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Original Characters / Goji
2020 Jan 12, 20:17:55

Species: Eastern Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Likes: organizing books, quiet solitude, gardening

Dislikes: unnatural change, obnoxious creatures, high-pitched noises

Breath Attack: a bright blue flame that scorches all it touches, has minor levels of radiation

Personality: A dragon who can appreciate a quiet hour alone, Goji prefers a night in to attending a large party. Putting little stock in superficial relationships with many ponies, he would rather have a close relationship with one or two creatures. Somewhat neurotic, he will stop to rearrange and organize something if her notices it is out of place or in disarray. Unlike others of his kind, he lacks a certain haughtiness inherent in Eastern Dragons.

Description: blue-black scales; pale blue underbelly; neon blue fur; orange eyes

Job: scribe/archivist and magic caster for Eq.U.I.S.

Home: has a special home underground in Cantermore (the main entrance is only accessible under the water)

Bio: Hailing from the Far East, Equestria was just one stop of many on his journey across the world. The first, and only, egg sired by an ancient dragon, Goji left his father in order to experience and understand other cultures. About a month after his arrival in Equestria, he met Nightstalker, a meeting that would ultimately lead to him co-founding Eq.U.I.S. Now a young teenager, he spends his time recording the activities of his division, though he one day hopes to leave with Night on her journey so that he may gain enough knowledge to one day surpass his legendary father.

It can be empty at times, but there are players on, I promise. If you want to meet someone else for sure, check out one of the Nightmare Night events Holiday Cheer has planned. You can also go to one of the Sweet and Elite events. There's an open rp on Fridays at 4pm EST, or the Hide and Seek event on Saturdays. If all else fails, send a message out in global.

Oh, and welcome to the horse game.
Original Characters / Night Bloom
2019 Jul 24, 02:27:33
After much thought, I've decided to give Bloom his own topic. I've certainly used him enough during the Sweet & Elite RP to warrant it.

Night Bloom (Yazaki 「夜咲」)

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Likes: Card tricks, reading, magic theory, playing tricks on ponies
Dislikes: Cliched stories, rainy days, strong smells
Special Talent: Can summon and control shadow creatures
Description: dark magenta coat; darker mane and tail; bright orange eyes; has a Shadowbolts pin on his saddlebags that his half-sister gave him
Job: None
Home: Lives with his parents
Bio: Smart yet inexperienced, Night Bloom shares his father's inquisitive nature and his mother's ability to manipulate others, though he isn't as cruel as she is. Due to the fact that he is more mature than other foals, mostly because he is 30 despite his appearance, he finds it difficult to socialize wit them. Instead he spends as much time as possible with his older half-sister, Nightstalker, much to her mild annoyance.

Him as an adult, just because.
Original Characters / Winter Coldfire
2019 Jan 16, 15:00:03
I might have a problem with creating characters. Pls send help.

Winter Coldfire

Species: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Likes: Enchanting, magic theory, star gazing, baking

Dislikes: Spicy food, conjuring spells, hot headed students, cleaning up the alchemy lab after it gets used because apparently it's too hard to clean up after yourself, hedge mages

Special Talent: magic (specializing in magic theory, and constructs)

Personality: Kind and intelligent, she approaches her interests with a youthful enthusiasm. Helpful to a fault, traveling tends to take her longer than usual due to her habit of assisting those she meets along the way. Conversely, this has resulted in her gaining a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Despite her kind nature, she is not afraid to shed blood, and has found that the most permanent solutions to problematic enemies is incinerating them.

