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Course maps for the Triathalon, Swimming Race, and Flight Race are shown below:


Swimming Race:

Overland Flight Race:
Attention citizens of Equestria.  It has been almost a year now since the spirit of competition united and divided the ponies of Equestria in pursuit of that greatest of accolades, that of Champion.  The time has come once more to reignite the passion that led so many ponies to go down in history as Legends of Equestria.   We proudly bring you, the 2019 Equestria Summer Games!

The Games will be hosted in one of the cities which tied as Champion in last years Games, The Crystal Kingdom, with most events taking place there.   As it is the goal of the Games to include as many ponies as possible from different time zone, there will be held each day an early session at 7PM GMT and a late session at 11PM GMT.  The same events will be held during each session.

This years events (and the days they will be featured) with the rules for each are posted below:

Day 1 (Thursday, July 25):
-Crystal Stadium Obstacle Course Race
1. Speed is not key and as such all three pony types will compete together.
2. Racers will run the Figure 8 course around the Stadium track clearing the obstacles
3. Races will be timed and places assessed based on 3 best times overall
4. A ten second penalty will be assessed each time a pony fails to clear an obstacle

-Stacking Race to the Top of the Crystal Castle
1. Teams will consist of two pegasi and one other creature of any type
2. Racers must start at ground level and finish on top of the castle (by the fountain and
Prince Overwatch)
3. Pegasi must create platforms to allow the third member to climb without the use of flight or teleportation
4. If ponies fall and aren't caught, they must start from the ground level

Day 2 (Friday, July 26):
-Nightmare Rush, a challenge that takes place at Bramble Woods in the Heartlands
1. Ponies will compete in teams of six members
2. The objective is to get as far into Bramble Woods as possible before losing all team members
3. Once a pony faints, respawn but do not attempt to rejoin your team
4. No armor or healing items will be permitted for use in this event
5. As this is a team event, places will be assigned based on the most number of team members travelling the greatest distance into the Woods together

-Overland Flight Race in the Crystal Kingdom
1. Start and Finish will be at the train station
2. All competing pegasi will fly at the same time
3. Competitors must make one full loop around the Crystal Kingdom
4. Fliers are not allowed to enter into the city for any reason. There is one section where the world boundary comes close to the edge of the city, Trafficorns will be posted to ensure that fliers do not enter

Day 3 (Saturday, July 27):
-All Three Races Triathlon Team Event in CK
1. This race has three segments, one done by each type of pony
2. Earth ponies will begin the race at the bridge near the CK cave and will run along the railroad tracks to the Train Station
3. At the train station, pegasi will join the race and fly straight up the street from the station to the top of the Crystal Castle
4. Fliers must fly under the first arch encountered when entering the city, any flier who does not will be disqualified
At the top of the castle, unicorns will take over and race the final segment to the CK Hospital
6. Unicorns must use teleportation for the entire segment, using building rooftops is preferred but will not be requried
7. The finish line is at the hospital courtyard

-Crystal Kingdom Swim Race
1. Racers will begin in the water at the map's edge near the CK campsite
2. Racers will swim against the current down the stream to their right towards the Crystal Bridge
3. Places will be assigned in the order ponies swim completely under the bridge to finish

There will be a limit during this games on Alternate Accounts.  Players will only be able to participate in each event regardless of how many alt characters they have available.  They can still use alt characters, but in different events.

Teams are forming right now so please get your friends together and get signed up with a team.  Team Cantermore led by LeadMare and Team Ponydale led by Third are looking for members currently.  Ponies are free to form and compete in other teams as well.

We are so super excited to see you at the Games!
First of all unless you are Russian speaking I'd highly recommend you come on the Amareicas server.  The majority of players from all over the world (Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas) usually play there.

Second I'd suggest going on between 9 and 11 PM GMT (5-8 PM Eastern US Time).  That's likely when you're going to encounter the most active players.  There's also always a Roleplay Event every Friday at 4PM Eastern US and a Hide and Seek Event on Saturdays at 5PM Eastern US.  And of course there's usually a lot of other big gatherings or events held for birthdays, holidays, etc.  Just check some of the other topics in this forum for more info on those.

But the sad truth is that the game has updates that are very few and far between and a lot of players get bored and go off to play other games rather than hang out in Equestria all the time.  So you're probably just logging in at times when there's nopony around.  I'd just recommend you keep trying and eventually you're bound to make some friends.

