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General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 23, 16:09:28
Quick, post ponies.
Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2017 Feb 28, 16:52:32
@Rasy You are an excellent apprentice of the disc, I'm proud of you ovO
Seriously though, you're great fun to talk to :3

(This thread is already so sweet... it's great ^-^ )

D'aww, you are awesome too! <3

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@Ellowee You are awesome for being that one mascot that we all love.
@FeverishPegasus You are awesome for being that one Designer friend I grew close to (Also that one Flan cult member).
@Popey You are awesome for being that one TL that I love.
@Galapagois You are awesome for being  that one TL constantly burning my mane off and being my arch nemesis (I love you too <3).
Team Biographies / Rasy
2016 Dec 07, 22:41:05
Hi everyone/everypony!

I was put on LoE's staff officially at 12/2/16. I have been interested in LoE since 2012 and have tried to find a place to put my skills to the test. As of right now I am a Systems Designer helping multiple departments. I have been part of another MLP MMORPG as an administrator.

I am a decent programmer, C, C++, C#, PHP, and other languages and it makes it easier for my position as it requires some documentation on systems so that the programmers can get their jobs done. Maybe one day I might apply for programming but for now, I will do what I can to help the team!
It is very unlikely that Hasbro will go after LoE. We have a dedicated legal time with us and from what I have seen, no copy laws have been violated in the jurisdictions that LoE takes place in.

Rest assured, our team is on it.
How goes the search? :P
Quote from: Particlemane on 2016 Sep 18, 21:23:32
Just count to 200,000,000. That should make the time pass by.

Or you could invent a Delorean.

Or use a TARDIS. :P
Congrats to all the winners. :)
I didn't cover the last episode because really I just didn't have much to say...

My thoughts for S6-E19:

Spoiler: show

As far as anyone/anypony/anygriffon knows, it is impossible and unheard of to get a cutiemark as a griffon. Again speculation but I would be thrilled to see a griffon HAVE a cutiemark. Anyways, this episode brought up a few points: Talents can range, and a cutiemark may not reflect only one talent. Also talents are not just the one thing you are set at life to. However your purpose in life may be. And talents do not directly define a purpose in life as you can have many talents that lead up or build up on that purpose. In other words, finding your purpose sometimes means being talented at different things but a talent isn't your purpose.

As for the CMC, I love how they failed but found a way to resurrect and correct that failure by substituting another solution. I guess this episode just has that meaning to never give up. Which they didn't, even after how they failed. Honestly however, the part that got to me the most was when they actually had her start a CMC: Griffonstone branch. I will enjoy to see that, and maybe Gilda again, in future episodes.

P.S. That Pre-Calculus and Physics classes... I don't know what grade they are in but that is some pretty advanced stuff. One thing that bugged me (For reasons that I do not know why) was the fact that the graph in the Pre-Calculus scene was wrong. While sin(x) = y is correct by the Unit Circle Definition, the graph actually documented an inverted cos(x) or more correctly, sin(x-[pi/2]). :P

Banned because I need to win this ban war.
I know you guys have a style with manebands but I felt that we should have more manebands, especially for the tail. This is the best I could do. :)

My thoughts for S6-E17:

Spoiler: show

This episode was a simple fun to watch episode because it had Discord in it. I am one of the people that like Discord's shenanigans and really enjoyed to see him in another episode. This episode was really predictable in the sense of where he was coming from and where Spike and Big Mac were coming from. It was also predictable to see what would happen next in the next scene. For example, I knew seconds before that he would teleport them into the game when he was angry.

I for one find some disappointment in Discord for not even trying the game before he decided to give up on it at first. However he prevailed in the end.

This episode overall was one of the funniest this season for me.
Art / Re: If LoE has a Auto-Updater
2016 Aug 20, 17:30:04
Quote from: XFutureMaxX on 2016 Aug 19, 21:14:49
Hard design..........

Love the graphics.
My thoughts for S6-E16:
Spoiler: show

Honestly this was like the normal lesson of not judging a book by its cover. It shows that you cannot judge all Changelings the same, that they are all different. I loved how even Twilight got a friendship lesson of her own. It brings back memories of Season 1.

Really I feel as if this episode portrayed more of ponies being in the very wrong. Their racism against Changelings was shown. I doubt even with Thorax, that ponies will be okay with ALL Changelings after. I also believe that Equestria and the Changeling Empire (Or whatever it is called), will still be in a war type relationship.

I am a bit disappointed in Twilight Sparkle for not acting properly as the Princess of Friendship. If she is to befriend Discord, who actually did more damage to a city than the Changeling attack, then why would she not forgive just one Changeling? It is clear there is some form of racism or whatnot in here. But I rather not delve deep into it.

I do hope Thorax appears again later in the show. And I also wonder if he was the one in Ponyville during that one scene. I didn't like how he was portrayed, I just found the voice a tiny bit weird but that is something I can get over.

Not really much else to say except that this episode indeed made my melt heart. Guess it also did for Thorax.

Quote from: Cogsworth Wingthrop on 2016 Aug 13, 10:34:07
I was hoping for something more. When I think of crafting in MMOs, the first thing I think of is armor and weapons. I just thought this game would be different.

Besides who would want something besides Moonlight Armor.  ovO

I saw a couple NPCs mention bicycles, that is one of the things that got my hopes up about a gyrocopter similar to Pinky's in Griffon the brush off.

How about carts so a speedy Pegasus friend could pull my slow flank around ^-^

They have said the game wont focus as much on combat. So maybe these might be ideas they could focus on.
Art / Re: If LoE has a Auto-Updater
2016 Aug 19, 18:31:09
Looks okay, but the Copyright part is a bit iffy.

I thought the LoE Launcher was an updater itself though?
Thread Games / Re: Four Words or Less
2016 Aug 12, 23:57:32
ROBOCRAFT: Robots defending Earth.
Sounds something that can be used for making quest items too.
Throws a gaming computer.