Description: white-blue coat; white-silver mane with pale pink and pale purple streaks; magenta eyes

Job: apprentice to Arch-mage Quantum Leap, also tutors the younger mages

Home: The College of Arcane Energies in the mountains of a faraway kingdom

Bio: The daughter of a prominent knight in a far off land, Winter lived a relatively peaceful childhood. Seeing that she had an affinity for magic, her parents enrolled her in the town's school for magic. Quickly surpassing anything the mages there could teach her, she decided to travel the open road in the hopes that she would come across more esoteric knowledge. Fortunately for her she met a student of the College of Arcane Energies before she could get into anything too dangerous.
   The next few years flew by as she studied ancient magics and honed her skill in enchanting. During her stay however, war broke out with the neighboring kingdom, and though the College itself was neutral, her father and mother were killed in the ensuing conflict. Not letting that deter her, she continued her studies, eventually reaching the rank of master by her 21st birthday. Still not satisfied, she became the one and only protégé of the College's Arch-Mage, Quantum Leap. Since then she has made leaps and bounds in the field of magic theory, and has begun the process of creating a ritual to tear space-time with her master. As part of the process, Quantum has ordered her to travel across the world in order to gather any artifacts that might aid them in her quest, resulting in her arriving in Equestria.

Description of Homeland: A land of mountains and valleys, it's said that the winters here are the reason why the warriors of the Aquilionus Empire are amongst the hardiest in the world. The furthest reaches of the North contain nothing but barren ice fields, glaciers, and unspeakable monsters. To the West, deep fjords border an icy sea. The south gives way to grassy plains, the center of all agriculture and the main source of conflict with their southern neighbor. The East is protected by impossibly high mountains, beyond which is a dessert of endless sandstorms.
Unfortunately we can't actually form guilds yet.
Make sure that all your old game files are deleted from your computer. That includes the unzipped files and the zipped files. This happened to me once where I had downloaded the new version, but I still had the files for the old version on my computer, so it was using those instead.
The launcher is a bit outdated, so I would suggest completely uninstalling all your game files. Then, go to the downloads page (you can get to it through the link in the Halloween update info on the blog website if the holiday post is still down), and use one of the direct downloads. The most recent version of the game is 2018.10.1.
I can confirm that Micro Transaction is still there for me, so all you have to do is grow up and her quest will become available.
Make sure that you're selecting the "shop" option when interacting with a vendor and not the "talk" option. Also, there is a cosmetic horn, but you can only get it once you're an adult. It's the quest reward for Micro Transaction, the filly on the main road near the plaza in Cantermore.

Also, welcome to the horse game.
I can't do that because even when I have it plugged in, no power is going to the laptop. Regardless, I took it in to get a diagnostics check.
That's the thing, even when I have the charger connected, it doesn't charge, so either something is wrong with the charger, or the port itself is the issue.
So, funny story, my laptop randomly decided it didn't want to charge anymore, and unless I can get the problem resolved tomorrow, or I get the game running on a different computer, which is a campus computer, I'm not going to be able to play for a few days.
There will be a Halloween event this year, closer to the 31st, but not too sure if they're going to bring the bat pony costume back. I'm hoping they do. As for the servers, they can be a little wonky at times, but it's been better as of late, and they've added a couple new quests. Mostly though, we make our own fun.
A brief disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of using images straight from pony creator. I think it's a good tool to help visualize the oc one is trying to make, but it should never be the final product. That being said, I'm a slow drawer and I have this thing about having a visual to go with profiles, so they'll have to do until I get around to actually drawing these ponies' portraits. Now, enough of that, here is an entire night's sudden burst of inspiration.

Ashen Grove

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ~687
Likes: Painting, socializing, hosting formal events, cleanliness, experimenting with magical spells
Dislikes: Unorganized messes, lack of manners, dirt
Special Talent: silver-tongue/hypnotic suggestion
Description: Light evergreen coat; dark forest green mane with paler highlights; dark purple eyes; wears immaculate formal attire
Job: Invests in the stock market
Home: Owns a mansion located on semi-arid coast of Saddle Arabia
Bio: The eldest of three brothers, Ashen Grove is a proud, learned stallion. He spent a majority of his youth traveling with his brothers, often times getting them into trouble with some questionable decisions. That being said, he does care about their well-being, even if his overbearing personality can be hard to handle.
   After their travels, he returned to the family home within the Everfree where he was subsequently groomed by his parents as the next head of the family. He then moved to saddle Arabia where he married into one of the most prominent clans. As with other members of his clan, he has a wide range of magical abilities and is fine in direct sunlight.

