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Writing / This World of Ours.
2017 Feb 07, 01:00:51
When we're born, we don't think too much about things. We as human beings don't think too much about why we're here on this Earth. We don't really know why we're here.

But slowly, over time, we begin to make choices based on things we've learned. Slowly, we make our way to the finish line. Whether or not there was a reward at the end, we do not care -- at least, I don't.

But some of us believe there is a reward. Some of us believe that an epic being at the end of the road will hand us our Trophy based on what we did during our race.

Some of us believe that, don't we? Or at least hope...

When I look around at the world, I see these people doing things in their great race. Some of them don't care what they do. Some of them work until they die to make sure they reach the end with reward. Some of them don't care about what happens after the race. Some of them only care what happens during. Some of them believe they'll never know until they reach the thereafter.

Sometimes, I realize, that every one of us human beings are born into this world the same way. And sometimes, I realize that we all exit the same way too. We're given life, and then taken to death. If we were rocks, and suddenly formed into rock-like things that breathed, laughed, and played...

We would be the same, wouldn't we?

It doesn't matter. Our lives, in the "grand scheme of things," don't matter.

And that, for some unexplainable reason, makes me feel alive.

~This World of Ours.
By Irroro

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Introductions / Hello Everyone!
2017 Feb 04, 13:35:04
Hey guys. I'm Irroro. I've made a few posts already here and there, on the LoE forums, so you probably already know me. But, for everyone else, I figured it's time for me to introduce myself.

So, hello and salutations. I'm just a guy who comes here every so often to roleplay -- though that's just the surface of it. Really, I'm here to just improve my writing skills in a fun, not sleep inducing way. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to do other stuff on this forum. I just suck at drawing, game designing, fanfiction writing, and all of above. Kind of why you guys haven't seen me post anything like that.

So, anyways, that's the short version of me, why I'm here, and um... Yeah. See you guys on the roleplay portion of the forums, I guess.

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