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Off-Topic Archive / Windows 10
2015 Feb 01, 13:19:03
So I decided to make a general topic about Windows 10 just in case anyone else is testing it, or is interested in finding more about it from others who also have the OS in it's Beta State. If anyone else is interested in supplying information that would be great as well.

My current testing devices are my Laptop and my Desktop both have the latest version of Windows 10 64 bit.
Desktop Specs :

GPU : ATI Radeon HD 6870

Laptop Specs :

Chip : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

It runs really well on my laptop which had issues with lagging in Windows 7 because its processor isn't that good despite it being a Quad Core. Heck this even ran games better than it used to as well. Not perfect but still better.

So far I've only had 2 crashes on my Desktop all caused by my ATI card. They were light and nothing that turning the PC off and on wouldn't fix though. I'll eventually edit game test results into this post. I assume AMD or Microsoft will eventually release a patch that fixes the random crash with this card. I can say so far DirectX12 is pretty dang good.
Area Zero : Rockman Zero series.

I really have forgot how great these games are since I haven't played them in years. Area Zero always puts me in a good mood it's just really well placed. A scarred barren wasteland at first in the intro then suddenly a lush newborn forest growing out of a space colony that fell to earth with seeds plants and an environmental system giving hope to the player as they progress through the game world and even more motivation to defeat the villain so the refugees can live safely. The reason this is well placed is the entire world has become barren and empty from events passed leaving little survival chance for any creatures or humans. There's actually a deep connected story throughout the Megaman series that most people don't see unless they read the complete works books/manga given that every game is connected through the same ongoing story even all the way back to the classic series. The music track only makes the player want to continue on even more so given Area Zero is their only chance of freedom and the villain will do whatever it takes to destroy it and keep a hold over them. Honestly I'd love a remake of these games.

But anyways what are some of your favorite areas from various games? I'll probably post more once I find them I'll have to look at a lot of my old games to remember.
Well I may as well ask here. I wanted to keep this project a secret longer. But we could use a bit of help with stuff.

This is a fangame project that aims to mix Doctor Who and MLP lore together. It's a more serious project than the parody project I was working on before. Anyways we could use a little help with this project I'll list what we're currently lacking after I give more details on the project itself. A gameplay video can say a lot about how the game will run so I'll post two of the latest videos I uploaded. We also have storyline elements planned already. Please take note this is barely a Pre-Alpha so a lot of stuff will change and be worked on.

Videos :
Non-Battle gameplay.

Octavia's Third Boss test. (WIP)
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

What we could currently use help with. :

Sprite Artists : We are currently using MLPO sprites which MLPO themselves have released for public use last I checked. Because of this however we are limited animation wise so we could use some help if any sprite artists can sprite in the same art style. In the least if we could get Doctor Whooves a cutie mark it'd help. But also we lack mobs currently without an artist. Such as various enemies to fight etc.

Sound effects designers. : Currently I'm using default sounds and sounds. Having only these to use limits us a bit as well though sound won't stop gameplay elements from being added it will take away from the experience if we don't find some good sound designers.

Music : I can't say much about this so far all of our music is music other fans have made. I'm still in the process of contacting the authors for permission to use their audio. Which no demo release will occur unless we have permission from the authors if they don't want us using the music that's fine. We can always find some more and ask other authors.  ^-^ Anyways if any composers wanted to help with the project that'd be cool as well.

Texture Artists : If anyone wanted to help with this that'd be cool. Currently we're using Paper Mario 2 Textures
which is fine since it's a fangame and the style seems to fit well. But if anyone wanted to be a texture artist we would not turn them down as it'd be a big help.

Voice Actors : This is something we really need. I know LoE has tons of talented fan voice actors from browsing the sound section of the forum. I've already asked Keikoandgilly to voice The Doctor. He said he'd be willing to voice The Doctor but if anything comes up I may have to ask someone else though I'd prefer not to.

I've asked another fan VA to voice Derpy but she hasn't responded yet so I'm not sure if she will or not yet.

Anyways it would really help to have other fans voice the NPC's and such if anyone wants to try out just send me a PM or post it in this topic. Currently I want to ask Epic Wub Time VA's to voice Vinyl and Octavia but if they're too busy then other fans could voice those two if they wanted.

