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Quote from: SparkleChord on 2019 Feb 20, 15:25:10@ScarletInk
@Onyx Quill

we still alive?

Yup! Honestly not sure what to do with Onyx ATM. Sairi gives me more flexibility.
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 Dec 24, 23:35:01Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Merry Christmas, Sparkle!
Name: Sairi
Race: Artificial Intelligence.
Gender: Varies. Usually uses feminine software.
Skills: Highly skilled in translation and mechanical ship functions. Has developed a mischievous streak to her  personality though she might also be planning the downfall of Ponykind. It's hard to tell...

Interrogative: How arrr you today.
Notice I said "arrr" like a pirate. I estimate a 4.7 percent possibility that you will find this humorous and be consumed by raucous laughter. Be advised this will make it easier for me to destroy you.

That was a joke.
 Is everyone okay?
Introductions / Re: Hey All Jaymez24 Here
2018 Sep 28, 21:46:19
Quote from: Jaymez24 on 2018 Sep 27, 02:57:31Hey, Everyone, I'm new here just stopping in to say hello and I'm looking forward to playing this game and learning all about it.

Welcome! Can I get you a comfort pillow? Security blanket?

Empathy cocoa?
Out of Character / Re: Campfire Stories OOC
2018 Sep 14, 11:59:09

Is Cowboy a former soldier too? I got that impression reading your last post.
Writing / Re: War Stories
2018 Sep 10, 15:09:44
 Excerpt from the Journal of Corporal Onyx Quill, C Company, 5th Royal Fusiliers

 Saturday, 8th Sun's Fire, 1916

 Well, I'm still here. Somehow. The First of Sun's Fire. If I live to be 1000, I'll never forget that horrid day...
Out of Character / Re: Campfire Stories OOC
2018 Sep 03, 21:24:53
Quote from: Cowboy on 2018 Sep 03, 15:59:00Sure, I'm ready to be reunited whenever it is best :>

Mayhaps Twilight dragged him along with her teleportation spell?
Anyone still out there?
Out of Character / Re: Campfire Stories OOC
2018 Jul 25, 00:23:01
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2018 Jul 24, 20:52:44Yes, I know I'm late, but I decided to because I needed place where we can talk without having to rp for some reason.
So this is an OOC thread for @Onyx Quill 's "Campfire Stories" roleplay.
The rp was based off of a MLPFiM episode, sooooo that's fun

I don't have anything much to say over here, but I think I could create some fanart and stuff (traditional style bc I cannot do digital lol )

So let's talk I guess?

Let's play tag, too!
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 May 27, 14:42:32hoooo boy, that'll be interesting XD

Sooo... Opal's a cat? Okay.
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 May 27, 12:06:01You're welcome to send her Opal's way if you'd like Lol.  Ice mage is in the library still :P

 Was thinking of having Onyx go to the library after talking to Maple. That'll be fun. :D
Quote from: SparkleChord on 2018 May 26, 16:51:37I believe the Meadowbrook is still docked on the Solar Arrow xD I think the ships do have some kind of GPS tracking system, or at least an autopilot function, but I'm not 100% sure.  Onyx would probably know better on what the Meadowbrook is equipped with, since it is his ship Lol.

The Meadowbrook isn't docked anymore. It's flying alongside the Arrow in escort formation. Sooo Night wouldn't want to try walking. They can send shuttles back and forth, though.
Quote from: FakeSmile on 2018 May 23, 21:47:35Sorry, college is already actin' up. But I was mulling over this for a while and I came up with at least one idea. It's more food for thought so if anyone wishes to dismiss it or add on then that's totally fine.

Spoiler: show
Celestia was no longer able to lower the sun, her magic finally dying off after years of it being her responsibility, and now Luna had to take over. Bitterness started to brew between the two sisters as the ponies started to look toward Luna as the top Princess instead of Celestia. Still harboring feelings from being banished, Luna kicked Celestia out of Canterlot after a royally bad fight between them. This divided the Equestria kingdom to those who remained with Luna and others who left with Celestia. After a while, Celestia aimed to take back her throne and called upon her loyal subjects to help her. This broke out a war between Celestia and Luna. The war between the two princesses lasted longer than it should and other kingdoms attempted to intervene in hopes to put a stop to it all. Slowly, the resources were starting to become limited and irreversible damage done to their planet. An agreement was formed between the kingdoms when they decided to abandon the planet; to live separately and avoid each other at all cost. Depending on how much land one requires will be determined by who gets their first and how fast they can quickly colonize. Agriculture and Colonization departments are given a planned out agenda to what progress they should making while on their way to the new planet; which, each fleet must have a designated ship (Solar Arrow) that focuses solely on these two aspects. Most Princesses would consider this ship as the ship the reside on since they'll like to overlook the project but it's up to them. Entrance to this new planet must show they have the resources and technology to support their own kingdoms without the assistance of any other kingdom. Failure to meet these terms will result in banishment from the planet.

