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Oculus sagitta cor

"...and the arrow pierced the heart leaving nothing but the body and taking the soul..."

Who we are

We are "The Arrow". We are silent, we are calm, we are lethal. "Aim for the heart of the beast, for that is where the soul resides."

Hi, I'm Astral, the leader of the group know as "Sagittarius". Due to a long period of dormancy, I decided to step up our recruitment thread and make it more appealing the new-comers. We have not changed our attitude and goals of the herd - to create a fun environment for all ponies and enjoy this game to the extent. We are committed to LoE, being the huge MMO and pony fans that we are. The current members of "Sagittarius" are a small group of IRL friends of mine but we are always accepting new people. Anyone can join, I will not turn you down no matter age, gender or anything else, but you will need to be mature, abide by the rules and have a sense of humor!

Due to the current state of information given to us about herds, I will not be giving out ranks, positions, etc. until more information has been released. You are non-the-less able to join and if you want to join, please speak up! We will have a whole new world of "Sagittarius" outside these forums that you can possibly join!

What are the goal of this herd?

To create a friendly environment for all people to be apart of and not join. We want all members to feel like they contribute to the overall well-being of the herd.

What inside the game with "Sagittarius" do?

All content that is available. It doesn't matter if you would rather PvP over PvE, PvE over PvP or even just chat with other herd-mates. We will have herd-only events like lotteries and do group content.

What outside the game will "Sagittarius" do?

As the herd-master, I want to get to know all players enough to not only play LoE, but other games as well. Instead of having friends in-game, I want friends all around who I can trust and have fun with. We will do other outside LoE stuff but it is too hard to say what that would be for now.

How can I join?

Simple! Message me or just leave a reply here. I will get back to you ASAP!

What separates "Sagittarius" from other herds?
I don't know because I haven't really been paying attention to other herds.  X3 But, what I can tell you is that you will not be disappointed if you decide to become a part of "Sagittarius"!

P.S. Don't bother translations with Google Translate because it will be  wrong. Here are correct translations:

"Sagittarius" - "The Arrow"
"Oculus sagitta cor" - "The eye, the arrow, the heart"

Stay sharp my friends.