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Sorry, I don't use one. My processus and disk is going crazy right now. Better for me to check what's going on. (post-june-virus)
Wow, it's so slow these days. Business as usual? Nothing yet about this vampony nor this Trix?
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Nov 10, 13:07:48Oh I saw that
It means that there is a secret. There is actually something in this box. Invisible text. :P

You'll understand when you highlight those invisible words or by just quoting and see what is written behind.
Quote from: Death Trixie on 2017 Nov 08, 15:59:45Hello the Windy Camo has arrived!
Windy Camo? Hmm... Wind... Camo... 'Camo'uflage? Whirl'Wind'? Not sure who you are but hello. (Sounds like something...)

I may mistake you for someone else. >.>
Then, you hate him in the Wanders Tavern? He only shows up in that place to rest/relaxe, after all, in a odd Tavern. Never will he reveal his existence to everyone on Equestria. Just a fraction can easily be ignored/unbelieved since they are few ponies plus did they really know everything outside of equestria? No.

By the way, I think you saw a spoiler named "secret" under that character, right? An empty box. :3c
Yeah, I think it's better. No need to make anything complicated with a unknown creature like a human on Equestria, then. (There is still something behind)
Hello, just passing by and dropping this here. I am not much of a storyteller, but I like to watch/hear the others' stories.

It's not a problem if I am not accepted.
Spoiler: The (supposed) one who shoots those 3 arrows • show

Named herself: Julia or Juliette
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: She physically looks like a teenager of 15-16 years old, but she actually is 18
Appearance: She was said to have a lighter skin. Not literally white like a ghost but close enough. She has a black messy hair, long to her shoulders. She wears a red coat with a white shirt and a blue sky skirt, a pair of black gloves and a pair of black boots.
Other: Not a expert in archery but enough to be able to use one. She prefers better to use rapiers as her main weapon because it's light and easy to carry. She always like to observes things she is interested and may follow them to try to understand what they does. In this case, ponies.

Because humans do not exist in this world, she observes them in hidding. She always liked to hide and do such things anyways.

Spoiler: And another character (Accepted) • show

Most likely named: Wonder
Known under the name of the Shapshifter.
Race: Most likely seen as a pony. Can also be a pegasus or a unicorn.
Gender: Female
Appearance: A white mare with black mane. She also have a strange question mark cutie mark.
Other: She likes to travel and discover new things. Her meeting with Julia is likely the most surprising thing she ends up with because they look alike, especially the hair/mane.
Spoiler: Secret • show

Name: Gold Dust
Gender: female
Race: ghost (formerly a crystal pony)
Appearance: white ghost, you know that. But she was formerly a yellow gold color crystal pony with a bit of red and orange mane. Her cutie mark was somekind of a shining dust. Probably gold.
Other: This ghost is a mystery tied to Wonder. She is always not far from this shapshifter for a reason. Only those with the ability to see ghosts or such can see her. There may be another way to see or hear her.

Either of them is fine. Same if you say both. (I said I am passing by)
I think it's possible, given that they are in space. Just need to find a certain switch that deactivate gravity (Gravity is always active in the greenhouse and the pool room, maybe even other rooms that require gravity).
I have a idea in mind on how to respawn Deep Marble... Not now, thought.
Sorry... And it's already time for me to say goodbye to the holiday... (in 2 days, school is back)

I never thought nothing much advanced in these RPs. Guess not everyone had the same weeks of holiday.
Quote from: Dark Obsidian on 2017 Nov 02, 02:19:38Hey I just noticed, out of nowhere when I entered a new area, my teleportation spell was missing from my hotbar. Now I can't teleport out of a dangerous position and things like that. Anyone know or how this can be fixed?
With the new update, you can now re-add your teleport spell and the other default ability in the category "Other". (I think. I didn't play this update yet but they added something like that)
Peekaboo. It's Nightmare Night.

. . . Don't know what special to do about Halloween day. But just made me want more to add that vampire pony.
I have nothing to respond. I am waiting for someone to respond. (Let me check again the RP)
Because she wants to see the shooting 'Star' during this only 'Night'.

What am I spying?
Darn, how did you two noticed a invisible text?

Well, yes. I also done it in my old discontinued RP on this forum "The Dinosaur Land" as an invisible character commenting behind everyone else. I intended to do this in every RP where the Shapshifter appear, but it might be weird so I only make her appear when another RPer can see that character.

Here is the following RP this ghost appear but did not made any sign that she is present: My crazy adventures in ponyville, Cyberville (Finished), Escape to the Future (part 1 finished), Spa RP(locked by Game), The crazy adventures in ponyville (not heard anything from SSpony), An undiscovered world (discontinued), Fight for Freedom (discontinued cause no longer dice roll)

Edit: Since I didn't know the possibility that canines like Game can see/feel ghost, I didn't made any sign of her being present in my writting, sorry. (For that Spa RP)
Of course. It is pointless to add the shapshifter if Mimic is already in. Actually, the shapeshifter is the one of which cause Mimic to remember things that she physically don't recall since both are connected in some way.

Also, there is a secret character. She is often near the shapeshifter. It's a ghost/soul.
... I may be insane if no one answer mine. I think it's because I am confusing.

By the way, Game's story is good.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Oct 23, 02:21:31
I think they were all busy in real life. They may have holiday soon enough, because it's holiday on my side.

Hope that I won't say goodbye to the holiday soon.
Hello again!

So it looks like a lot of peoples became busy ever since LoE's forum restarted with the return of school for most of them. I know it's annoying but it's needed.

What can we do for this RP?

- If Peace know that Aqua isn't really a pony but a creature that can shapeshift, it will be an advantage for her to be a small little scout to check around the surrounding when in that mountain.
- But if Peace did not realize yet (well, he did notice a clue and know it), that would not happen and need to find another way in to check.
Ok so, it's holiday on my side. What about everyone else? Still busy?