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I was just alerted to a great travesty on the part of this community.

Quotethat guy is ugly

Quotethat guy

Because of this, I wish to inform everyone that Nicolas Cage exists and to not know him implies you obviously never truly interneted or went to the movies. To boost awareness and appreciation for The Man Who Does Not Turn Down Roles I shall post links.



National Treasure


And now "other" unofficial Nick Cage things to understand his importance as a God.



We Brad This City

Gallery la Cage
Spoiler: show

Pony Off-Topic Archive / The Clover Thread.
2014 Aug 16, 17:16:42
Because adorable limbless horse needs some love.

The art and OC credits go to MT. Continue being based.

Alternative art source.
Explicitly no heroes because that's not the thread. Anti-Hero main characters can sit in the corner and act like they're relevant until other wise called upon to be more so.

Discuss villains. Their motivations, their ideology, their motives. Frankly, I feel villains more often than not are a far funner part of the plot than the protagonist; though often exceptions exist. They test the main character, they break him, and they sculpt him. Ideally by game's end the character - or all factions in the plot - should be shaped by the ideology of the antagonizing party. In a sense, evolving out of their old state into a new state in a clash of thesis vs antithesis that would make Ceasar of New Vegas fame proud.

Of antagonists, this makes characters like The Boss effective characters (I can't exactly seem to pull Col Volgan up to the same tier as her). In The Boss' case, she's the catalyst and the philosophical warrior that inspires and effects Snake, Big Boss throughout much of the Metal Gear time-line to become the villain he effectively becomes. And from him spawning additional ideological villains in the same series such as Solidus.

Antagonists with a cause to fight for as much as the protagonist simply stand out better from the rest than those who are just simply bad for bad's sake or follow the simple route that of villainy that it just empty personal gain. Any story can be written about the pretty boy clash of the Chosen Warrior versus Guy Evil for Evil's Sake.

It's the ideological struggle that makes better antagonists; I won't say villain since they're actively stronger than that. Make a story that is in sorts an introspective look into morality and the double standards to continue dialectic evolution.
Ever wanted to see what show horse they can match with a particular song? Just want another excuse to puke up a song onto a thread in the vein hope you can convert a plebeian to your master taste of music? Well, why not both.

Rules are simple:
- Listen to song above you, or as much as you care to tolerate
- Post pony you think matches the song closest.
- Post your own contribution.

Hard mode involves giving a breakdown on why such-and-such horse matches such-and-such song. This may be difficult or a walk in the park depending on the song and possibly how ever "fringe" it is. Pop songs of any genre may be more easily applied to any number of ponies.

Also for my benefit I'd like to ask that you at least post the link to the song. For folks like myself, the video don't actually load and render in posts and there's a massive blank space where the videos were. So if you do include the embedded video, include the link embedded as a backup. Or so someone can listen to it in a different tab as they go off to some place else.

So, having said this. Let's open:

Tom Petty - Learning to Fly (Acoustic, Live)
Because one of the biggest sub-fandoms shan't ever deserve to go ignored, and LittlePip is forever Primary Waifu. If you argue, maybe we can settle it over Blackjack. But that's up to some... friendly discussion.

An introduction to the world of FoE that'll explain nothing, but keep me amused:

For if you're like me.

For a more detailed primer:
Fallout Equestria is a crossover fic written by Kkat some hundred years ago now. Long finished, the fic spans the length well over War and Peace and Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix at a monolithic 625,000 words.

That's a lot of poni.

The fic details the exploits of LittlePip, an under-average size mare from Stable 2 (if I can remember at all) who sets out to find one Velvet Remedy, fellow stable dweller and the apple of LittlePip's eye. Her adventures eventually do lead her to Velvet, where she "rescues" her from some raiders which ultimately leads to an expansive plot uncovering several long-dead conspiracies, and varying levels of OC shipping in the best degrees.

And it being crossed over with Fallout, several elements within the video game series find their way into FoE. Namely: the enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, Vaults, and the meta-plot. All of which is re-crafted and reapplied to suit the world of Equestria. And at face value it's something that should never have worked. But it did... Splendidly.

Fallout Equestria achieved so much notoriety there's its own sub-fandom. Fan-fics of the original fan-fic are written with differing degrees of writing prowess. These being Fallout Equestria(s): Project Horizons, Heroes, Pink Eyes, and Anywhere but Here. Though for the crowning jewels of the FoE side-story crown, Pink Eyes, Project Horizons, and Heroes stands as the brightest and most highly regarded.

Fallout Equestria's fame doesn't stop at just other fan-fictions either. The entire premise has inspired multiples of unique art and fan homages to the core characters, music, and something that's almost an identity within the greater identity. And the fic's achievements in its overall quality and the subsequent fan inspiration has rightfully awarded it the distinction of the "LEGENDARY" tag on Equestria Daily.

And the only relevant story that I know of to trump FoE's length and mass is the side-story Project Horizons, whose expansive gritty girth lays out at over a million words. Which actually lands the story the distinction of being the fourth longest novel written ever, beating - or competing with - Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård's Min Kamp (or My Struggle).

Let the magical radiation tossing commence.

FoE Radio Play animated - Episode 1 Part 1.
This could very well be a proper obligatory opening image:

So with Joaquin Phoenix as Emperor Commodus out of the way, let's get to the meat of the thread.

I think at least some of us would remember the Death Battle video of Starscream vs Rainbow Dash (where Rainbow Dash won). Well, the rules that determine these is pretty much the same, and it's the same basic thing. But who really cares, I desire amusement like everyone else and we have at least one pony contender who'd be new to being enrolled in this. And as the original progenitors of Death Battle are most likely going and doing other things with it not related to poni, let's just sit back and pit a poni versus an "equal" non-poni.

Rules of the game:
- Contenders are ranked side by side with a bio and their attributes, when/where known.
- As much as I would like to, anyone armed with a gun will be disarmed.
- The fight will be determined by debate (or absolute fan fury in argument) and votes. If I'm feeling energetic I could do a play-by-play later.
- I figure a lot of ya'll will be tempted to simply have the pone win every time, so I'mma just say to have an open mind before I need to decide on handicap and pit The Cake Twins with someone like Monsoon for MGR:R, or The Mountain. Or whoever else comes around in shouting.
- I do believe more in community self-moderation than anything.

So without further ado, let's go to our first match up.


Lord Tirek

The crown villain from the last season, Lord Tirek returns from banishment in Pony Hades Tartarus in a mission to get back what he thinks was stolen from him.

When Tirek originally returns to the world of Equestria from the delightful underworld - perhaps as a result of the local neighborhood watch dog running loose - he is weak and without power. Tirek's power manifests only when he steals it from other ponies, basically taking their ability and strength to do anything with themselves.

Ultimately, he of course is defeated by the Rainbow Magic Fix All Button that came out of the Mystery Box of Plot Importance unleashing toyetic visuals across the screen to vanquish his powers and return it, re-banishing the dread Centaur lord and throwing him in a dungeon from whence he came, and likely not coming up again ever.

And his final fight is more-or-less the most Dragonball Z this show has ever gotten.

- Powerful conjurer of magic.
- Physically impressive and can grow

- His power is drained from other creatures, presumably in this case from valid equines (Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, and Alicorns) and only if they're weak enough he can do it on the spot or can subdue them enough so they have no strength to fight back.
- Rainbows Make Tirek Cry.
- His strength varies based on the level of power he has devoured.


This may seem like an odd match up in potential size-differences, but in himself he is a capable foe.

Senator Steven Armstrong is the final boss and main antagonist throughout the Metal Gear Solid spinoff: Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. Originally born in Texas, Armstrong played college football up until joining the Navy (he admits in dialog he could have gone pro). post-US Navy the senator maintained his impressive physical stature, even enhancing it with later nano-machine technology. Sometime before then and the start of his political career, he moved to Colorado where he became their state senator.

By the time of Metal Gear Rising, Armstrong was preparing for the 2020 presidential election with an ambitious plan to cause an international incident to win him the votes through his involvement - or perhaps even partial ownership of - World Marshall, a large violence PMC corporation left behind by the events of MGS4 and [Liquid] Ocelot's Insurrection.

In his final stand, Armstrong employs the full extent of his physical abilities and ownership of a number of high-tech gadgets with the ability to literally bring down entire nations. In the fight with Raiden he shows the nano-machines in his body not only magnify his physical strength (making it easy to punch Raiden into the armored hull of Metal Gear Excelsius) but his skin hardens to many types of physical trauma, protecting the Senator from bullets, swords, and even the catastrophic explosion of Excelsius without a scratch. And in the event he takes physical damage the nanomachines accelerate his healing to superhuman levels, this as well applies to his strength where during the final fight he had picked up and thrown massive pieces of wreckage around the field with little to no effort.

Steven Armstrong may as well absorb various types of energy to feed and amplify his nanomachines, giving him increased physical abilities. His theme music for the two stages of his fight as well wholly solidifies the fact he is THE final boss.

Collective Consciousness
It has to be this way

- Immense superhuman strength.
- Energy absorption can accelerate healing, or increase his muscle mass.
- Was already an attempt hand-to-hand fighter (in a brawler sense) even during his College football career.
- Has a psuedo-Metal Gear (Excelsius)

- He's still very much a human and his heart maintains nano-machine circulation
- The right sort of HF blade has been known to cut him (Sam's Murasama).

Let the fanboyism commence.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / It's habbening.
2014 May 23, 20:55:05
Strap yourselves in brothers and sisters, the summer-time fun ride is on early.

I am of course referring to apparently recently made news over the use of the word "brony".

Article Source. i'll not bother with the Derpibooru image archive source.

Brace for impact.

It would seem that maybe-Hasbro - or someone pretending to be Hasbro - has filed a Cease and Desist against Mando's Mom over the use of the word, "brony" and claims the word is trademarked to Hasbro. The fandom moniker we rose since the early days on 4chan's /co/ board is likely being taken up as property.

There's of course been no confirmation to the effect, and people I assume are still looking to see if it's actually been registered by Hasbro and Mando's mom is looking into the affair.

But as it happens, the habbening is happening so put on the habbening belt. If this blows the right way, we may have summer drama.
Drop your hot pockets, you got a chance for a free game. Whether you want it or not.

For one day only Red Orchestra 2 is free to download over Steam. Package comes with the game's single player and multiplayer aspect, beta, and Rising Storm multiplayer and beta.

You've been informed. And it's a free game, so it's not like you're paying out anything, just registering a title to your Steam at no out-of-pocket cost.
Well gonna roll the bones and see how long I can keep a mind to at least lurk here on a regular basis. Lord knows I need more forums to visit.