 2011 Iamnotacleverpony posted a song to Youtube that would mark the start of the New Lunar Republic (and ultimately Solar Empire) fandom.

To commemorate the 8 year anniversary of it, the NLR is planning a special event for LoE on April 24th. It will mostly be photoshoots finished by an airshow and party.
Start time is 7PM GMT (2PM central US)

Everyone who takes part will start out at the Castle of the Royal Sisters in Evershade for a photoshoot (note: it is very difficult to get to the spot now so leave early so you have time to try negotiating the jungle gym. If you can't do it just wait on the bridge where you respawn after falling into the ravine).
Then the group will head to the Ponydale square and "take it over" with another photoshoot.
 From there the army moves on to Midway in the Heartlands for the next photoshoot (though the Midway part may be skipped if there's a time constraint. If so everyone will head to Cantermore after Ponydale).
Finally the army will march through Cantermore and storm the castle, taking it over.
After that, the Wind Howlers (Team Cloudsdale) will put on an airshow around 9PM GMT.
Finally everyone returns to Ponydale and SCC for an after party.

The dress code is as follows:
Full moonlight armor set (or parts of it and nickel armor if you don't have a full set)

If you don't have/can't wear the moon armor:

option 2
lab coat (color 4c4d62)
argyle socks (color 1- 868595 , color 2- 4C4D62 )

option 3
iridescent armor (color 4c4d62)

Shadowbolt (pegasus only)
Lab coat color- 63306b
Argyle socks color - 1 efeb41, color 2 - 313039
 green lantern

Can also equip the Aviator's lantern or a green colored torch
Bat ponies welcome too.  And we are expecting "resistance" :P   .  FOR LUNA! :luna:
Time for some more. First off though I'm RP'ing with another character, and we want to have a 2nd foal, but haven't found someone else to RP' it. It would be a filly unicorn. The RP happens maybe once or twice a week between 7PM and 12AM central US time. Would anyone be interested?

Anyway on with the photos!

Spoiler: show

Any certain reason you're up here?

Nightshade wants to know what's going on in that house.

Maverick and the flight team training for the airshow held for Sunny Skies birthday.

Papa and Rose on top of the library:

A Griffon guard helping Nightshade and Solar Flare out with some timberwolves:

Well look who it is:

Raspberry at a Thanksgiving gathering in the school:

And Chrome at the one that was at the ruins:

Sunny Skies #1

The riddle hunt for the party:

Group hug!

Crazy Train:

Nightshade came across some type of ship roleplay (not that type of "ship"):

At the Hearth's Warming Eve events:

Wonderbolt airshow time (with a couple of guests before the show):


Everything is better with the moon:

Chance encounter:

Nightshade at another birthday party:

Being silly:

With the new update, a group of ponies on a mission:

That mission being the enchanted skates. So far Maverick, Nightshade, and Dahlia have them for use in airshows:

(The tilted image comes from taking a screenshot while doing a roll)

The fireworks are awesome.

The flight team has stocked up on them for future airshows as the effects that can be done with them are superb:

Comet train:

Until next time!
After that, you pick the color the same way you do in the character design screen. Either by eye or if you're looking for an exact color, enter the HTML hex code. Like 6C9FB4 and FFF7A0 are Wonderbolt uniform blue and yellow respectively.
It's been too long. Time for some more.

Spoiler: show

First off: August.
With the new update and changes to the exp system pending, I made an effort to get all of my characters to lv 50, so i could say they were there at one point (I don't have any plans to get them to 50 again as I just don't have the time):

Papa helped get his levels up by single handedly taking on the cockatrice horde in the Everfree (which I hear is impossible now  >:/  ):

Nightshade took part in apprehending a pony who was breaking the speed limit around Canterlot:

why hello up there:

 Nightshade taking part in an RP

You gained leet exp in flying :P

The animation for cyclone was neat when it stayed in one place:

Dahlia checking out the floating bench (RIP) after the update:

The crystal cave looked better than before:

She then proceeded to explore the new places, however her and the others had a problem: They were stuck with the armor they had on until they hit level 30. Removing it meant the inability to fight.

Nightshade at the bench:

She decided to try her hand at cooking, but decided it wasn't worth it:

Dahlia took part in the Wonderbolt's  LoE 1st anniv. airshow. Here she is with the group:

One idea she helped improve was the large number 1 made out of candy clouds. She became the guide for the other ponies, and the tip of the 1.

A pony tower after a practice, with Rockhoof in attendance:


Ellowee showed up at one practice session and blessed everyone with boops:

At the anniversary talent show:

The airshow went great, then afterwards Ellowee accidentally nuked everyone with a dragon.
She then started spawning in mobs during the hide and seek event, including the crystal bats, bookworms, and the mysterious King Dryad:

Then came the bunnies:

While everyone else was fighting them, Nightshade brought hers out and soon had a cloud full of them:


Nightshade training for the Nightmare Night airshow. She hated the idea of wearing a Wonderbolts outfit, but went with it since it was only a facade:

SCC shenanigans:

Once again the airshow was a success:

Pinkie bowling in SCC O: :

Papa was the first of the gang to get the bat pony transformation package (Nightshade may become a bat pony permanently):

Nightshade stalking an event (forgot what it was) in the Heartlands. Hitting everyone with surprise transfusions  :D :

GodotChrome and Mareylin MansonPapa at the costume show in the new Gala hall:


Chrome made a shocking discovery when he went to battle the lv 50 Lantern Sith Monster:

Is that all you've got? Wimp.:

Bird bath :

And as of now, the curse on my characters has been lifted, and they can freely change outfits now (AKA lv 30).

Phew that was probably the largest post yet. Until next time!
I agree. There's nothing wrong with team members spawning in clouds or mobs (especially clouds, which attract ponies like bees to flowers). Here's Nightshade sitting on a cloud with 8 or 9 bunnies (incl. hers) at the 1 year anniversary  event:
What would some of the things you could do at the talent show be?
What happened to the new animation for cyclone? Before the update it lasted about as long as candy shower lasts after you cast it. Now it disappears immediately. Us airshow ponies were going to use it in the next airshow. Plus candy shower's cooldown seems to be slower which affects some of the routines.

 Would it be possible to have a 2nd set of the abilities just for displays? They couldn't be used in combat because they wouldn't affect mobs. They just provide a visual display. And the cooldown is removed for them.
Golden Gauntlet has a bunch of stuff including most armor and all ingots.
So which quests/enemies drop the recipes?
If so, maybe we should be able to make a 7th character to start fresh with (for those of us who already have 6 well established ones)?
Quote from: Diannaria on 2018 Aug 09, 10:13:33I'd never have the patience to level up so many ponies. Your OC Misty Mint may be your only OC but I think it looks really good. I also really like the idea of the triple Pinkamena set.  ^-^

Also... that means your Princesses Luna and Celestia and the guards won't be able to wear their Moonlight and Sunlight armors anymore since ponies have to be level 50 to wear them, right?  :s

If the armor is equipped at the time of the update, you'll still be able to wear it. You just can't take it off because if you do you won't be able to re-equip it.