Storyline plans :
Currently the game is planned to have 7 chapters. All which will be like Doctor Who Episodes in that each chapter is a new adventure but still pertains to the overall story of the game. If we can we will add multi choice dialogue and even quests that affect the story if you complete them or ignore them. With this new dialogue system we have, it can easily be added it's just a matter of getting story scripts written. We will also be converting Doctor Who lore into a pony style. Such as Weeping Pegasi and Cyberponies. Like the Cybermen of Doctor Who.

Planned features and their status. :
Online co-op. P1 as The Doctor. P2 as Derpy. (Working but unstable and will not be released in game until much later due to that.)

A 7 chapter story. (So far it's coming along ok.)

Basic Gameplay. (Pretty much ready.)

Battle System Gameplay. (A very big WIP.)

A functional dialogue box. (Currently our dialogue box is a bit. Temperamental but it gets the job done we just have to fix its spacing issues.)

We have more stuff planned but I'm listing these for now. As we need to finish the current features before adding too many.

PS : We could really use a new HUD that one is kinda bad considering I can't even draw RPG boxes without them looking off.  X3

Also please forgive the many grammar mistakes this post contains.  ovO It's 4:58 AM my time and my grammar fades even more after midnight and I've had 3-4 glasses of Cherry Doctor Pepper.

But yeah if anyone wants to help you'd be added to the credits of the project we have a lot planned but not all of it is in this post.  If you need any details you can ask in the thread. I wanted to ask here since it's the main pony community I visit.

Currently on steam Gmod is only $2.50. The game boasts tons of gametypes and a playable ponies mod if you know how to use it. I'm gonna try and get it tonight if I can. The game where you hide as props is really fun from what I've seen.

Lyra heartsring's character Lyra's the one who told me about the sale.

I thought I'd post it here so other people would know about the sale, it'd be pretty fun to have people to play with in it.

Here's the pony mod.

The deal ends tomorrow at 5PM. PST
So far I've found his interesting theory on Youtube. I think it fits pretty well It's also interesting to think about.
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Video Games Archive / MMO's today.
2013 Aug 26, 19:38:23
I was watching this video on Youtube I think it's tame enough to post here but it's an interesting examination of MMO's today and what a some of their problems are.

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

A lot of it is true though 90% of the MMO's today are duplicates of each other. But the other 10% can often end up unique or have better game play than the other 90% combined.
Animations Archive / Button's Adventures.
2013 Aug 13, 16:42:50
So far I'm loving this fan animation. It's great.  :3

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

I can't wait for more episodes anyone else keeping a close eye on this series. I'm really wishing it was official.  ovO
For those having trouble running the game I'll try to assist you as much as I can with instructions, I can try helping somewhat with getting it running but first before asking for help in this topic you need to try this guide depending on the error.

Step 1 downloading :
The easiest way to currently download the game is with google chrome it works instantly on the download site, Firefox and Opera work but they're harder to download it with due to the way that the host handles files. Internet Explorer I have not tested yet. Firefox seems to not like asking for a consent so sometimes the download fails on it. Only the latest version of Opera works with that site as well.

Step 2 Extracting the game.
LoE is compressed using 7zip you must extract the game before you run it or it will not work at all.

Winrar and 7zip should both work fine for extraction.



Once you get either one drag and dropping  the LoE download to a folder with a right click should yield this menu.

The 7zip process is the same except you use the 7 zip menu tab that you can see in the screenshot.

Step 3 : Running the game for multiple versions of Windows.

Sometimes the game's login button will not work. That's because of Windows Vista and Windows 7 UAC Security. XP should work instantly. To fix this in Vista and Windows 7 right click LoE's exe and hit run as administrator that will avoid any UAC issues when the game tries to login. I can't help with Mac or Linux as my only Linux is a Debian server without a monitor connected via console to my PC and I don't have a mac.

Various error messages. :
Often you will recieve server side errors due the the sheer amount of people wanting to play right now, 508 is one of those errors. All you can do is keep trying to login at slow paces so the servers don't get even more overloaded. I haven't received enough error messages so just tell me if you receive more than 508 and I'll try and help sometimes I may be busy though so don't expect a instant response.  x3

Solutions to various problems.  (Windows/XP/Vista/7/8) :

#1 : If you ever need to reset LoE back to default settings press the Windows logo key + r at the same time, and type appdata then browse to LocalLow then LoE then Legends of Equestria and delete the settings data. Deleting the settings data will restore LoE's default settings, you will have to re-enter your password even if it's saved for the login button to work again.

