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Introductions Archive / Hi!
2014 Apr 17, 22:58:09
Hi I am new and I came here months ago but I never signed up on the forums till now..... nor played the game... so I am excited for this easter weekend starting tomorrow!!

Well, about me:

Name: Brenna

Age: 17

Bday: December 27, 1996

Sexuality: Female

Preference: BI so both guys and girls

Nationality: Cuban - Black

Things I like: Tattoos, video games, horses, all animals (kinda), wolves, cats, dragons, cosplaying, going to conventions( Cons), reading manga, watching anime, fun stuff, being a Floof, Gays (loooove them) I have lesbian friends yeah lol , Dubstep, Rock, some other things too, etc

Things I don't like: Trolls(kinda like then kinda dont), haters, hackers, rule breakers, immature little brats, all bad things lol anything you dont like I probably wont either

Contact me at

Skype: spotted(brenna.brazier)

DA: Spottedlion10

Facebook: Brenna Brazier

Tumblr: Twintowerpowers

email: [email protected]

You can find me mostly on here: