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Off-Topic Archive / Tired mistakes
2017 Feb 20, 04:15:32
what silly or dumb things have you done while your still half asleep
( I totally did not make this thread because i did something dumb this morning at work :ajshifty: )

This morning I tried to log onto the work PC with my forum details and the forums with my work details
Eh I was working on some stuff and thinking about this and well we all have that one word that no matter what we do we can't spell correctly so ether we avoid using it or let auto-correct do our work.

So what word or words keep you stumped

Personally some of mine are

Ryo's Daily Challenge

Ok time for the explanation this is just a little game I've come up with once a day I will set a challenge or game in this thread nothing serious no prizes, just a bit of fun to stave off some boredom and all these challenges will have some creative merit to them so whether it be Art, Stories, or a treasure hunt.

These games are all for fun so we shall see what happens and when a new game appears it will be both here and in the chatbox so prepare your selves forums here comes Ryo's Daily Challenges

Secret drawing challenge (Pick someone who has posted in this thread and draw there Oc based on research of their OC

Spoiler:  Previous Challenges • show
[li]Draw your Original Characters Cutie Mark as a Physical Object[/li]
[li]Write a short story about two or more background characters planning/going to a party remember at least one paragraph[/li][li]Today's Challenge is -Treasure hunt find the thread based on the hints
Hint 1. Look for the Golden Hoof
Hint 2 Valve helped
Hint 3 Doctor Twilight [/li]
[li]Design a new earth pony OC [/li]

Spoiler:  Now there are some rules • show

1st All forum rules apply as always
2nd All responses to the challenge go in here and not the chatbox this applies mostly to the Written based events which will be to long to be entered into the chatbox, so I will only post announcements in the chatbox
3rd You have one day to complete the challenge from the moment its posted and until the next announcement is made is your time limit
4th be respectful to others and be creative these challenges are also designed to help with creativity so have fun with the premise of the challenge and see what you can do with it 
5th This is for Fun there is no prize no special treatment or incentive to feel you have to play, It's just for fun and to give you something to do if you want
6th for the treasure hunt challenge when you find the thread in question give it a read or even just leave a comment on what you think and be respectful to the user in question (aka don't spam there thread telling them I sent you there)
Canterlot Archives / Life in Ponyvile V
2013 Dec 25, 16:41:24
It was the day of hearts warming in the small town of ponyvile, with snow falling thanks to those helpful Pegasi and the sun reflecting off icicles that have frozen onto trees and roof tops. A perfect day to spend in the snow and with loved ones all around.

((ok everyone for Christmas we have brought back this game with a reset to the story. Keep it towards the rules this time and don't let it get out of hand, oh and have fun with the little scenario to start you all off enjoy.

Ryo D Disk))
This game is a puzzle based adventure where you travel through worlds and dimensions where anything and everything could be possible within their realms, the objective is to work out what is going on in the world and find the next door to move onto the next world, and you never know what will happen through the next door, within these worlds things are not like ponyville, your race could be swapped, your powers taken away or even change your appearance entirely, the world will be different each time also so one moment you could be in a town the next world you could be in space who knows, but while in that world the laws of the world apply to you. 

The story is you have been recruited to be part of an experiment at Ryo's lab located in the warehouse district , where he will explain what the experiment is for as well as how it works.

1. Play fair and read the rules I write these for a reason
2. Don't assume events in game or use ooc to explain yourself e.g. If you want to open a shut door there will be a chance its locked so dont assume it opens and you enter I will bounce you back)
3. Keep OOC to the OOC page any text in game will be read as Rp text. E.g. if you make a ooc joke in game I will have my npc's react like it or not
4. Please try to avoid single word or one line responses. Granted sometimes it's a simple response but this game is about the creativity of solving problems so be descriptive
5. Don't complain if I change what your character is like the worlds in this game will do some alterations given it race, age or even power levels if I do this its part of the story unless I state otherwise.
6. Don't power your way through situations or be a solo player, give other players a chance to solve things before chagrining in by yourself that said Godmode and powerplaying will be disallowed
7. In the case of a argument GM has the final say (sorry but If I have a complaint its normally for the benefit of the game)
8.Dont copy the same response another player gave, the same idea is fine but if E.g. there are two posts stating "I open the door" only the first will be allowed unless reworded
9.Follow the normal forum rules If you haven't read them go do
10. If you have read and understood the rules put your Characters name in bold writing during sign up
11.Remember to be fair to the Gm, I'm going to write a story and world so if I make a mistake in spelling grammar or otherwise don't shout at me