#2 Broken login button. (Vista/7/8) (Listing this twice in case someone misses it.)
If the login button does not respond exit the game and make sure you right click LoE.exe and click run as administrator I assume this is due to LoE using the Windows appdata which is protected by the UAC in newer versions of Windows. This doe s not affect WinXP. If it still does not work exit the game and start it again with run as administrator like last time.

#3 (Pending)
I was just wondering if this is a permanent thing or a glitch. But all forum times are now running on a 24 hour clock. Instead of a 12 hour one. If so I think giving users an option to switch between it would be better. Because it's a bit inconvenient for some members to check post times when they're not used to it. Unless it's just a glitch.  ^-^
Video Games Archive / Don't Starve
2013 May 13, 15:01:42
Does anyone here have this game? It's pretty fun you get thrown in a wilderness much like Minecraft, and you have to survive by finding food etc. Also by building your tools and everything from scratch.

Seasons go by and everything you also get crazy wild monsters that have a chance of finding your camp at night. Plus much more to do and the worlds are huge as well with different more dangerous sections. It's not easy to heal yourself either so if you don't make medicine or food with good healing strength you won't survive long. The longest I've survived is 28 days.  ovO

I'm also streaming the game on my channel if anyone is bored and doesn't have much too do today.

I don't know how many fans have played this game yet but it's a new game in the pony platforming project series at dragon mango with a greatly improved engine. So far I loved playing it and they even released a level editor for it. I don't want to spoil much of the game in text. But if you guys have played it why not post the levels you made if you made any.

It's a short fun platform game with great music choice, and a level editor.
Off-Topic Archive / Skype trojan at large.
2013 Apr 07, 00:16:37
So today I got a message from someone on my contact list saying something about my skype profile pic. Turns out I fell for it since I recently did update my profile picture only a few hours ago.

I clicked the link and it asked me to download a zip file thankfully since I had winrar I could view the contents of the zip before extracting it. Turns out it's a random exe which I decided to send to my AV providers website so they could examine it. I don't know if the link itself was compromised or not. I'm hoping it isn't but I didn't expect that to happen the same day I actually changed my profile picture.

Anyways if you guys get a message on skype, talking about your profile picture with a link do not click it. This may be a new form of the trojan as my scanner couldn't detect it and a bunch of other scanners could not detect it either. I didn't run the exe myself so I'm hoping my PC is safe but just watch out if you use skype. The link doesn't appear to be compromised itself so they may be just hoping people are crazy enough to try and run a random exe themselves.

I know a lot of people on the forums use skype so watch out for any strange messages even if they are from friends, as this virus auto sends messages once it infects your PC.

It is now suggested that you change your skype password after making sure you do not have the virus, if you've clicked any links that were odd.

The format of the message was this.
"this is my favorite pic of you lol"
"insert link here."

These type of viruses also contain many other different messages all trying to get you to click a link don't do it.

Edit :
Removal information courtesy of Science Woona. (Not sure which one.  :I )

This is a 2012 video so I'm not sure how much it will help.
Video Games Archive / Dust An Elysian Tail.
2012 Dec 22, 12:08:23
So this game has been on XBLA for awhile now and I've played the demo, and based on the demo so far I love the game and can't wait to get it, has anyone else played it or plan to get it It's been awhile since I've seen a good platformer game released. At least I can't seem to find any lately...

[ Invalid YouTube link ]
(It should be okay to post this here it's rated E10+ it's mainly cartoonish. And despite what it says there's no blood in that trailer or language. I haven't seen any in the game yet either.)
So I was browsing youtube and randomly wanted to watch a Weird Al song, and I was wondering if anyone on the forums are fans of Weird Al my favorite has to be this video.
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
I actually downloaded a stepmania version of this song that's how much I liked it.  ovO
Off-Topic Archive / Funny Commercials.
2012 Nov 13, 22:23:43
There's a funny video thread but I thought one just for commercials only would be fun to do as well, the old spice commercials are pretty hilarious but I wanted to post a funny snickers commercial.  ovO (Remember nothing against the rules.)

Spoiler: show
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Probably my favorite snickers commercial.