Misty Moors

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ~687
Likes: Quiet, astronomy, gardening, sketching
Dislikes: Getting dragged around by his older brother, large cities, loud noises
Special Talent: can summon and control banshees
Description: Nightshade purple coat; dark purple mane with pale highlights; lime green eyes; dark brown open vest over a white shirt with matching golfer's cap
Job: Game warden
Home: Owns a small cottage in the country of the Equestrian equivalent of Scotland
Bio: The middle brother and most unassuming of the trio, Misty Moors is nevertheless as intelligent as his other family members. Often getting dragged into situations by his elder brother, and subsequently rescued by his younger brother, he developed an intense dislike of being near other ponies. While he does enjoy living away from Ashen Grove, he will come to his aid should the need arise.
   Rather than returning home, he chose to stay where his current home is, even falling in love with and marrying one of the local mares. Unlike Silent Shade however, who refused to turn his beloved into a creature of the night, he turned her into a pure blooded vampire and has since lived happily with her and their children.

Violet Valerian

Species: Elder vampire
Gender: Female
Age: ~1,500
Likes: Writing, playing the piano, walking through the forest
Dislikes: Vampire hunters, physical contact from those she perceives as lesser creatures, dissonant sounds
Special Talent: Voice of the siren
Description: Nightshade purple coat; dark purple mane with pale highlights; emerald green eyes; bat-like wings; wears a golden pendant with what appears to be a closed eye engraved into it; prefers Victorian style dresses
Job: Matriarch
Home: the ancestral home deep within the Everfree; has a glamour on it to make it appear rundown
Bio: A direct descendent of the Founder, she is one of the few vampires in the world capable of creating pure-blooded vampires from her blood alone. Proud, vain, and supremely confident in her skills, Violet thinks nothing more of other species as food or a means to an end. Born well before the founding of Equestria, during the time of the three tribes, she has seen much over her long life and fears little other than creatures as old as herself.
   Though she married Deadwood for the purity of his blood, she has developed somewhat of a fondness for him over the long years and takes extreme pride in her progeny, even her half-breed granddaughter, who has more than proven she is worthy of being a full-fledged member of the clan.

Deadwood Shadow

Species: Elder Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ~1,700
Likes: Reading, bird watching, scaring unwary travelers, anatomy and physiology
Dislikes: The smell of garlic, small insects, feral vampires, ponies who have an overblown ego, parties
Special Talent: Druidic magic
Description: dark evergreen coat; even darker mane; dark purple eyes; wears a pendant similar to his wife's; prefers Victorian style suits
Job: Patriarch
Home: the ancestral home deep within the Everfree; has a glamour on it to make it appear rundown
Bio: Proud, stern, and emotionally distant, Deadwood has little time or patience for the carefree attitudes of Equestrian ponies. Spending a majority of his time studying the anatomies of the different magical creatures found throughout the world, he spends little time with his family. When he does, his interactions with them feel like those of a stranger saying hello.
   A powerful magician, he uses his magic to confuse travelers that wander into his wood. Though he usually lets them free, on occasion he'll capture them for an experiment, promptly draining them of their blood once he's finished.

