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Music Archive / tis poem is full of moosic~
2015 Apr 23, 06:03:15
tis poem is written by me~
comment down there and tell me wat u think~ :3c

I want to play a Canon for you, because your heart is flowing the sad Chaconne.
I want to sing the calming Lullaby for you, because your heart is reverberating the Elegy.
I want to dance the Blue Danube Waltz for you, because you are lingering to the sad Tango.
I want to conduct the Fate Symphony for you, because your heart is hesitate the Gloomy Sunday.

The Morning is arrived, wish your heart always bright like the Rising Sun.
The Night is falling, wish you have a beautiful Dreams Of Love.
The River is flowing, don't miss the swimming little Trout in front of you.
The Raindrop is falling, don't let the little puppy slipping through the floor.

hav fun~ :3
soo i juz explore around the legend of equestria discussion~
and i found that theres many pone holding som event in tis game~ (include me~)
soo i think we should hav a new category named "legend of equestria event"~
or maybe can make a childboard under the legend of equestria discussion~
juz for some player who want to make an event in tis game~
and easier for some player who want to find some event to participate in tis game~
tats it~ :3
sompony still dunno how to make a new topic~
well i'll make a topic about it :3~

First~ click into the category u want 2 make a new topic~
u will see a  new topic up there~ juz click on it~

After click it u will c tis page~
type the title and yur text~

remember to preview first b4 u post it~
after checking, congratulations now yur topic is posted~

if ya make som mistake in yur topic, juz press modify on top of yur post~
Spoiler: How to modify yur post~ • show

well remember u cant delete yur topic,
wat u can do is lock yur topic~
Spoiler: How to lock yur topic~ • show

[glow=red,2,300]~bonus part~[/glow]


Spoiler: Font~ • show

Paragraph & Font Style~

Outgoing Link~

Special Effect~


Spoiler: complete collection of emote~ • show



(tis tutorial is still updating~)
how tis game work~

pony 1: why the sky is blue?
pony 2: because its not green.can i go to equestria?
pony 3:yes when you are dreaming...

and so on~ :3

lets start tis game~
why rainbow dash can do a sonic rainboom?

tis game is upload by The Wandering Magus b4~

how tis game work~

Pony 1: the pony below me is a pegasus

Pony 2: false, I'm a unicorn.  The pony below me has a red mane.

Pony 3: true.  The pony below me...

and so on~ :3

soo let start tis game~
the pony below me have black color body~
tis thread game is upload by Kamikaze b4~
tats easy~
4 example~
theres a printer on my leftside~
wait my talent is printing :0

soo~ let get started~ :3

tis thread game is upload by Equestrian b4~

how tis game work~

1. Does not exist
2. Is a parasprite
3. Eats ham

lets get started~ :3
somtimes your account will automatically logout~
but nopony know how to always stay login~
well i'll make a topic about it :3~~

First~tis is tha mainpage of tis forum~
tats also wat ya c when yur account has been automatically logout~ (yure turn into a guest :P)
well dun type yur username and password first~
click the login on top of tha blank~~

After click it u will c tis page~
fill yur username and password in the blank~
you can see Always Stay Logged in under tha blank~
juz tick the box~

and then click login, congratulations now yure in tha forum forever~ :3
(unless yure being banned :P)

Well check out my another tutorial~~
How to upload profile pic (with example)
How to send PM (Personal/Private Message) to other user (with example) <----- update version~ :3

[Post modified by request of Kevin]

Hello, and welcome to the tutorial of how to send a Personal message.  Within this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to send a personal message and how to read personal messages.  Let's begin with the basics, shall we?

Firstly, there are two methods of sending a personal message.  There is the selection within the user's profile:

Or via a post made by such user:

Once you click on one of those two means, you will be presented with this screen:

This is where you type your message.  You can replace (No Subject) with any subject you wish for the receiver to see, and in the big open box is where you type; just like if you were making a post.  Clicking the emoticons above the box will place such emote within your text for you.

Once you are done with your message, click the "Send Message" button.

And you're done!  You have sent your message.  Now, if you were to receive a message, you'll notice that in your navigation bar, next to "Messages" you'll see a "[1]".  Click on messages, or hover over it and click "Read Messages".  You'll then be presented with all your messages in your inbox.

To reply to such message, either hit Quote to quote what they wrote or Reply to reply with a blank template.  To delete the PM, press the Delete button. 

Congratulations, you've made it through the tutorial of how to use the Personal Messaging system.  To view other tutorials by Kevin, select one of the two links below.

How to upload profile pic (with example)

How to always stay login (with example)
well since sooo many ponee ask this question~
i'll make a topic about it lol~
emm not sure if anypony make this topic before XP
soo, let get started~

First~heres your screen after login/sign up(for newbie), well you can see "Profile" on the menu bar,
juz move your mouse to the "profile" button~ (dun click on it !!) and you can see 3 selection under the "profile"~
well~ choose the "Forum Profile"~

Congratulations~ you done the first step~ *give medal*
well heres the next ~

After click into the forum profile, you'll see "Personalised Picture" ~ theres also hav 3 selections~
well, choose "Specify avatar by URL"~

You done the second steps~ you are soo clever~ *give another medal*
but it still haven't end yet~

Now, its time to choose your profile pic~
(remember, you cant upload computer file silly :P)
if you find your profile pic, right click on it and select "Copy image URL"~

Wow you're a fast learner~ *give another medal again*
Finally~ heres the last steps~

Lastly, paste the URL in the small box named "Specify your own avatar by URL"
(remember to save it!! juz click "Change Profile" under the webpage)

remind tat tis link -----> <----- actually doesn't exist~

Congratulations~ you're graduated successfully~
Well heres the last reminder~
some picture link will not work like Facebookand Instagram,
well i juz found DeviantArt and imgur work on this website~
if you wanna upload your picture from your computer, juz upload it here -->
and remember, is copy the picture URL not the website URL~
if still have any question~ feel free to reply down here~

*additional info:
if u found tat yur picture link doesn't work,
juz download it and reupload to
works everytime~ :3

Spoiler: sompone make tis... • show

Well check out my another tutorial~~
How to send PM (Personal/Private Message) to other user (with example) <----- update version~ :3

How to always stay login (with example)
Hello!! I'm Kelvin~~ :P
I came from Malaysia
Hope I can get new friend from here~~  :D