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Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Oct 15, 03:03:30(And guess that I don't even know what that symbol means lol . Oh wait,  I think I do ... should have learned about it in some book ...)

It's the well-known symbol for Psychology.


Doing one for my newest OC, Midnight Gleam.

Spoiler: Set 1 • show

1:What's your OCs favorite color?

2:Where does your OC work?
She doesn't.

3:What's your OCs favorite food?
Blueberry Pie

4:Does your OC have a favorite drink?
Grape juice.

5:How old is your OC?
17 years old.

6:Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
Nope.  Normal Unicorn.

7:Is your OC in a relationship?
Nope. Single pringle.

8:What are some of your OCs strengths?
Frost magic, emotional comforting.

9:What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
Excessive heat, her lisp.

10:What is your OCs favorite outfit?
Socks + headphones, hair in low twintails.

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?
She doesn't know, yet.

12:Is your OC currently in school?

13:What is your OCs earliest memory?
Her favourite binky.

14:Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
No?  Cell phones don't exist in her world.

15:What makes your OC angry?
Incompetence, annoying ponies.

16:When is your OCs favorite time of year?

17:How long can your OC hold their breath?
About 1 minute, 16 seconds.

18:What is your OCs favorite holiday?

19:What usually bums your OC out?
When she can't grasp a topic.

20:What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
She doesn't eat pizza.

21:Who is your OCs best friend?
Her mother.

22:Has your OC ever been arrested?

23:Whats your OCs biggest secret?
She keeps a binky hidden away in her dorm room for when she's stressed.

24:What does your OC smell like?

25:What time of year does your OC prefer?
The first week of spring.

26:What race is your OC?
Normal ol' Unicorn.

27:What languages does your OC speak?
English, Greek

28:Does your OC like anime? Western Cartoons?
She doesn't watch television.

29:Can your OC swim?
Yes, but she doesn't like it.

30:What would be your OCs favorite movie?
See 28.

31:Does your OC believe in fairies?

32:Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
She's too young to be in college.

33:How many family members does your OC have?
Mother, Father, Brother, Sister.

34:Is your OC a huge fan boy/girl over anything?

35:How flexible is your OC?
Slightly above average.

36:What if they were gender bent?
Crying.  Lots and lots of crying.

37:What was your OCs first word?

38:Does your OC have any pets?

39:Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
Social Studies.

40:What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
Ate TWO pints of ice cream!

41:What is your OCs motto about life?
"Just chill."

42:Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
Hot chocolate.

43:Who is your OCs biggest hero?
Her parents.

44:What color eyes does your OC have?

45:Does your OC like reading?

46:Is your OC loyal?

47:Does your OC tolerate violence?

48:What social class is your OC?
Upper middle.

49:What country was your OC born in?

50:Does your OC cry easily?

51:What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
Swing Jazz.

52:How does your OC feel about insects?

53:What are your OCs hobbies?
Reading, studying, writing.

54:Does your OC use any medication?

55:What gender is your OC?

56:What kind of clothes or accessories does your OC wear?
Socks, hair ties, headphones, earrings.

57:Would you call your OC adventurous?
If it was in a book.

58:Is your OC social?
She wants to be... kind of...

59:What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
Her lisp.

60:Does your OC enjoy nature?
From within a book unless it's Spring.

Spoiler: Set 2 • show

1. When and how did you get inspired to create them?
I just felt like making something different about three days back.

2. How did you decide on their personality, interests, etc?
Winged it as I went along.

3. Why did you give them the name you did?
Half of it was generated by the game.

4. Compare yourself to your OC in any areas from genres, hobbies, anything.
We have similarities.
Are you still taking requests?   If so, would you consider Yoru Ai?  (Note:  Her talent mark is the Greek symbol Psi)

Spoiler: Image • show

She's a favourite of mine, and I saw some of your style has a kind of Tim Burton look to it, which I absolutely adore.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: MLP Reaction Images
2017 Aug 29, 23:35:14
My most recent wallpaper. (Operating System: Linux [Ubuntu 17.04])

[Generic Answer]

Hello, Amethysta Starfall!

There are numerous ways to mark many messages as read-- through the index page and through the "Unread Posts" and "Updated Topics" pages.  As GoFish already stated, the button to mark all as read on the index page is on the bottom right of the Index page.  To mark all as read in "Unread Posts" and "Updated Topics", the button is directly below the links that bring you to such page.  All three of those methods are shown in the image below.  I hope this helps!

General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 23, 18:36:08
The plugins required to make the pony maker work were discontinued.
One hundred fifty-two.
Two dimensional works are to three dimensional works as apples are to oranges.  Both are the same outlet, yes, but they really cannot be compared fairly due to an entire dimension's worth of difference.  When one is to try and compare it, they can really only bring it down to personal preference. 

For example, I personally prefer two dimensional works over three dimensional as the third dimension takes away from the gravity of the image to me-- it goes from a meaningful, depth filled image to a simple model inside a skybox of some means.  It feels to me more like a school project than an actual means of an outlet, unless expertly portrayed-- which, to me, can only be done when associated with a musical composition and potentially further two dimensional works.  By itself, a two dimensional work in itself can hold all the depth it needs, without the company of other outlets to give it further meaning.

For an example, I'll compare two works that I find hold a lot of weight and depth-- one in two dimension, and one in three dimension.  The two dimensional image is by NCMares, and has the title "I'm Wretched but I'm Powerful", and the three dimensional video is by Argodaemon, by the name of "Remembrance".  I suggest discarding everything except the visual representation to make your comparison-- pay no mind to the name of the video and image, and mute the sound of the video.

Spoiler: "I'm Wretched but I'm Powerful" • show

Spoiler: "Remembrance" • show

To me, at least, the image holds much more gravity when the audio is removed from the video.  With the audio there alongside, however, the video holds more gravity than the image.  In this, it would be truly unfair for me to say that one is better than the other, as one has more components than the other.  In terms of still images, however, I firmly believe that two dimensional images hold more gravity.  In example, I'll supply an image in both two and three dimensions.  The two dimensional image is by DennyVixen, and goes by the title "Fluttershy's New Friend".  The three dimensional image is by Argodaemon, and goes by the title "Hat Trick".

Spoiler: "Fluttershy's New Friend" • show

Spoiler: "Hat Trick" • show

To me, the two dimensional image holds much more gravity than the three dimensional one.  "Hat Trick" is simply lacking in the field of depth and emotion when compared to "Fluttershy's New Friend" in my eyes.

However, this is just my two bits on the matter.
I'm going to have to throw the next poster at @Super sayian pony .
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 May 27, 10:35:53
Russell Allen and Jorn Lande's "The Forgotten Ones", from their album "The Battle".
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Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 May 01, 19:26:32
Starset's "Antigravity".
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