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My anti-virus software is saying the launcher is a threat and removes it every time I uncompress the file. What do I do? :I
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 28, 18:26:08
//I am so sorry for not replying! I was busy with stuff. >A< So, ahem/

Coco allowed the cookie ponies to leave, his real goal was to get Captain White. He walked around his former captain.

"Hello there." Coco said "It's great to see you again." Coco used much sarcasm in that last sentence.
Okay. *Shaves the goats*

Now, YOU!

Make me a coat out of all this goat fur.
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 24, 11:38:18
//Since I'm bored, I'm going to do something. I hope you don't mind. Also, since I'm not sure what type of pony Almond is, I'm just going to say that she is a milk pony.

Suddenly, a dark chocolate milk pony broke into the lab. Coco looked around, seeing two cookie ponies, two milk ponies, and...a cookie and milk pony? Coco stared in disbelief. A hybrid? Then he saw Captain White. Coco's anger flared.

"Hello, Captain White." Coco said in a dark husky voice. "It seems we meet again ovO"
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 23, 20:05:23
Meanwhile, Coco was right outside the Cookie and Milk base. He was disgusted at the look. Milk ponies and Cookie ponies working together? Yuck. The first pony he saw, he was going to attack.

//Hey, what happened to the Zombies? Did they disappear with the cluster?
Yes we will >:O
Banned for warping time.
Granted! But you were caught by a storm and lost at sea.

I wish that I had more ideas for wishes.
Granted! Your personal statement is so amazing, it blinds ANYONE who reads it. Even you.

I wish it was raining tacos.
Help me build a snow man made out of salt!

No! We shall go up!
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 23, 10:34:35
Coco left the first lab. He wanted to go find something to do. He would fly, but he was missing one of his wings, courtesy of one of Captain White's soldiers. Coco was lucky that he managed to seal up the glass. So the outlaw ran on the fields of cheese, looking for where Captain White went.
False. I live in the USA.

The person below me really likes snow.
117 :D
Granted! You now have glasses made of the sun! They burn anything they touch...

I wish for a can of Dr Pepper.
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 22, 15:10:22
Meanwhile, a dark, glossy figure was spying on the group in the cave. Coco remained very still, not wanting to get caught. He had been down here for weeks now, spying on his mortal enemy. Captain White.
Canterlot Archives / Re: COOKIE WAR!
2015 Oct 22, 13:18:31
//I wanna take action in this!/

Name: Coco the impure
Type of Milk: Chocolate milk
Level of whiteness: Color of dark chocolate
Rank: Milk pony outlaw
Make me a sandwich.
Quote from: MarshyMellow on 2015 Oct 15, 22:26:55
What do I do when I'm surrounded by pink fluffy unicorns not dancing on rainbows? DD:

Give them ALL teh rainbows! :celestia:

Wanna bet?