Sandy Shores & Dusty Dunes

Species: Vampires
Gender: Female(SS) & male(DD)
Age: ~165
Likes: Dancing, playing the lute, singing, performing at inns and bazaars
Dislikes: The clan dynamic, sunlight, staying in one place for too long
Special Talent: (SS) Voice of the siren; (DD) creating sand storms
Description: light brown coat; dark brown diamond on the forehead and around the muzzle; dark brown mane with pale green highlights; dark purple eyes; bat'like wings (DD)
Job: Performers
Home: The open road
Bio: The twin children of Ashen Grove, Sandy and Dusty have been partners in crime since they were foals. Tired of the pressure put on them by their father and grandmother, they left home at an early age to pursue their real passion. Preferring to travel at night, they use their talents to lure ponies to their campsite. Once lured, the pair will lull the hapless ponies into a trance, making it easy for them to feed.
   While there is no love lost between them and their grandparents, they enjoy the company of their cousins, who they make a habit of visiting on a regular basis. In particular, they enjoy traveling to Equestria to visit their elder cousin Nightstalker if only because the ponies there are easy to prey upon.

Magenta Vineyard

Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: ~230
Likes: Wine, painting, writing, carpentry
Dislikes: Lazy workers, unusual weather patterns, plant viruses, rodents
Special Talent: Silver tongue
Description: Magenta coat; dark magenta mane with pale lavender highlights; lime green eyes; wears a brown beret with matching vest and white undershirt
Job: owns a vineyard/winery
Home: Lives on a small vineyard in the Equestrian equivalent of Sicily
Bio: Eldest of all the grandchildren, Magenta has a cheerful personality uncharacteristic of her other family members. Taking a trip once with her father, she became fascinated with the wine making process. Convincing the owner of a local winery to teach her the process, she remained behind as an apprentice for several years. Once she mastered the craft, she brought the family she'd stayed with under her control, had them leave everything to her, then sent them to her grandfather, who was more than happy to use them.
   Established as an unseen member of the community, she and her "descendants" are praised for their generosity and kindness for those that work for them. Of course those that know what she really is are aware that it's all an elaborate façade for a steady supply of food.

Rusty Spade

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ~80
Likes: Geocaching, operating his ham radio, scavenging junkyards, tinkering with old electronics
Dislikes: idle hooves, the smell of old libraries, modern art
Special Talent: Druidic chant
Description: Oxidized iron coat; darker mane with pale lavender highlights; sky blue eyes; wears a dark brown saddle bag that's filled with tools and spare parts
Job: n/a
Home: Lives with his father, Misty Moors
Bio: Middle child of the middle child, Rusty developed a love of technology when he found his ham radio in the local junkyard. Buying a book on the operation and history of radios, he repaired it and began using it to talk with ponies from across the country. Not satisfied with just that, he continues to build new gadgets and gizmos, and hopes to one day study robotics at the Equestrian University.
   Despite this however, he maintains a love and appreciation of nature, and will actively thwart new construction projects by causing trees and bushes to grow overnight at various lots. If the workers continue to persist, he drains the blood from a majority of them and disposes of the bodies in giant Venus fly traps he grows along with the trees. He firmly believes that one day he will discover a way to seamlessly blend technology and nature.

Twinkling Dusk

Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Likes: Grave rubbings, experimenting with her magic, scaring unwitting ponies, reading old magic tomes
Dislikes: the smell of formaldehyde, holy idols, exorcists, prying eyes
Special Talent: Necromancy
Description: Nightshade purple coat; dark magenta mane; blue headband; sky blue eyes; wears a saddle bag filled with herbs, a diary, and a medical suturing kit
Job: n/a
Home: Lives with her father, Misty Moors
Bio: Curious, intelligent, and inspired by classics such as Frankenstein, Dusk is terrifying, even by Vampire standards. Often found lurking in graveyards, particularly near fresh graves, she is always on the lookout for new parts that she can salvage for her experiments. Surprisingly adept at medical suturing, ancient embalming techniques, and an expert in pony anatomy, her creations tend not to last more than a few ours, though each successive creature lasts longer than the last.
   She makes use of her young appearance to get the drop on her chosen prey; if she thinks they are in reasonable enough condition, she'll take the body and use it as part of her current/next experiment. Recently, she's been asking her father to allow her to move in with her elder cousin Nightstalker. Her reason being that the proximity to so many ponies will make it easier for her to gather ingredients without drawing too much attention.

