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Quote from: PCelestia on Yesterday at 22:57:49It keeps saying that it could not find user, what do I do?? :I

Did you forget your key letter ? You should click on "forgot (idk what :P)" Enteryour password and then a key. Make sure to remember it!
Quote from: Cogsworth Wingthrop on Yesterday at 17:35:41As far as a date I was thinking the 28th, time tbd. Right now I am curious if ponies are interested.

Awh man, I will be all the day out that day since it's a huge celebration for my country. (October 28th 1821? Maybe people in Europe know that) But I'll try to come home and play LoE. I was always wondering how a party at the graveyard would look like.
When I drag skills out of my hotbar they don't disappear from my hotbar. Anybody knows any other ways to delete skills/attacks from the hotbar?
Secretly not a MLP fan :ajshifty:
What's the difference between flye armor and the other armors for high-lvled players?
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Oct 16, 15:49:07I think I broke myc computer

Wow you really are strong
I'll try to be there on time x3

The pony below me also wants to play hide and seek in LoE
Quote from: Silverbeat on 2017 Oct 16, 08:17:39Cool screenshot  ^-^
I had to Google that myself when I joined the forums  X3  I hope that makes sense. I'm terrible at explaining things ^^;

╬Łah, you explained it right. Also, don't worry I'm bad at it too x3
Quote from: Cogsworth Wingthrop on 2017 Oct 15, 17:44:15Not to sound dismissive, but why not run one. Maybe on the Europonia server. That way ponies that can't make the 5 p.m. EST would get a chance.

The Europonia server is full of Russians. I have no problem with the American timezones of those hide n seek events. Maybe we should change the 17 EDT tho ...
Original Characters / Re: OC: Master Masher
2017 Oct 15, 13:36:28
Quote from: Misty Fly on 2017 Sep 29, 13:50:27oh god no please no

Misty ... please don't get this person angry >.< I know how you feel about alicorn OCs that plus have something to do with the Princesses, but please! Seriously tho, male alicorn OCs look weirder than female ones and this guy's OC reminds me of you-know-who .
Quote from: DarkDawn on 2017 Oct 14, 07:08:26I tried to get there on my unicorn yesterday. Invisible wall stopped me, when i was about to teleport there XD I see, that you ponies managed to get in, but i'm not going to glitch the game to get there :D

You don't have to glitch it lol . Go to the place with the fog and you'll see a bush between rocks. Jump inside it and walk to the mushroom. Jump on that too! I think there are pictures that show the bush and the mushroom.
Quote from: AnthroYuu on 2017 Sep 29, 01:52:20(Note:  Her talent mark is the Greek symbol Psi)

(And guess that I don't even know what that symbol means lol . Oh wait,  I think I do ... should have learned about it in some book ...)

Anyways, would ya like to draw my OC as a crystal pony if you can? If not, it's ok, just draw her regular form.

If you ever need some help about thinking a pose, feel free to take a look at my OC's page in the Original Characters board. Ref sheet can be found here :
I think my voice is pretty good but I'd rather be dancing the song instead of singing it x3

The pony below me played on the last hide and seek in LoE
N/A and the cursed child

Too bad I couldn't come this time. At 17 EDT I had Maths lessons and at 21 GMT I was at a party :'(
Quote from: Aqua Fire on 2017 Oct 13, 19:35:10As much as I liked this this SU madness should stop

Thanks for underdstanding me!
Quote from: saddlefun on 2017 Oct 09, 18:22:51I'm saying be careful and there's nothing wrong with that. Think of how Hasbro didn't do anything to Fighting is Magic until the last minute. Sure it reskinned itself completely and the project was still going on but don't say they didn't get set back a bit.

Fighting is Magic is a way different game than LoE. Don't compare them. Also, LoE has changed all the names of the places so there's no need to worry about copyrights. It's a big game and Hasbro has noticed about it so since it's still not taken down we're fine.
Quote from: Night Striker on 2017 Oct 13, 09:51:07Well no, not even close to a million, it averaged to about six deaths an hour, though if I'm honest I only died due to that leveling bug where each time a skill leveled up, your hp would get get reset to a lower number and the monsters would just one-shot you. And you were able to add skills as a foal I even have a screenshot of my becoming lvl 50 as a foal lol, though it's been like awhile since I was a foal so that could've changed by now.

(Meanwhile, I'm still a lvl 40 even though I have been grinding ever since the OAR began. Is something wrong with me  lol )
Quote from: RainbowPegasus on 2017 Oct 13, 09:44:16I'm level 24, and personally brumble woods is my favorite place to grind. It may be slightly difficult and hard to find, but I really like it there.
I forgot this place existed x3 . Oh well it's still in the Heartlands.