The planet is similar to Equestria with ecological differences that i doubt anyone would care for me to explain. It could be sort of like the Avatar with the blue people. It does have its own unique race of ponies that we could decide on if wanted to. This planet was selected since it showed evidence of water and life and the information gathered allowed the kingdoms to determine their race could survive. It's also the closest habitable planet the kingdoms can reach with the limited resources left over from the war.

Celestia's path: Each Princess has an ideal society that they hope to bring into this new planet. Not all of them can see eye to eye but they do agree to share this planet at least. Celestia's path differs from the other only by the structure of the society. She could be bittered by being abandoned by her subjects and wish to create a more loving environment that'll result in the ponies never wishing to leave her side. Sort of like how Princess Bubblegum made all her candy people into idiots, she would be aiming to bring a new generation of ponies who would act similar. This current generation will sort of act like a Queen Bee when she goes out to start her hive; simply building the empire. It's up to them if they wish to live by her rules but she is already working on an elixir that will hopefully persuade a few of them to stick around.

Did you have anything in mind for the alien species' Smiley?
 I even pointed out that Onyx hasn't slept. lol

EDIT: I haven't explicitly said this, but he set up a rotation schedule with his bridge crew. He might not need sleep, but they do.
Quote from: Julien999 on 2018 May 20, 16:25:53By the way, what has happened during the attack? What was this war on Equestria? How come the Princesses are taking different path? Is Twilight's friendship message a lie or lack of confidence because she failed Celestia? (She might want to apologize to her for this probable quarrel, but this alien attack made it impossible.(or almost if Celestia is still around?))

 I have a few ideas about the background story.
 These are NOT accepted canon in the P:LiS universe. Just my ideas.
 There are several aliens species in the galaxy. I haven't come up with names for them, so I'll use placeholders for the big three.

 Tureens - A bird-like, scientifically advanced, but not imperialist species whose homeworld is on the brink of catastrophe. Its star is unstable, and the planet itself is near the end of its habitability cycle. The species itself had some kind of genetic disaster due to high levels of certain toxins and radiation in their environment. They have a limited ability to shape-shift with their magic (or tech. Either one). These are the aliens Onyx was talking about when he described the attackers.

Quote from: Onyx Quill"We were in space for several weeks before the attack that separated the Arrow from the rest of the fleet. The beings responsible are an alien race, similar to the changelings back home. Their basic form isn't insectoid, however. It's closer to avian. I know they don't feed on love, and as for the reason they attacked? I've heard only conjecture. The main fleet managed to drive them off, but the Arrow was lost in the confusion."

 Soupies - A commerce-focused species. They're reaching the apex of their power and wealth. Not *enemies* of the Tureens, but aren't particularly fond of them. They *might* be willing to help the ponies if the price is right.

 Blobs - A race of orange blob-like creatures that basically love everything. They're super annoying.

 The pony fleet, unknowingly, crossed into the territory of the Tureens. That species' reaction was pretty understandable under the circumstances. They were minding their own business for the most part, and a HUGE fleet came out of nowhere and entered their territory. From their point of view, it was a hostile invasion. They reacted like you'd expect: sent their own fleet to confront and intercept the ponies. They found an entirely new species (the ponies), and a possible opportunity to save their species. They used an artificial wormhole or teleportation spell to separate the Solar Arrow from the fleet. They were hoping to use the Arrow crew for genetic experimentation. Something went wrong during the teleportation, and the Arrow only got pulled part-way to their planet.
 The attack caught the ponies off-guard, of course, and several ships were damaged/destroyed. But the pony fleet regrouped and pushed back. Hard. They managed to seriously damage the Tureen fleet. The Tureens were forced to retreat/regroup. The pony fleet then continued on to their first potential new world (which is outside Tureen territory)

 The Tureens are still searching for the Arrow. And the Meadowbrook. They tried to take the Arrow again by surprising them with an artificial wormhole, but the Arrow escaped. (That was the random attack a few pages ago that nopony even noticed).

The Soupees have also taken notice. They see a potential new trade partner. Always looking to build their commerce network.
The Blobs already love the ponies.

 As for the Princesses, that's a sad story...
 After the war that destroyed Equestria, the Princesses blamed each other for what happened. Celestia felt Twilight and Cadence failed their duty. Twilight lost faith in Celestia  O: . Luna started fighting with Celestia again (no moon to banish her to now) and went kinda dark (Not "Nightmare Moon" dark, of course. But very embittered.). Cadence has Flurry Heart and Shining Armor. She's managed to stay pretty rational.

 Twilight still tries to believe in the magic friendship. Believe it will save them. In short, she's living in denial. She wants other ponies to believe too. Onyx agrees the ponies MUST cooperate and end the ridiculous infighting, which is the only reason he even played her recording, but he's a realist. The magic of friendship won't save them. But he doesn't want the Arrow crew to lose hope. That's why he tries to sound positive when talking to groups, like at his announcement. But Virulent's outburst made him see the shortcomings of that approach.
 He'll be much more direct in the future. Not try to dress up his talks with pretty words or messages from Princesses.

 Celestia disappeared during the attack on the fleet. A fact Luna and Twilight are trying to hide. Cadence has about had enough of all the you-know-what.