(Do they still sell dark chocolate snickers I wonder, I love dark chocolate so snickers is probably good with it as well.)
Video Games Archive / Spyro the Dragon
2012 Nov 07, 13:33:00
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

I could have sworn a Spyro the dragon thread already existed at some point so has anyone else here played the series I mainly like the first 3 games. Spyro was actually the first game I ever played on PSX because whenever you bought a new PSX they gave you a free demo disc with multiple demos on it and the Spyro 1 demo was the first game I played on a PSX. I eventually got the game for Christmas but sucked at taking care of discs and it eventually broke. I did find my Spyro Ripto's rage disc though, which I might play later today if it's still in working condition.  ovO Although looking at the disc it isn't promising going to try and clean it.
I'm not really much of a Photographer but sometimes I get the urge to take a picture out of nowhere when I walk around outside. x3

Spoiler: Nature Photos • show
This one is actually next door from my house I live out in the country and you see old buildings like this out here sometimes I like to wonder who used to use them. I took the photo in summer on 2011.

This one is from my trip to Jack's fork river.

And finally Jack's fork river has a few mountains around it this is from one the highway went through, we stopped at the side of the road since there was a small area that was off the road.

I was wondering if anyone else here takes photos every now and then of areas they like.  ^-^

(I took these pictures with my Sprint phone I was surprised they actually turned out well when saved to the PC.)
Since I don't really have much to do on Halloween this year I thought I could try a game marathon for fun the goal is whatever game that gets the highest vote I play until the end of the game or until 2 AM (Extended) and try to provide commentary while playing it which will hopefully end up funny.  ovO

I can have 4 people on skype if anyone wants to join in and make the commentary funnier, if added please tell me who you are
and any commentary must abide by the forum rules.

Skype : Trege100 channel

The stream will probably start sometime tomorrow at 1PM Central Standard Time.

I would have picked scary games but none abide by the rules except Slender which would drive me kind of insane if I had to play it all day.
The first 3D game I ever played was the Spyro 1 demo, I eventually got the full game for Christmas but since I was a kid I sucked at taking care of the game and eventually the game stopped working.

The 2nd one was the Medievil 1 demo and the MGS Demo was the 3rd 3D game I played it was all part of a demo disc they gave my dad when he bought a PS1 for the first time. I also played Croc at one point as a kid pretty sure that disc broke too as I was still  too young to take care of discs properly.  X3

(Man there's a lot of old games I want to buy again now.)

So what are some of the first 3D games you guy's have played?
Video Games Archive / Monster Hunter Tri.
2012 Oct 15, 04:51:20
Anyone here play Monster Hunter Tri? I lost my disc but my cousin let me borrow his. Anyways I have a lot of fun with these games when I get bored. Although Tri is pretty tedious when they start sending you after the cover monster.  :c

I think the most annoying monster I've ever had to fight was the Royal ludroth that dang thing stalled me for so long in the game quests. I bet I'll have to fight it again though and with my luck it will probably be teamed up with that spiky fish monster that I can't remember the name of.

The multiplayer in Tri is pretty fun as well although I've only played online a few times.
This is a project I worked on quite a while ago, and I may attempt continuing the project. It's a MGS parody platform game with ponies. The goal used to be sneak into Canterlot Castle but the new goal may be to rescue Rarity from the diamond dogs.
I made a fangame youtube account called FangameCentral for the project videos.

The recording glitched for a little bit in the video.

Credit for sprites goes to the nice fans who made desktop ponies.

I'm not sure if I'll finish this game as I have a history of working on Game Maker projects but not finishing them due to various reasons that pop up sometimes. It's meant to be short though so there's a higher chance this one will be actually finished.

If anyone wanted to help it would be cool if someone could help make sprites for it. I'm currently using desktop pony sprites and they are pretty limited on what I can do with them. In fact all I can basically do is script the game using GML I'm not an artist or a musician.

(This is something I'll be working on for fun when I have the free time.)
Video Games Archive / The Ouya
2012 Oct 09, 17:55:58
Has anyone seen this my friend linked me too it, it looks pretty awesome and I love the price tag.

The fact that they want you to openly mod it is also awesome. o_o

It's something I'll probably try and buy eventually when it's released and I get the money for it.
I love almost every Kirby game that has been made, they are always simple carefree and fun to randomly play. So I was wondering if anyone on the forums has played any of the Kirby games as well.

