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The info has been updated 15/04/2017

Finally, the long awaited opening has happened see you all there ^-^
Things are indeed getting most close now very exciting. and just as there doing so others have been making just as big an effort in preparation for these events. such as the development and setting up of EqU's very own CMS (pony owned and operated social network dedicated to the well known likes interests and themes of rpers that are mainly in this area). with blogs forums chats story/fic's pic/art/gif/video/music features including albums multiple char profiles for those with more than one char. "What is this madness" discord servers for both coms and normal chats and for rping in public and privet rooms alike. and are planning to be open for business and fun hopefully in time so not only will there be LoE awesomeness huzzah! but there will also be a very close and dedicated herd/community here  to welcome help and provide a wonderful environment and community orientated herd. (for all that wish to and as a side note hehe we are always happy to talk to and welcome ones that wish to help out in one of the many areas and help make everything as good and action/fun packed and entertaining for all). so again woohoo for LoE awesomeness such a strong and committed effort as always thank you. and don't forget to take a look in the forums under herds if you are looking for a supportive like minded group to make friends to learn and have support from fellow ponies members and RPers alike. and never forget to pony pony pony 130% thank you again.
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Aug 01, 04:44:26
Most interesting news to have received that is for sure and can't wait as this has been what all of this has been about from the start, And now that it is coming round to it and since i never do post about anything on these forums and am mainly only active everyday in the chat, Thought it would be something different to make an appearance on this momentous occasion i'm sure many of you are also most excited for this in one way or another, And was even more apparent from what was seen and felt from everypony this time but amazingly these sorts of departing events we experience and share as they have happend will be over soon for the closed beta test, Huzzah but if i can draw from other such events we have been lucky to of been included in even if there is a few that would not make the early beta tests i would not be too worried or downhearted, As when things reach that stage of development things start to move fairly fast and should not be all that long from then till the others would be reunited, But that is only drawing on past experiences and as always  things are not identical in every situation and can be different but there is always here's hoping because it's always most fun when we're all there together doing what it is that we do and that in itself is magic.  <3

P.s Can't wait till we get to pony pony and have fun with you all again be well and stay safe.       
Greetings and welcome to EquestriaUnleashed (EqU) we are a fast expanding pony Rp community that focuses all of its resources among its members. This is a completely free community so far and hopes we will be able to continue and maintain this goal. Things available to (EqU) members and guests include a fully dedicated super server who is owned entirely by EquestriaUnleashed. Giving us the abilities to run and maintain a rather healthy number of game servers, These include 3 x highly modified pony craft (MC) servers all linked together and 3 x 100+ mod pony RP Garry's mod servers covering hide and go seek open world game modes. The community also has its own new and developed social network consisting of a chat with many functions it has a forum as well as blogging. Furthermore, the ability to have multiple profiles for all your chars on one account. Most recently acquired and set up 2 x discord servers both serviced by (EqU) owned and made Discordbot, we call Tia (CelestiBot) that currently provides pictures/music as well as Rp text chat rooms for both group open Rp and private locked type Rp. If you are one that has any helpful skills/abilities, and you wish to contribute with this pony community. We are most excited for such inquiries and are happy to be able to welcome all users to our tight-knit community.

1. The community is regularly open to all who wish to be part of this amazing pony Rp group. Even guests who just wish to hang out among other nice ponies are always welcome.

2. We are a very active group with members online around the clock, and also we are looking into starting training grounds for fresh new and old members alike. Ones who wish to partake and possibly learn brand new and exciting talents aimed at the Rp side of things.

3. We have come from and have built everything together with the help knowledge and support of other members. Everything that happens gets spoken about by the members that have been in the group for a long time and have desired to further help, By providing their input and thoughts into maintaining and improving the community for you all.

4. There are a few ways to be able to apply or just come visit and see what (EqU) is all about. Either leave a post with details name intent and how we can best get in contact with you. The other way is LoE itself by locating members of (EqU) and expressing interest in knowing more information. Last is we're quite active in the LoE chat-box so should be able to locate any member there any and all information in this topic post may be changed or modified at any time.

5. Helpful names are still being set up correctly Racquel SilverSpirit message/chat-box any members who would be happy to have their name here to be contacted just inform us, and you will be added thank you.

6. this is a pretty rough draft for the moment, and we are sorry as we will be getting the time in small amounts to be able to make it how it should thank you for your time.

Announcement post and link about EqU's Grand Opening Gala 15th of April

Main site
EqU Discord
EqU chat site
 <3 Hello everypony hope you all enjoyed the OSP the event. It was fantastic many improvement have been made by the busy hard working team thank you guys you're amazing.
Thank you to PonyvilleFM and EQD also for being there. That music and party was sensational and can't wait for more.  <3
Here is the 414 pictures i managed to take over the course of the event i hope you enjoy and keep being amazing thank you.  ;)
Hello there ponys these are the pictures we got over the OSW hope you all had fun and thank you to the team for the efforts applied during this time :D
As long as you only have Java 64 bit installed all other Java is to be removed or it will not work have at least 3 gigs of ram more if you have it Have the launcher installed and logged in that is all you should have to do Launcher/Mc wise to get to the servers need more help try
Hello and welcome to the post for EQMC's Modded Minecraft Rp and Survival Servers. We also have a auto installer so should be install log in and play make sure you have the latest java installed also and good luck will update this more as i go these are a few of the maps we are using.

Links for the installer for your Operating system
Once downloaded place the derpy exe on your desktop open the launcher
Should work fine unless your missing something or don't have the system to run it
Any help needed you can Pm me here or there and and ill help as much as i can.

Linux/Apple Os Launcher

64 Bit Windows Launcher

It all helps in the development stage for them so be patient and keep with it and we should get there in the end
Resolved Issues / Re: Chat vanished
2014 Nov 25, 09:10:01
Quote from: Invultrois on 2014 Nov 25, 08:56:44
Well, lost another friend. Good going.  :l

IF only there was a way to help and give every pony what they want
The Retirement Home / Re: I'm ponylicious!
2014 Sep 19, 11:56:53
I 'm the R to the A to the C,Q,U,A,L and ain't no other Pony Manipulate Time like me i'm Racquelicous !!!!!!!!!!  ;)