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Pony Off-Topic / Re: Fluttershy Fans
2018 May 25, 13:54:29

(Art belongs to Dbleki on deviantart)

Because Fluttershy is adorable and is just awesome.
Quote from: Sweator01 on 2017 Dec 03, 13:41:45Every time I try to log in I get this

What's your internet connection like?

And do you have your login credentials correctly typed into the ID and Password boxes?
Quote from: mr100dragon100 on 2017 Nov 18, 11:13:37Man if i knew that if this game needs help in new playable races i would gladly help i'll try to make the enviromrnt and house but also draconequus but for body parts probaly just basic animal parts of known animals head and ears would be like discord but  I don't know maby someday

From the last Legends of Equestria Panel at Nightmare Nights Dallas, that was a question asked from a fellow player as well. In response, Rattletrap made it clear that there won't be any other playable races other than ponies. And I'd know that cause I was there.

It would be a cool idea to have other races to be available to play, but the complexity of it would be too much and could cause issues. I'm not entirely sure on all the specific details Rattle said, other than just that only the Pony race would be the only race to play.
Forum suggestions / Re: Noded NPCs
2017 Nov 25, 12:18:49
The amount of NPC's to be roaming around would probably be distracting.

However, that isn't a bad idea and should be tossed out the window. The idea can be played with, but there's also issues I see such as

FPS issue
Server Stability
Memory leaks
Bigger Game Files


I think that having a good server stability and a stable player base growth should be the most important thing, including fixing those pesky bugs before playing around with ideas outside of bug fixing in OAR.
Quote from: mr100dragon100 on 2017 Nov 25, 10:43:24Thanks but do i sign an application like this one above and do i have to have a discord account i can kust wright an email with a link to my deveant art and put examples of my work as well as my pony from the game too

This post has each of the following departments that are hiring. They each have their own emails that the Team Leads of those departments will look at.

Each department has their own way of applications. The Moderation has an App shown here. Just follow the instructions that are typed out in that topic.

And as far as Discord goes, I don't think it's required. But, I'm pretty sure you're going to need it. It would be likely the easiest form of contact for them to get in touch with you if you do get hired.

Good luck.
Granted, now you have all the spoiled apples you can eat!

I wish for world peace.
Quote from: mr100dragon100 on 2017 Nov 24, 18:42:47i would love to do art for the game or make art for examples if this game puts new races npc or playable and does a deviant art count as a portfolio because i really like to help put ideas and art examples or different races

Well, send an email in with everything they need to know about you, your experience with that particular field and add examples of your work!

Who knows, you might get accepted  :D

Fluttershy everyday!

Credit to artist(Deviantart): Yakovlev-vad 
Quote from: MelodyStar on 2017 Sep 16, 18:52:57Hi, I love this game !!! so much but,there is a lot of bugs when i do the misssions and...pls... my friend want to download the game but,when she do that they say ERROR YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE GAME

I want to play with her so me to download the game for here i also tried all the ways but nothing

i really hope you can help soon :')  :'(

One of the things I suggest is for your friend to download the game directly using this link:!Bio1CZQQ!3h-Lr0LtZQOaY8dHCCw6Zqs5-w4hgub1OMulUynUkmA

This link will bring your friend to the download page and inside the ZIP Folder is the LOE Data and the LoE Game Program. Basically the .exe file.

Hope this helped!

PS. My launcher for the game can be difficult to work with. But it works..

Do remember that Legends of Equestria is still in BETA. More updates will follow soon as they're patched!
Oh boy oh boy! STORY TIME!  :D

     When I was 14-15 years old, I was quite the depressed, shut in Hermit Crab. I'd never really talk to anyone other than some of the friends that I've made online on my PC. I never really was the person to talk to anyone or ever come out of my bedroom and go interact. I'd go to school, talk to some of my school friends and do my classes, come home and sit on my PC. But, I was never sure why I was depressed.. maybe so cause I was trying to figure out what my purpose in life was.

     I needed to find something that would make me happy and find something that would get me out of the shell that I was in and be a more open individual. So, one day, I was browsing around Youtube when I discovered the "Save Derpy" Video. I watched it. I got really upset that even though she was just a cartoon character, the reasoning behind it was so horseapples. So, I did some research and found out she was attacked just because she was a "Special needs" character. I watched the episode "The Last Roundup". Needless to say, I was intrigued and felt happy. So, I went back to the beginning of Season 1 and watched it all the way to the end of Season 2 at the time and I felt joy, happiness and it taught me a lot of life lessons. I opened up more and I knew from then on, I owe my life to MLP:FIM. I'll be forever grateful.