There's also an official LoE Discord server where a lot of players chat and the link to that is here on the forum.

Hope to see you in Equestria.  ;)
So my little ponies, it's been a while and I'm soooooooo sorry for not keeping this updated as regularly as I should.  ovO

But we are into July now and there are a good few birthdays going on that I know there will be BIG parties for, so please ask if you want to find details.  Most parties will probably happen sometime around 9-11 PM GMT on the day of the birthday so it's a good bet if you come on during this time you'll catch the party in full swing.

July 10 Regal Thunder
July 12 Wordsmith (the July 12 party is at 11PM GMT)
July 12 Golden Sky (the July 12 party is at 11PM GMT)
July 13 Orion
July 15 Bee Bun
July 15 Frozen Wing
July 15 Princess Luna (the player not the pony)
July 15 Winter Breeze
July 21 Lavender Aid
July 22 Blue Glaze
July 26 Winter Roll

Hope to see you there.

ALSO BIG NEWS!  As it was a hit last year, I'd like to personally invite everypony to Midway Village (in the Heartlands, just type /stuck in chat if you get lost) at 6PM GMT (2PM EDT) for INDEPONEDANCEPARTY 2019!   :D    There will be food, dancing, and of course FIREWORKS.  YAY!
Okay everypony, after a long moment, here's it is, the official forum announcement.  I know most of you probably already know about this but let's lay down some of the details.  Because this is probably the most important event that happens on Legends of Equestria.  It started all the major event planning and was the birth of PONI.  I am talking of course about:


This year's Gala season is already underway and ponies have been working hard getting their outfits ready, dresses ordered, training their dance moves, and helping to prepare the feast.  There are two major events associated with this year's Gala and the first is coming up soon.

The Royal Pre-Gala Dinner will be held this upcoming Saturday at 9PM GMT at the Cantermore Gala Hall and will be a fancy dinner party where ponies will come dressed in their finest, sit down and be served a delicious dinner, and enter to win a Gala Prize Pack.  To enter the sweepstakes please contact a pony named Winter Roll either in LoE or on Discord.  They're pretty easy to find, just look for an amazing, party loving foal.

The next week we move on the Mane Event:

We know that you've been dreaming, you've been waiting.  So here it is.  May 25th starting at 8PM GMT the Grand Galloping Gala will begin at the Cantermore Gala Hall.  At 9PM GMT there will be an amazing aerial performance by the Wind Riders.  Following this please enjoy the dancing, food, and of course friendship that comes with this amazing and monumental event!

In the spirit of the Grand Galloping Gala we would like encourage food and other vending at the event, if you would like to have a stall and sell some type of homemade items to earn a lot of money to fix Granny's sagging hip (or whatever else you need) then please let a member of PONI know. 

We will also be working to try and bring some of the more famous members of the MLP community to this event though don't be disappointed if they don't make it.  We're not talking the Voice Actresses or Lauren Faust or anything, but maybe some of the Youtube horsefamous ponies who have been seen in LoE before.

On behalf of PONI we hope to see you at the Gala and are super excited for everything that is to come! :D
There's an average of 20-30 dedicated players I'd say.  But sometimes there's more or less on.
So here we are, hooves deep into April and nothing much has been going on in LoE.  Well here's something that will maybe brighten your day.

First birthdays.

April 15 is Lens Flare's birthday so there will be an exciting party for that one.

April 16 if Fluffy Flyff Cloudls's Birthday

April 22 is Twist's Birthday

April 23 is Third's Birthday

April 28 is Fire Blaster's Birthday

In other news, this month is National Poetry Month.  So in celebration, this Saturday, April 13 at 8PM GMT we will be holding a Poetry Slam at the Ponydale Schoolhouse.  Please come and read a poem or two that you've written or just listen to the poetry shared by others.  We hope this can be a fun and exciting event for all! X3
This isn't a PONI sanctioned event but this will be occurring very soon. 

Your Princesses need you to join up (because they've fired all of their other guards).  Please come to the Cantermore training area (near the Castle) this Sunday, March 24 at 8PM GMT to participate in a series of contests sponsored by the Royals.  The winner(s) will be made honorary members of the Royal Guard and will be given the glorious duty of serving their royal princesses.

