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Welcome to Canterlot! This high class society is a place for anypony to raise the prestige ladder. From the expensive Restaurants to the gorgeous Art Galleries, Canterlot is full of life and excitement! The weather is nice and the town is full of friendly faces. Why not take a look around town and see what this place has to offer?

Basically a Life In Canterlot RP. All the basic RP rules apply, but most importantly have fun! :D

-also, please no Marysue alicorns please.


Cloudy raindrops
Age: 20
Personality: a quiet mare who is very accepting and kind. She tries her best to fit everyone's opinions, and always wonders what everyone thinks of her. She loves to draw and paint, yet she puts her hobbies aside for others. She is very selfless, but she will easily back out from a fight. She tries not to depend on others, yet she hates being alone. She cries when sad, or mad.

Visual description: a short mare with a white coat, who is always wearing a paintbrush necklace. She has a season 1 Luna like mane-cut. Her mane is pastel blue with black and rainbow streaks in it.

Fears: Being alone, porcelain dolls.