I opened up to others, made more friends and I became confident enough to speak my mind and not give a feather on what people thought about me and my interests. I am who I am and I'm proud of the person I am now and a proud brony. I'll always forever be a brony.

I've been a Brony since August 2012, right around the same time I found Legends of Equestria and have been playing and following this game since.
The Animation Video looks great! But the VA was a bit flat with not much emotion in the voice.  DD:

For those that are new to the game and are reading this, Welcome to Legends of Equestria! Name's RainCloud, please refer to my signature down at the bottom of my post and feel free to contact me in game or on the forum! Discord Too! If you have questions....

Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Returning back
2017 Sep 11, 21:10:14
Even though I don't know you,

it's good to see a familiar face to some.

Good to know you're still here.


Always and Forever my love  <3
Quote from: SpiritDancer12 on 2017 Sep 08, 00:55:04Is this going to be an open server game from now on!!
Or is it going to have certain server dates like usuall

It says on the front page, the servers will be open permanently once the game is live on Sept 10th, 2017.

Once it goes live, it'll be open permanently to everyone! :)
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 24, 04:11:31
Ya'll did a good job getting the forums back up and running again. Whole new re-design which I like!

Hopefully everything is back in full swing!
Quote from: solarflare13 on 2016 Dec 10, 23:06:57
*sighs* apologies if my comment was a little 'rough' earlier...

I have a gaming PC (a HP Omen to be exact), which is more than capable of running the game smoothly and I unfortunately had to send in TWO applications because I made a mistake with the first one. (kinda of a "derp" moment if you ask me :P)
I thought it was saying: "Do you want to be a tester for the limited access release of LOE" and I just said "yes". It was only after I took a long, hard look at the question to realise there was a "Why" in the very same question, soo that's why I had to send in a second application X3

I just feel bad for all the peope who didnt get in, that's all  :( <3

While I do understand that they only want people who's had previous experience in these sort of things and they want general feedback as to how the game can be improved for when the game is fully released, I still think its kinda unfair how every-pony else was left out :(

Monday 12th eh? :/ <3

The HP Omen you have is a laptop or a desktop?

and yes I think because you sent in 2 applications is what got you there and weren't able to proceed :(
Quote from: Asriel on 2016 Dec 10, 22:22:27
Not necessarily. While sending in a prompt application tells them you are serious about the game, they were more interested in what sort of computer and operating system you had, as well as your previous experience in testing games. The primary purpose of this first wave is to get all the bugs found and fixed before release.

And anyway, another application for the second wave is coming out this Monday, the 12th, which should be slightly less exclusive.

Still, the primary purpose is bug fixing, so if you are a casual player, it is probably best to wait until the final release.

Or you can still apply for that chance of getting in.

I believe that this is correct.

Yes it can be frustrating. But as he said. One of the things they were mainly looking for were previous experience in beta testing games in which I've beta tested games before. Have been off and on for years since 2010.

Also, computer specs. Even though I highly doubt that the game requires alot of processing power from your CPU or graphic intensity on loading textures would depend on both GPU and CPU. They'd still prefer having a PC that have decent specs I guess?

Some people have also been following this project for years and some of those I'd imagine were chosen because of their dedication in helping the games improvement and help the developers and programmers to make sure the game is running smoothly using Unity 3D's C++ coding system which would be displayed if there was a SCRIPT error in the game which I've found during the last OSW back in July of this year. That's something we don't have access to. But it would be displayed if there was such error. Scripts are a difficult task to write due to it being performed in computer language which takes a mighty amount of skill and patience to do such thing.

Great. I'm rambling again. Anyway, don't worry solarflare, it's not the end of the world. I hope to see you in game when the game is fully released or unless there actually will be a 2nd wave of applications for LAR which there may or may not be. Just wait and see friend!  ^-^

Just remember, the game is in testing stages before final release which could be a few months away. Don't go, just stay tuned for news okay?
I received that email saying you've been selected.

However, to those who didn't. I look forward to seeing you in the mere future!

Congrats to everyone who has gotten in. I look forward to seeing you ingame and work together as a team to report all those pesky bugs and errors to have this game be 100% when released to everyone else.

Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 10, 01:32:23
Hehe. I'd imagine that being a really upsetting December fools x3 I'm sure they are not that cold hearted to not accept anyone who all signed up. Besides, they wouldn't even announce it in the first place to bring the hype if it were lol

That would be messed up.

But I doubt that's what happened or even would happen. Seems too cruel.
One of the things I've figured out is when you get a message from LoE you will get it in your email or your browser will tell you, you have a message waiting for you when you go to the forums from the main page.

So, now you all know! if u haven't known already  :P