IMPORTANT: All participants must bring a suit of bronze armor.  The Royals don't have the budget to buy your training armor (more important things must be paid for, like cakes).

This promises to be fun and we hope to see you there! :D
Video / Re: Life In Ponydale
2019 Mar 10, 11:46:37
I apologize that the fourth Episode never made it here yet.  So here it is in all it's glory (and incorrect thumbnail) and here is the amazing FIFTH EPISODE.

Just an update on upcoming events and birthdays.

Friday March 1st is Jet Black's birthday and there will be a party in SCC.  This may be held fairly late but be sure to hang around SCC as there will likely be festivities all evening.

Other upcoming birthdays are:

March 5th: Cheshire Cat
March 6th: Scoots

Please come out and say happy birthday to these ponies if you see them

On Saturday, March 2 starting at 9PM GMT, meet at the Cantermore Unicorn School grounds and bring a costume to celebrate CARNIVAL (US Mardi Gras).  We'll be celebrating with a parade through Cantermore and a dance party at the Gala Hall.  Prizes will be given for best costume!

I would like to thank all of the participants especially those those devoted weeks of their lives to working hard at training for the Games or planning the rules and other activities for the Games.

I would like to thank the members of PONI, especially Berry Shade and Even Tide who single hoofedly ran most of the events for the Games and without who we would not have had this amazing event.

I would like to thank our trafficorn volunteers: Optic Rainfall, Ivory Nightfall, Pumpkin Glow, Healing Lavender, Aurora Gem, and Shoo De Boop who helped keep the rules on track during the events.

I would like to thank the ponies who threw the afterparties between the Games days, ponies like Random Fandom and Flutter Fly.

And lastly I would like to thank our winners:

4th: Cantermore 25 overall points
3rd: Tartarus 27 overall points
2nd: Cloudopolis 45 overall points
1st: Ponydale 50 overall points

These points are calculated from the medals earned for 1, 2, 3, and 4 place with 1st being worth 4, 2nd being worth 3, 3rd being worth 2, and 4th being worth 1.  Points were calculated for teams and not individuals as there were some events where one team technically won multiple places.

Everypony who participated is a winner and I sincerely hope that we will continue to have all of you in our lives as the months go by and more exciting events happen in LoE! :D
Big News.  We have officially settled on the Event Schedule and Times for the Equestria Winter Games.

As shown in our beautiful promotional graphic (courtesy of Gloomy Feathers  :P ), the Opening Ceremony will be held Thursday, February 21 at 10PM GMT.  This will begin at the Crystal Kingdom Stadium and will feature a parade to Ponydale the Official Host of the Winter Games.

Then the following three days (Feb 22 - 24), there will be a earlier session and a later session for all events.  This does not mean you need to attend both.  This means the same events will be repeated at these times so more ponies can attend and participate.

Early Sessions will be held at 7PM GMT/2PM EST/1PM CST/12PM MST/11AM PST
Late Sessions will be held at 10PM GMT/5PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MST/2PM PST

There are some slight changes to the previously announced event schedule:

Friday, February 22:
Flight Race
Scavenger Hunt Race

Saturday, February 23:
Foal Ice Curling
Stacking Race

Sunday, February 24:
Ice Skating Races (separate races for Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns.  Full race if time permits)
Closing Ceremonies (will be following the late session this day)

We hope to see as many ponies at the Games as possible and wish the best of luck to all teams!

The Winter Equestria Games need your help.  We need to be able to hold the Games, but in order to do that we need to know what times will be the best for the ponies who want to participate and watch the Games.  Please vote in the following poll for the best times to hold the earlier and later session.  Please vote ASAP so we can set these times up!

Equestria Winter Games Event Times!

Hearts N Hooves Day Celebration!


The Equestria Winter Games!

This event will take place from February 21 - February 24 and will feature the following events on each day:

Thursday, February 21:
Opening Ceremony

Friday, February 22:
Flight Race
Scavenger Hunt Race

Saturday, February 23:
Foal Ice Curling
Stacking Race

Sunday, February 24:
Ice Skating Races
Closing Ceremonies

Starting times for these events have not been determined yet.  There will be an early and a later session for most and you will be given the chance to vote on the times that work best for you and your team!  See below for the rules and routes for each events.