Sign up:
(Minor edit to sign up derpy here forgot gender) Gender:
Appearance: (Image preferable)
Powers (if any be warned these will be subject to limitations)
Back-story: (nothing crazy I just want to know the charaters past or material I could work into the story)

Pony Off-Topic Archive / Pony Youtube
2013 Sep 14, 19:40:19
ok ive litirly just discoverd this so I may be verry late to the party that and I havent come accross this thread before but

today I learned by typing most ponys names into youtube the top bar will change to somewhat match the colour of the charater you typed in

Ive tried it with all the main 6 and a load of background charaters so give it a try its quite fun
you know what i mean there is always that one thing in a day for better or for worse leaves you questioning what it was or if it even happened

for me today I was driving home from work window open music playing and from another car im posative I heard my voice and Starsongs in the Ryo Rant so oddly awsome

anyway care to share your oddity of the day
Welcome to Shadows of a fallen world
OOC and Discussion
Sign up and Rules

Location Ponyvile
Time: 12:37pm
Date 7th day of the 3rd month

Intro post
It's an average day in ponyvile the weather is clear the sun is bright, and the towns folk are out as normal, most talking about the recent return of the Crystal empire, others discussing the idea of other kingdoms coming to visit the small town,  but most visiting the market set up for the day selling a wide range of ponyvile home grown goods and wares.
Within the town its most of the adult ponys or at least the ones above school age for Classes are in session for the younger ones, so the scurrying of small foals is nowhere to be heard, but the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the town market can be heard from most of ponyvile   
((At this point your free to do or interact with what you like within ponyvile, Npcs will be controlled by me but your free to introduce them, the mane 6 and other background ponys are in town at this point))
As you may no im not good with words or typing many errors occur when I type so I've recorded a somewhat special message this year enjoy.

And Happy new year
((it also appears I'm not so great at recording ether meh))

Now then for the new year let's hear some resolutions

oh and if this exists im sorry I didnt see one but then again I didnt look to hard :P
Video Games Archive / Video Games Awsome
2012 Jul 25, 12:23:46
no I'm not making a thread to state the awesomeness of video games no its a youtube and Live show based around video games and they often have some awesome Minecraft build challenges, but this isn't my point on this occasion i was watching through one of the build challenges the most recent sky build (and I'm still watching it currently) and I found something fairly awesome in it and I felt the need to share it

anyway I'm aware this is probably the wrong area to show it for it should be in movies or video games but again spur of the moment thing so I chose the safe option

((oh just a side note these guys are not bronys bear that in mind ok))
Wow I managed to say challenge 3 times in the title ok this one is something I thought up on a whim mostly because I'm to lazy to complete the projects I already have planed.

Regardless the point of this is that this will be a thread for others to request or accept song challenges set by others so if you want to post a song to do or say you want to do one that all this is for and the only rules I'm setting are 1 the song has to be do able E.g. no trying to make a pony sing something with impossible lyrics and 2 the song has to be appropriate so no foul language or anything of the sorts

Apart from that have fun with this one

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ok i may have acsepted a challange to redo pinkies smile song with refrance to make all ponys pink but ive hit a small issue im no good at coming up with the lyrics so umm what im saying is urr HELP

these are the current lyrics but nothing has realy changed except for one part so please i could do with some asistance on this one

Spoiler: show
My name is Pinkie Pie (Hello!)
and I am here to say (How ya doin'?)
I'm gonna make you pink
and I will brighten up your day

It doesn't matter now (What's up?)
if you are sad or blue (Howdy!)
'cause pinkying my friends is just
what Pinkie's here to do

'Cause III looove to maaake you piiink piiink piiink! (Yes I do)
It fills my heart with pinkness all the while (Yes it does)
'Cause all I really need's a pink pink pink
from these happy friends of mine

I like to see you grin (Awesome!)
I love to see you beam (Rock on!)
the corners of your mouth turned up
is always Pinkie's dream (Hoof-Bump!)

