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Off-Topic Archive / I NEEED HELP
2017 Oct 08, 20:59:48
I just got a new laptop and i had to do a reset jyst caue. So now im stuck on boot loop someone save me
Banned because just cause
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Jan 18, 10:36:57
I looked at it :ajshifty:
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Jan 16, 09:42:48
True but what about de Pokemon game going to be on the handheld console hybrid you'll have to have a paid subscription to do any online stuff
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Jan 15, 11:23:03
Well I'm completely turned away from the switch chase if paid subscription another company falls down that hole r.i.p last non pay to play online this ng this proves PC is master race
Video Games Archive / Stardew valley
2017 Jan 07, 10:53:20
here you can share your opinion or your farm or anything Stardew valley related  within the rulez of course. I statered playing 6 days ago and i allready  <3 it.
Shiny hunt is not going well

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I have a question could you technicaly keep the pokerus for gorever cause i just found out on of my pokemon have it
I can help i have all de ub's
Name: Shadow Flare
Game:Pokemon moon
3ds friend code : 3841-0466-5090
Ok so i got some help with the rest of my team but i still need help with for i need a replacement for magearna and lunala  and move set help with goodra and snorlax. Goodra move set is dragon pulse muddy water outrage and power whip. Snorlax's move set is giga impact high horsepower and body slam. Plz help i wanna be actually good at online battles
Quote from: HunterOfTheDark on 2015 May 25, 10:05:49
Defeated the Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy VII. Man was that a hard fight!
(idk how theis work) good god not an easy fight but i beat red and emrald weapon there much harder
Lol omc most of the pokemon that need trading to evolve people want like legendaryps or the very same pokemon  like someone wants to trade a poliwhirl for a politoed  or a popplio for a primarina
Imma be getting pokemon moon for Christmas  :3
Whar really annoy's me is when video games are to short/ easy
I wanna get moon so i can name the legendary  luna  :3
Flares makes his way towards all the noise and watches out for more mayhem.
Welp now im p'aying destiny warframe and still some other random games also waiting for the ff7 remake
Flare gets up up of the couch and goes looking around the house for something intresting
Flare finishes the cherry pie and gives piece to game then goes to where the rv is to watch some tv.
Shadow flare decide's to make cherry pie