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Canterlot Archives / Re: slice of life
2017 Sep 19, 00:02:53
// may I join, I but my oc Zora will make things more entertaining,
//Zira is at the front door
//I'm interested

Akira Buzzworth, aka Zira Dawntreader, my good changeling.//

Zira knocks at the front door, clearly showing that she hasn't had a hearty meal in a few days.
On armored core verdict day I managed to get all missions s ranked and all subquests completed
//For this rp she is 17, she can speak fluently, but her past still haunts her if somepony asks her about her parents.

Name: Silver Wind Rainfall (Orphanage RP
Species: pegasus
Wing power: unknown
Gender: female
Age: 3
Coat color: storm cloud silver with slivers of white
Mane and tail color: storm cloud purple
Eye color: left eye purple/right eye gold
Personality: boisterous, fun loving, kind
Positive traits: loves playing with stuffed animals, horse playing, loves to share
Cutiemark: 3 clouds being blown by wind
Special talent: creating strong winds
B-day: April 4, 2010
Likes: stuffed animals, the color purple
Dislikes: arguing, broccoli
Favorite food: toaster pastries
Occupation: none
Dream job: unknown
Skills: none
Hobbies: drawing, making paper airplanes, anything or anypony that can fly

Negative traits/limitations: her traumatic experience with the breakup of her family has emotionally scarred her which she refuses to speak unless absolutely necessary, can't find a reason to have any kind of fun, prefers to stay to herself and cuddle her stuffed cat quietly sobbing while thinking of her mother, currently unable to fly because the muscles for her wings aren't capable of sustaining flight yet, still learning to use proper grammar//

Silver Wind walks town admiring the fall colors.
//hey guys/gals long time no see, who can I use here?
Introductions Archive / Re: Hi again
2017 Sep 16, 18:50:03
I tried that, I don't know what email address I used for it
Introductions Archive / Hi again
2017 Sep 16, 17:46:12
its been more than a year since I have been here, I would like my old account reactivated