Galactic Void (aka The Founder)

Species: Ancient Elder Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Special Talent: Unknown
Description: Dark navy blue coat; darker mane; lime green eyes; bat-like wings
Job: Unknown
Home: Unknown
Bio: A figure from the ancient past, none remain who knew him, and few remain who know of him. Named the Founder by some clans, it's said that he is the origin of all vampiric bloodlines, though only one lays claim to being a direct descent of his one and only progeny. As much as he is revered by the clans, none of them know what became of him. Whether he still lives in a secluded corner of the world, or whether he was eventually slain by some vampire hunter, none can say for sure. One theory does persist however, that at the height of his power he found a way transform into pure ethereal energy, and merged with the living darkness that creeps throughout the world.

Candy Clouds

Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: Deceased
Likes: The smell of baked cookies, knitting, sunny days
Dislikes: Beetles, winter nights, the price of sugar
Special Talent: making sugar confections
Description: Light brown coat; cotton candy pink mane with lighter highlights; crimson eyes
Job: Worked at a candy shop
Home: A village on the edge of the Everfree that's long since disappeared
Bio: A kindly mare, she was well liked by her village for her generosity. While she didn't approve of her daughter's lover, she nonetheless loved her granddaughter and looked after her with her husband after their daughter died. She'd soon come to regret this decision as not more than two days later, she was found dead in her candy shop, her granddaughter missing.


Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Likes: The Ocean, flying, roasted carrots, rainclouds
Dislikes: Silent Shade, vampires, cloudy nights, the sound of metal scraping on metal
Special Talent: Weather manipulation
Description: Grey-blue coat; darker mane with orange streak; orange eyes
Job: Weather pony
Home: A village on the edge of the Everfree that's long since disappeared
Bio: An excellent flyer, Waterspout dearly loved his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. He'd always been suspicious of Silent Shade, and when he discovered his wife dead and grandchild missing, he vowed a cold revenge upon the stallion. Learning all he could about vampires, he became one of the deadliest vampire hunters the world had ever seen. The only thing that stopped him was an encounter with his granddaughter several decades after she'd gone missing. Blinded by his joy, it didn't even register that she had hardly changed since that day. She was the last thing he ever saw.

Glacial Stream

Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: Deceased
Likes: Alchemy, winter mornings, puzzles, snowberries
Dislikes: Warm climates, tomatoes, nosy ponies, her spring allergies
Special Talent: Alchemy
Description: Ice blue coat; darker mane with paler highlights; crimson eyes
Job: Healer
Home: A village on the edge of the Everfree that's long since disappeared
Bio: Somewhat of an odd mare, she spent just as much time brewing poisons as she did curatives. Odder still was when she started dating the mysterious stallion who showed up in town one day. When she had her child, she took great care in allowing very few ponies to interact with her, and spent an inordinate amount of time taking her into the Everfree. When she became sick, she shut herself up in her cottage with her daughter, dying a week later.

Cherry-blossom (Ouka「桜花」)

Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: ~433
Likes: Poetry, spring, mountain springs, calligraphy, ink painting
Dislikes: Insects, bad writing, scratchy clothing, overly sweet sweets
Special Talent: The art of living drawings
Description: Pale pink coat; vibrant pink mane and tail with white-pink streaks; bright orange eyes; likes to wear kimonos and has one for every occassion
Job: Artist
Home: Lives with Silent Shade
Bio: Born and raised in the far east, Cherry-blossom charms all with her graceful actions and soft-spoken words. Her kind demeanor however belies a cunning and manipulative personality. Always one to take advantage of a situation, piece of gossip, or emotional weakness, she takes joy in weaving webs and watching the light drain from the eyes of those she ensnares. Despite this, she genuinely cares for her son and husband and is willing to do anything to see them succeed.
Original Characters / Silent Shade
2018 Aug 16, 01:27:32
Silent Shade