The Current Teams are as follows (updated Team Rosters coming soon):

Team Cloudopolis (currently full):
Captain: Sunny Skies

Team Ponydale:
Captains: Third Edit
Melody Sweetheart-Cheer

Team Cantermore:
Captain: Leadmare

Team Tartarus:
Captain: Random Fandom

Inquire with these ponies about joining one of their teams or feel free to start your own.  The more healthy competition the better!

And now the information about each event.  Please ask a member of PONI if you have any questions or would like to see any changes made.

Ice Skating Races:
1. Divide groups by race, so only earth ponies race earth ponies, etc.
2. Racers start at Evershade, race to mines, turn, and come back.
3. Can use either type of skates, teams can share enchanted skates if they have them available.
4. No flight, teleportation, or running on the banks.  Ponies will be stationed along the river to prevent cheating.
5. Trafficcorns will be stationed to keep ponies from going down side path.
6. Ponies will earn 1, 2, 3 place by race (pony type).
7. Can do a race with everypony at the end if there is time available.

Flight Race:
1. Race will begin and end by a Ponydale train station.
2. Participants must be Pegasi.
3. Racers must fly for the whole route, taking energy breaks as needed.
4. Trafficorns will be stationed along route to observe.

Scavenger Hunt Race:
1. Event will begin/end at Ponydale Town Hall.
2. Teams will be given a list of items to find and must obtain them either from battling mobs or buying from vendors (npc or pc) within the time limit.
3. Teams can divide their resources to efficiently gather items.
4. The theme of the hunt will be objects needed to build a snow pony.
5. Getting stored items from banks is not allowed.  Trafficorns will be stationed at each bank to prevent the use of them.  If a pony is caught using the bank they will be disqualified.
6. To finish the race, teams will trade their gathered items to a designated snow pony who will wear the wearable items.  The snow pony will be a volunteer from the crowd or a member of PONI.
7. Extra points will be given for bonus items within the theme.

Foal Curling:
1. All participants must be foals, can make a foal version of your adult pony to participate.
2. Event will take place on Ponydale river by fishing pier.  Ponies must start on the ice and run towards pier, sitting as they pass the pier.
3. A referee will stand on the pier, anypony who does not sit in time will be told to start over.  There will be some leniency with this so don't worry.
4. Judges will be on hoof to judge the participants by how far they slide and how cute their costumes are so be sure to wear your cutest foal costumes.
5. If skates are needed they will be supplied either by event officials or by your team.

Stacking Race:
1. Teams must consist of two Pegasi and a third pony of any race.  There can be multiple teams from one larger team participating.
2. Race will be held at the Cloudopolis Cloudoseum.  The racers need to get from the bottom to the top of the stadium.
3. The goal is for the Pegasi to create platforms to get the third pony up to the platform from the ground.
4. Teams that reach the platform 1, 2, 3 will receive points.
5. If the pony falls, the team starts over from the ground.


Finally, PONI needs your help.  If you don't plan on participating in the Games consider volunteering to be a Trafficorn and help enforce the rules or be a volunteer judge and help judge some events.  Please let a member of PONI know if you're interested. 

We hope everypony will enjoy these exciting upcoming events!  X3
This is just a bump so ponies won't forget about events under the pile of 'how to fix this bug with the new update' topics  :]

However there are big things in the works.  Very soon, there will be an official announcement for the EQUESTRIA WINTER GAMES.

Also there are some birthday parties coming up.

December 28th at 9PM GMT - Starline Infinity
December 29th time TBD - Spring Strudel/Frisktaker
January 1st at 11PM GMT - Pumpkin Glow
Ok sorry answering these questions took so long.  First of all Mint, yes I think it's fine to just hunt the pony down and give them their gift.  I can work with you to help you find them and possibly to even make the event so no worries ^_^ 

Starry, the current members of P.O.N.I. as I know them are:

Berry Shade
Melody Sweetheart
Third Edit
Lens Flare
Even Tide
Sunny Skies
Blue Cloud

Though Even and Word I think would consider themselves more 'helpers' than actual event organizers.

Now also regarding the Hearthswarming Helper.  Tomorrow is the day I will be handing out your names so please please please if you want to be included let me or one of the ponies above know somehow.  I will either Discord message or PM you on here with your pony.  Then the actual gift exchange party will be held on the 22nd at a time TBD.  Thanks.  ^-^
I want to thank all of the participants in Worldwide LoE Day who showed up and told their stories and just spent the time in fellowship with other ponies.  The event was a ton of fun and you all made my day.  :D

I'd like to post the top three places for our polls here.  If you're curious how you or a friend of yours placed overall, please feel free to ask here or DM me or another member of PONI on Discord. 

