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Will you guys be there on Saturday to. I'm gonna go but on Saturday and Sunday  X3
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 Hurricane fluttershy was so awesome!!!!!! <3
Soon as it started the video first thing I though when they played that video was fallout equestria!  :3
Also I really like all the new ponies and derpy was in the scene a ton! I really like thunder lanes little brothers mane...what was his name or did they not say at all?
That was awesome!
I need more...  o.O

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I hope 23 is a more scootaloo as the main but it'll probly be just the CMC in general. Scootaloo's the only cmc that hasn't had a episode yet.  0:)
I guess sweetie bells was kinda sweetie and rarity but still...


seems prity accurate for me...
Video Games / Re: My TF2 Servers!
2012 Mar 20, 19:46:10
I'll be sure to try it next time I get on.  ;)