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I've been loving the new update ever since I was able to play! Thanks for adding these new features to this game!
Thanks for the heads-up!  :ellowee:
Without this information, I would have been jumping straight into the new update and crafting system having no idea what I was doing!
My face would have been like this - o.O or like this - :o but thankfully now it's probably going to be this - :D
I can't wait for the new update! My only problem is that my level 50 character and my other high-level characters will get their levels almost cut in half; however, it doesn't bother me at all as long as I have fun! One of the best parts of this update I'm looking forward to - I don't have to manually pick up loot anymore! Best update yet!  :D

Quote from: Ellowee on 2018 Aug 02, 20:06:29When the update is released, the snow 'phase' of Ponydale will be removed, and you'll no longer have the option to finish the quest "Tomorrow, Spring is Here", meaning you won't earn a team vest!

I better get a move on then! I still have some characters who don't have the vest!  O:

Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
2018 Jul 02, 21:24:30
any game in the "Call of Duty" franchise
Introductions / Greetings Everyone!
2018 Jul 02, 21:06:50
Greetings! I have been a member of this forum for a long time, ever since the open access release of LoE. I only played the game and hardly ever went on this forum, but now things are going to change and I will be on the forum a little more now. I come from the EQD forum where I spend a good amount of time posting various MLP related topics. I also am on the EQD website and have been involved in a few of those discussions. My character in the game is called Fire Bolt. It's nice to be a part of this forum - I can't wait to discus MLP and this amazing game! /)