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Episode 14  - 16 just got an early release in China, so there will be spoilers.
Let's talk about the upcoming MLP movie that will be out in 2017.
Another round of EWW.

MLP: FiM SD Archive / Title drops
2014 Nov 11, 04:14:42
Remember back in S1 when the ponies did the title drops?


So it seems like Canterlot Gardens won't make it. Let's see how many here went to Canterlot Gardens back in 2012.
Animations Archive / BABSCon
2014 Sep 28, 16:46:27

Let's look back at this years BABSCon.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / The opening
2014 Sep 28, 15:28:55

Do you skip the intro? Or do you like the Japanese and Italian openings more?

Let's go back in time and start 10.10.2010.

First FiM Episode ever got released.

Over A Barrel caused a commision, Derpy's first days, the Gala build up and on.

So, here we go.
Let's see at the Equestrian technology.

The horse drawn trains are no more.

EKG has been seen in some episodes.

Introductions Archive / Hey
2014 May 13, 04:59:24

I'm a 40 year Danish Brony.

I have been around FiM since autumn 2011.