The ones I've played are.
Kirby's dreamland 1-3
Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra.
Kirby Squeak Squad
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
Kirby return to dreamland.

Super Star and Return to dreamland are my current favorite games in the series.   ^-^

This is probably one of my favorite boss battle themes in the entire series.
As a result of boredom I decided to open a random topic. ovO  What are some of the funny/embarrassing things that happened to you?

I have one that I forgot about for awhile, I was home schooled pretty much my entire life except kindergarten in kindergarten I was in a private school but after kindergarten we couldn't afford it anymore so I was switched to home schooling. Anyways at the end of the kindergarten school year everyone in the class had to take part in a school play.

I can't remember all of the details of the play but I can remember the characters we had to be, the main character was a hen and the rest of the class had to play baby chicks my role was one of the baby chicks. The school was pretty big so I had to stand on stage with the rest of the class in front of a huge audience. I was actually too scared to even stand in front so I tried to hide behind my other class members when I had the chance. Needless to say that was not fun.  X3
If anyone is interested I'm going to be live streaming various pony fangames today, I can even do some requests if people want as long as the game abides by the forum rules.

My current list is. :
1 Pony Platforming Project 1-3 (Finished)
2 Daring Do fangame (Glitched out)
3 Cutie Mark Crusade demo : A Dash of Adventure (Finished.)
4 Canterlot Siege. (Done)
5 Derpy's Story. (Finished)
6 Canterlot Defender. (Done)
7 null
8 null
9 null

Not sure if I'll use my mic for the first games but I will be in the chat. I'll probably use my mic for the Cutie Mark Crusader game though.
Video Games Archive / Cave Story.
2012 Sep 15, 00:33:51
I'm sure almost everyone has heard of this game but has anyone from LoE played it, I loved the game and the music in all versions of the game.

It's kind of epic how one dude made the the entire game from scratch and now it spawned many ports and remakes from others.

The game itself is pretty short but it's still one of my favorite games to this date, with likable characters and everything.

The pc version is freeware and it's available here for people who haven't seen it yet.
Has anyone seen or played the Cutie Mark Crusade demo? I ended up giving it a try and had a lot of fun it's a Cutie Mark Crusaders fangame designed in the style of point and click adventure puzzle games. It's only a concept demo but it's fun if your a fan of the genre.

Gameplay footage.

The demo can be downloaded here from the creators website.

I can't wait until a new demo is released, definitely a game I want to play.
Video Games Archive / Slenderman's Shadow
2012 Sep 10, 06:02:20
Apparently some fans of the Slender indie game made some new game that plays pretty much the same but with more maps.

Some of the new maps:
Elementary School.

I dunno if anyone here has played or seen these new maps I took a small look at them.

I'll probably stream the Mansion later today at 5PM CST or so, if anyones interested in watching a first play of it, I also don't know what to expect from the new Slender AI so I'm bound to be freaked out one way or another my channel is in my signature. (If anybody watches I suggest using a browser with adblock+ so ustream doesn't interrupt the video.)

If anyone has played the new game what did you think of the new maps on the scare level? I've only seen a few seconds of each new map and I'm already expecting it to be worse than the forest on the scare factor.   ovO

(I'll have my MIC during the stream so people can hear my reactions, and maybe try doing some beginner commentary.)
This is probably my favorite boss in the kirby games and judging by the way it plays out it seems to be a joke boss the developers wanted to make.


(Warning does contain spoilers if you haven't played the game.)

Assuming the link worked correctly it should be on the boss fight itself, it seems like the developers had fun making that boss from the dialog alone especially the points earned at the end of the fight.

Anyways what are some of your favorite developer jokes in games?
(I think my other topic's first post is getting too full for another OC.)

(Image made with deviant art pony creator.)

Name : True Light (Thanks Gracie Sky.)

Gender : Female

Age : Young Mare (20 in MLP years.)

Species : Pegasus

Fur color : Green tinted gray

Mane color : Aqua and blue

Eye Color : Silver

Height : Average Mare height

Weight : Normal

Cutie Mark : Blank Flank

Occupation : None.

Special Talent : Undiscovered

Biography : Born with bad eyes she can only see 5% of a normal Ponies vision and she cannot see any color at all. This condition has made it much harder for her to discover a talent because she doesn't have as many opportunities as other Ponies and even harder to find an occupation in life, despite this she has learned to navigate the world through her other senses such as sound smell and physical contact. Because of her eye condition her other senses are much stronger allowing her to avoid trees while flying through the air because of the smell they give off and other creatures from the noises they make.