Favorite Party Pony:

1: Random Fandom 19 votes
2: Berry Shade 10 votes
3: Aurora Skies 6 votes
(I got 8 votes but wasn't really a choice so sorry)

Best Roleplay Event:

1: Sweet and Elite Roleplay 26 votes
2: The Witchmaster's Key 12 votes
3: The Hidden Nights 10 votes

Best Youtube Pony:

1: Jet Black 20 votes
2: Lens Flare 14 votes
3: Nova Sparkle/Black Orichalcos 12 votes

Favorite Artist Pony:

1: Downvote Pone (Arifproject) 14 votes
2: Nina Dark Luna 11 votes
3: Amethyst Crust 10 votes

Favorite LoE Staff Member:

1: Flying Rattletrap 21 votes
2: Night Storm 13 votes
3: Galapagois 11 votes

Most Creative Event Ideas:

1: Berry Shade 19 votes
2: Sunny Skies 12 votes
3: Melody Sweetheart 8 votes

Overall Best LoE Player:

1: Jet Black 18 votes
2: Third Edit (Marshmallow Cactus) 11 votes
3: Melody Sweetheart 7 votes

Please take time to congratulate the winners if you see them.  Now on to other things!


Oddly enough this idea was pitched before the MLP Holiday Special aired.  We just didn't have a name other than 'secret Santa'.  But anyway, here's how this works.  Ponies will be given the name of another pony who they need to get a gift for, any gift will do but you could always try to get to know the pony and get them something special that they will appreciate.  You can also trade names if you want but you can't reveal who you have to anypony.  ;)   Near Hearthswarming we will have a party where we will exchange our gifts with one another.  :D

So what I need from everypony is to know if you want to participate in this so we can put your name in the pool.  Then we'll randomly draw the names on December 15th and hand them out to everypony so they know who to buy a gift for.  Let me or another member of PONI know here, on Discord, on any server I'm in, or in game.  Thanks and I look forward to a fun holiday season with you.
Hey everypony.  Got some big things coming up that I wanted to make you aware of.

Tomorrow is Amareican Thanksgiving and while that's pretty exciting for some, there are many of our player base who either don't celebrate the day or don't have anypony to celebrate it with.  So you are cordially invited to an Equestria Friendship gathering at the Ponydale Schoolhouse on Thursday November 22 at 10PM GMT/4PM CST to spend time with your pony family just hanging out and gathering to show each other that we care and that there is always a place for anypony who needs us.

On Friday, November 23 there is a birthday party for Sunny Skies.  Please gather at SCC at 9PM GMT.  You won't want to miss out on this one.  Sunny is a valued member of the community and is responsible for planning most of the Wonderbolts shows you see at events.  This will be a very special birthday.

And don't forget that Worldwide LoE Day is November 24.  If you haven't voted in our polls yet, please do so at the link above. This event will take place at the Heartlands Stage at 8PM GMT (time subject to change).  Please come and share/listen to stories about pony's adventures in LoE as we celebrate what we are thankful for most in this community.

Also see the front page about the rebranding of this topic.  I am not the only pony who plans and runs these events and it's important that the community recognize that.  So from now on, I am part of an organization called P.O.N.I.
So a few updates on some things that are upcoming and you need to know about.

First of all today starting at 5:30 PM CST/ 11:30 PM GMT there will be an event in Cantermore Fountain Plaza that is meant to be a celebration of the United States baseball all stars playing in Japan.  There will be a parade, hide and seek, and some other fun events and snacks.  This is brought to you by Sapphire Moonlight and Pegafilly Twilight.  Please come and enjoy.

Tomorrow, Friday at 5:00 PM CST/ 11:00 PM GMT will be the aforementioned season finale of The Witchmaster's Key.  Come and enjoy.

And Saturday, November 17th please join us in the Heartlands PVP zone for a fun event and party.  If you want to know more about this event, please contact me via PM or on Discord.  I'll have the time up very soon.
The date/time of the RP event is subject to change now.  Probably won't be tomorrow.  I'll keep you updated when I know more.