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will you please bring back the butt sliding to the game I liked that part of the game to move around while sitting and I miss doing that
Resolved Issues / quests not working
2017 Sep 12, 09:14:10
I have a quest where I have to get a statue looked at by silver-hoof and then when I go and tell him I have a statue that needs to be looked at it kicks me out of the quest where I have to backtrack and start back all over again please help
 DD: Dear Legends Of Equestria team a lot of ponies who downloaded the game can't get on the servers to play the game and it's making us upset that we can't play the game please help us.

yay I got to download the game but I woke up before the link was even ready
well there is no link to download the game today I just checked please help
when will the full game come out?
Canterlot Archives / (none)
2017 Feb 25, 19:21:55
I don't do rpg's on random sites I am sorry to say that but its true and even though LoE is kind of like that but at the same time its not
Quote from: McClaw on 2016 Aug 04, 08:22:14
Those buttons can be reconfigured by the user.

thanks McClaw
then why did it say the camera button was f1?
chat was to open back up today but when I looked it wasn't open
thanks gamepaw
Resolved Issues / Chatbox still not open
2016 Aug 02, 12:54:59
what is the deal here Ryo_D_Disk you said the chatbox will be open to chat in today but its still closed why is that?
Resolved Issues / Re: bits going to zero
2016 Aug 02, 10:57:36
well during the open sever party we all started with ten bits and there was no problem in January but in July we all started with zero bits so I thought that we get ten bits during the open server event last month it doesn't make any since ono
I looked in the folder of screenshots and I didn't see any of the photos I took so what the what? I need help please and thank you
Resolved Issues / chatbox not open
2016 Aug 01, 14:12:18
hey I was wondering why Chatbox is still closed on the legends of equestria site even though the servers are closed
Resolved Issues / Re: bits going to zero
2016 Aug 01, 10:03:40
I tried to buy items in game but it showed that I had zero bits and don't we suppose to have ten bits when you first start out in the game legends of equestria?
Resolved Issues / bits going to zero
2016 Jul 31, 12:23:47
the bug where when you first come into the game it shows you having no bits and then when you do get some bits and you go somewhere else you loose all the bits you had earned
come join in and have fun on roll play about me being the princess of Equestria
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 11, 17:15:20
Oh my celestia I can't wait to play for three days this will be my first time playing for three whole days :D