Eye Sight :

Personality : WIP

(I still have a lot of work to do on with this OC, but I think I'm slowly figuring out some things for her, more will be added over time to her bio and personality.)
I was bored sitting around and got a text message from a friend which kind of made me want to make a random topic like this anyways if you have a phone what ring tone do you use? I have two ring tones my phone uses one for people on my contact list and one for unknown numbers.

Contact list ring tone :

Unknown number ringtone :
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

My phone is capable of using full songs as ringtones, which is fun to mess with.  ovO

(I'm not sure if this belongs in music or off topic, I guess it could kind of fit in either area.)
I was wondering if people who like the Pokemon games may want to co-op or battle over wifi with others sometime, the battle tower is pretty fun on co-op and wifi battles are also fun with friends, it could also just be a topic for people to post friend codes if they do play wifi or anything on the Pokemon games.

I currently have.
Soul Silver. Friend Code : 3654-4651-9256
Pokemon Pearl. (My data was deleted so I don't have an FC anymore for this game.)
Pokemon Battle Revolution. (I can't remember my battle revolution FC I need to check it later.)
I dunno if anyone here is interested in this type of thing or not but I used to do some live streams on the last forum I went to and thought I may as well see if anyone does them here or likes watching them I'm gonna be streaming Zelda Majora's Mask tomorrow if anyone is interested at 3PM CST, I'll also have my mic to provide commentary but I've never vocally provided commentary before so it may be a quiet stream I have skype if anyone is interested in livestreams and wants to join in though. Skype name : Trege100

Majora's Mask Starting at 3PM CST 8/10/2012

(I doubt I'll be able to beat Majora's Mask in a day but I can try.  :D )
What's some of your favorite video game music I have way too many favorite songs to list them all but here are a few.

Mana Khemia A Gap Into Darkness (Considering the games story this song actually got me attached to the battle that was happening.)

Tales of Symphonia Fighting of the Spirit. (A good song that usually got me pumped for the boss fight ahead.)

Kirby Super Star Dyna Blade Area 1 (One of those songs that usually puts you in a good mood.)
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask Song of Healing Docjazz version. (An amazingly peaceful sounding version of the Majora's Mask song.)
[ Invalid YouTube link ] (I love the Ocarina work in this song.)

Man with the Machine Gun FF8. (It was hard choice between this and the boss theme for FF8.)
After a random topic of favorite childhood movies on the IRC room a week or so ago I thought I'd try opening a thread about favorite animated movies on the forum. Whether you grew up on the movies or found recent ones what's some of your favorite animated movies?

My top 5 would have to be some old ones that I watched while growing up and some good ones I found a few years ago.

edit :
(revised list.)
#12 Howl's Moving Castle.
#11 Mulan
#10 Whisper of Heart
#9 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
#8 Lady and the Tramp 1-2
#7 Aladdin
#6 Oliver & Company
#5 Pokémon: The First Movie.
#4 The Land Before Time Movies 1-8. (Classic movies I watched a lot in the 1990s/2001)
#3 The Fox and the Hound.
#2 Kiki's Delivery Service
#1 Castle in the Sky.
I have more movies that I like but I can't think of them right off the bat yet.

(I'm a pretty big Hayao Miyazaki fan so I like almost all of his movies.)
Has anyone ever played this game, it's a pretty fun fan made platformer I just wish it was longer.  :(

The Daring do game was also pretty fun even though it's in alpha I've found a few of the secrets that the author put in. (Although me and my friend had to work together to figure out some of the puzzles it was fun and challenging.)

Daring Do Info Link :

Daring Do Direct Link :

Spoiler: show
I'd have to say the music in the Daring Do game was just amazing especially after the griffon knocks you out of the sky, pretty awesome intro as well.

Some of the music makes me want to sit in the area and just listen to it for a bit.
(Not sure if this is the right area sorry if it isn't. :o )

Did any fans ever publicly release pony sprites for others to use?

I make fan games every now and then usually platformers and I was wondering if any sprites exist that fans share with each other I'm no artist so I can't make my own sprites and backgrounds, and since the only official pony game that exists is on GBA and it's the 1990's version of all the characters I can't use them as they wouldn't match the ideas for mini games/fan games I have.

