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The Retirement Home / Goodbye everyone!
2013 May 25, 13:26:56

I know this is suppose to be in introductions but since I (was) a big part of LoE according to a lot of the public, it probably fits better here.

I will now say, my farewell. I won't post the document here, since it will be removed. People that wish to speak with me, know where I am. Others probably can get a hold of me some other way.

EDIT: Grammatic errors. I hope you all like the mascot that will handle the PR from now on btw.

GOOdbye everyone!
Go with peace and pLEasure!
As far as I know it's planned to have such events. But it's nothing we focus on. We need after all to make the game first.
That's the final answer I can give at the moment.
Quote from: Lord of Madness on 2013 Apr 17, 01:14:31

I feel it appropriate I make this thread.

my brain didn't get fooled... *sad*
Off-Topic Archive / Re: OH SNAP, VIRUSES.
2013 Apr 18, 03:53:09
Kaspersky is a wonderful AV
Often heavyload on the server the website is on. This is a problem with the host and not LoE.
The Retirement Home / Re: Loe requirements?
2013 Apr 11, 13:22:49
Quote from: TheCatArtist on 2013 Apr 11, 13:03:35
Whats the Loe requirements? Im just wondering if a intel pentium 2.80 ghz intel hd 4000, Will handle this awesome game  ^-^

At the moment we cannot tell, since we don't just know yet.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: OH SNAP, VIRUSES.
2013 Apr 06, 18:21:31
I myself use a couple of stuff to protect me.

Microsoft Security Essentials (Surprisingly good and light!)
My brain!
and Spybot Search & Destroy (I love the possibility to blacklist known viruses etc. before they even enter my system :D)

Sorry but Google Sketchup won't be able to deliver the 3d models we need for this project.  :c
Since this feature is already implemented into the forum and a realtime plugin would drain resources. It's highly unlikely we will install one.
I fixed one of my old harddrives with superglue. It still worked when I removed my old Xbox
Resolved Issues / Re: Legends Of Moostria?
2013 Apr 01, 11:49:48
Quote from: Kit on 2013 Apr 01, 10:39:38
Moose moose moose moose moose.  Moose moose moose moose moose.


Hey now! No need for such a language!  O:
Quote from: Itty Bit on 2013 Mar 14, 01:28:34
being socially awesome.

I'm both socially awesome and just awesome in general!
Off-Topic Archive / Re: MLP themed pics
2013 Feb 21, 20:14:55
Quote from: Little Judas on 2013 Feb 12, 15:32:31
If you just need a picture of the show, I suggest MLP wikia.
If you need captioned pictures, I can't help you better than google images in combo with let's say memegenerator, printscreen and MSpaint.

ShareX or ShareX mod
Quote from: Book Smarts on 2013 Feb 20, 11:54:27
You guys put my tiny oc profile to shame, the 2d art is amazing by the way, looking at the style, I'm guessing sugarcup made them

You're correct! That is Sugarcup  ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Not SweBow's Bacon
2013 Feb 12, 20:01:02
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Not SweBow's Bacon
2013 Feb 12, 08:50:20
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Not SweBow's Bacon
2013 Feb 12, 02:51:46
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Not SweBow's Bacon
2013 Jan 12, 11:36:50
Quote from: Julius on 2013 Jan 12, 11:33:45
Quote from: Nala Valor on 2013 Jan 12, 10:58:15
Swebow's not a troll!

*go feed him with bucket full of bacon*

Are we talking about the same SweBow here? 'Cause he's definitely a troll. lol

Fine! I shall go an shave... geez!  lol
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Not SweBow's Bacon
2013 Jan 12, 00:38:22
I was sitting and ram hacking it for fun  lol