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ~687
Likes: his daughter, getting lost in a good book, delving through archaeological sites, spending long hours analyzing scripts in dead languages
Dislikes: strong smells such as perfumes/colognes, arrogant ponies, spiders
Special Talent: melding with shadows
Description: Dark plum coat; even darker plum mane and beard; emerald green eyes; bat-like wings; wears a dark grey vest over a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows
Job: is a curator of antiquities at a museum in Cloudsdale
Home: owns a sizable house in Cloudsdale
Personality: tends to be reserved; is kind and enjoys talking to ponies; can get excitable when talking about ancient cultures
Bio: Well read and sharp witted, Silent Shade has spent centuries learning about ponies and other cultures from around the world. The youngest of three brothers, he grew up having to deal with the mess they left behind as a result of their boisterous attitudes. While he doesn't resent them for the multiple headaches they've given him over the years, he does relish the peace of mind he has now that they live seperately.
      Thanks to his wide knowledge of cultures, gentleman-like manners, and his daughter's blood potions, he is able to seamlessly blend into pony society under the guise as a scholar. Because of his pure vampiric blood, he has a wide range of magical abilities, including: control over Timberwolves, hypnotic suggestion, ability to turn into mist, limited transformations, and the ability to merge with shadows. Contrary to popular belief, sunlight is not deadly to him or his brethren, though they do lose their powers during the day.
History: (wip)
Pumpkin, you just saved me an afternoon's worth of frustration, Thank you so much!
I don't know if this is considered a glitch, or it has something to do with the upcoming update, but whenever I log in, I don't get a list of servers. The only thing I see is:

Cutiemarks .. Done
Items .. Done
Abilities .. Done
Skills .. Done
Recipies .. Error!
Item Atlas .. Done
Skill Atlas .. Done

Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Jul 15, 02:27:58
I posted a thing about her some time ago, but considering I've made changes to her character, I felt that it was time I made a new post.


Species: Pegasus/vampire hybrid
Gender: Female
Age: ~215
Likes: Fruit, reading, pork, her job
Dislikes: Ponies who are complete and utter jerks, animatronics, and civilians trying to interfere with official business
Special Talent: using mirrored surfaces to travel between locations
Description: Dark navy blue coat; even darker navy blue mane with pale blue streaks; lime green and bright yellow eyes; is tall for a mare, being a little taller than the average stallion.
Job: Is a field agent for the guard, and sometimes runs messages between the different cities
Home: She has a small apartment in Cloudsdale that's modestly decorated with a modern, minimalist style.
Personality: reserved; nice enough to others; has a bit of a mischievous side
Bio: Born to a vampire father, Silent Shade, and Pegasus mother, Glacial Stream, near a long forgotten village, she spent the early years of her life learning alchemy from her mother. After her death, she moved in with her father who spent the next decades teaching her about his kind, even going so far as to travel the world with her visiting the various clans and bloodlines.
   A calm, collected, and perceptive mare, Nightstalker prefers to spend her time away from highly populated areas such as Canterlot. While she is able to subsist on normal food, she does have a taste for meat, something she satisfies privately. Thanks to her vampiric heritage, her senses and physical strength are augmented, making her well equipped to deal with the threats in the Heartlands. While she does not have the wide range of abilities her father has, she is able to use mirrored surfaces to travel between locations.
History: Before moving to Cloudsdale, she lived in the Everfree gathering and growing alchemical ingredients. As she honed her craft, she discovered a recipie that satisfied the hunger needs for vampires, though it didn't give them the power boost that blood did. With this new source of nourishment, she and her father were able to leave the forest and live amongst other ponies.
        Now living in society, both she and her father sought jobs. Whilst he became a curator of antiquities for a local museum, she sought to put her enhanced senses and strength to use by joining the royal guard. She volunteered for a post in the Heartlands, a position which most new recruits stayed away from, and has been dutifully patrolling the country roads ever since, making travel safe for all ponies and helping those that become lost.

That's an adorable drawing of you and Holiday.