A few of the minigame ideas I had was.

Sneak into canterlot castle.
The player would be trying to sneak into canterlot castle like Twilight did but with a Metal Gear style gameplay where you have to avoid the pony guards and spotlights and alert phases. (It would likely be a 2D platformer.)

Another idea was a fire emblem styled minigame with ponies nothing to serious though just like the show they would probably use horseshoes pies magic and bucking for attacks.

(Another note is I have made fan games before so it wouldn't be a problem to make this stuff if I had resources, like sprites and such.)
I was recently running around on this game and noticed a guild called equestria and I was wandering if anyone here plays this game or not, and if you do what characters do you have and what server do you play on, I have a few characters.
Server : Alexina

Elves :

Humans :

Trege Nammii & Applejak

Giants :


I've been playing off and on since 2008, it's a pretty fun game if you ignore some parts of the community, although it seems to be getting better ever since they introduced merchanting.
(New OC added to the bottom of this post.)

(I am not a very good artist at all so I ended up using the pony creator, and coat of arms creator.)

Armorless Cobalt :

Armored Cobalt :

(Please criticize as much that is needed I'd rather make a good character than a bad one.)

Name : Cobalt Cloud (May be done soon.)

Gender : Male

Age : Young Stallion (18-20 in MLP years.)

Species : Earth Pony

Fur Color : Various shades of blue

Mane Color : Dark Blue

Eye Color : Emerald Green

Height : Slightly shorter then Mr Cake.

Weight : Average/below average.

Cutie Mark : A Shield Crest

Area of Residence : Everfree Forest

Duty : Charges himself with leading lost travelers to safety out of the everfree forest if they wander near his house.

Special Talent :Heavy Stance. Using a special stance passed down in his family Cobalt is able to grip the ground with his hooves while wearing armor to negate some strong physical strikes, early on when his parents were teaching him how to defend himself he showed a special knack with defending himself from physical attacks without flinching but due to the nature of this stance it cannot be used for too long as it puts massive strain on the body. Holding the stance too long could cause muscle injury to the hind legs in the worst case scenario walking would be impossible until the injury heals.

Coat of Arms :

Biography : Cobalt Cloud is from a heritage of self proclaimed Earth Pony Knights that often rescued travelers from the dangers of the everfree forest, he is the last surviving member of his family not much is known about his parents as he tends to keep to himself about personal matters, and he may downright rudely refuse to talk about his past if anyone tried to learn more about his relatives. But despite this he tries to live up to his family's coat of arms, and the values his family put in them.

Family Values :

The trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger.

The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others.

A knight is nothing without being Honest.

Show a controlled form of behavior or way of working.

Personality :
Despite his constant serious look, if you avoid sensitive conversational subjects he can be rather friendly and will even crack a smile often but hit one of these subjects by mistake and his personality sometimes changes. Often causing him to ignore some of his values, and also refusing to continue the conversation, it is often believed he carries a slight scar from his past despite not many but him knowing what happened. He firmly believes in keeping his family's values but still manages to fail them, only very few ponies managed to make a breakthrough about his past one of them being Spring Melody. (Another WIP pony OC.)

Favorite item : A photo of his parents he keeps with him at all times.

Preferred gear : The last few pieces of his family's armor, though he only wears it in the forest,

Favorite dinner spot : Ponyville's café.

(Whew this took a few hours to write and I'm not even sure I'm done yet as it still feels like a work in progress, I'm also trying to avoid a mary-sue/gary-stu syndrome, but it often results in my characters not being fleshed out much, so hopefully I did better, and hopefully it isn't too out place for the series.)
Indigo Cloud :
Midnight Cloud :

Picture :

Name : Spring Melody

Gender : Female

Age : Young Mare (About 21 in MLP years.)

Species : Unicorn

Fur Color : A cyan & green mix

Mane Color : Cherry Blossom Pink.

Eye Color : A bright blue

Height : Average mane six height maybe 2 inches taller or shorter.

Weight : Average often eats healthy food, fruits vegetables hay.

Cutie Mark : Musical Notes

Occupation : One of  ponyville's musicians.

Special Talent : Magic Music using enchanted scrolls.

True Light : Pegasus OC.

Story the characters take part in.
The Knights of Everfree.