But if you're kind of worried
and your face has made a frown
I'll work real hard and do my best
to turn that sad frown upside down

'Cause I love to make you pink, pink, pink (Yes I do)
busted out from ear to ear, let it begin
just give me a joyful grin, grin, grin
and you fill me with good cheer

It's true, some days are dark and lonely
and maybe you feel sad
but Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad

There's one thing that makes me happy
and makes my whole life worthwhile
and that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile

I really am so happy
your smile fills me with glee
I give a smile, I get a smile
and that's so special to me

'Cause I love to see you beam, beam, beam (Yes I do)
tell me, what more can I say to make you see that I do?
it makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam
yes, it always makes my day

Come on everypony smile, smile, smile!
fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine
all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
from these happy friends of mine!

Come on everypony smile, smile, smile!
fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine
all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
from these happy friends of mine!

~Electro-BLITZ - This topic has been locked due to inactivity, if this was a error and your the topic starter, please contact a moderator for assistance
A warnining to those who read this these charaters are being re-written again, as ive been using the charaters in RP Ive decided theres actuly more I could do with them than whats stated here and I dislike what Ive done to them in the bio's ive given. They dont mach the true personalty they give so bear that in mind if I play them difrently than what is stated in these descriptions   ^-^

well scince my last thread died with my oc's this gave me a grand opertunity to rewrite them and here they are

Ryo D Disk
Age 19 (same as real life makes things simple)
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Magic Type: Illusion and basic magic
Spoiler: show
Basic abilities
•   Levitate and move- lift a book move its pages ect
•   Mist- creates a mist using water as a base to cover foot prints and even cover areas without magic detection
Main abilities
•   Dark aura- Creates a dark threatening aura behind him almost as a shadow
•   Black Mist- Creates a field of darkness which is used to cover areas preventing site and if used more powerfully other senses
•   Illusion- creates an illusion based on a image that is ether visible or memorised (memorised ones are simpler though and easy to see through)
•   Shadow chain- a binding technique  to stop movements based on shadows creating a small circle area below the target (including himself if needs be)
Final abilities (aka one shot and then I'm magic drained for a while)
•   Darkness Seal- an ancient sealing ability originally used to stop Chaos and still used to that means but can also target another but at a much higher cost to use it
•   Shadow phantasm- Creates a shadow beast based from illusions and makes it real for up to ten minutes  before draining all magic
•   Forced control- Takeover of Chaos's energy to use magic as a last resort but can either end in Chaos's release or temporary loss of consciousness after 10 minuets

Occupation:  none (although working on being a magic teacher) Hobbies: magic researcher
Special skills: can create realistic illusions from images and other pictures, can borrow from Chaos's magic pool at a price
Weaknesses: Chaos D Disk taking control, fairly weak in combat
(and yes the duel disk will not be involved with the RP Ryo)
Cutie mark:
Personality:  Ryo is a friendly pony who usually can be quite shy(ish) to new ponies although when he is talking to those he trusts he is a good friend to them and will always protect those who are dear to him even to the point of blocking Chaos himself
Bio:  Ryo D Disk was a magic student at Canterlot University for the skilled and was there for his high level of magic which has been well known within his family for the use of dark magic abilities, being feared by most students for his abilities Ryo became quite untrusting of others until he met a earth pony by the name of Kai who was a prime candidate for Royal archer.
After a while a corrupt teacher at the institute attempted to drain the magic of the unicorn students but in doing so weakened the seal of Chaos releasing him on the university. From that point Ryo then feared Chaos and his capabilities and spent his time looking into new magic's to seal chaos away again becoming a researcher while also training to teach magic to others.
Personal items: Deck of blank cards (40) which he can use magic to imprint an image on
And (40) pre-prepared cards which are illusion eligible

Chaos/Zelos D Disk
Age: ????? Although he appears as Ryo age wise
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Magic Type:  Dark arts magic
Spoiler: show
Basic abilities
•   Shadow manipulation- can blend his form into shadows (aka hiding spell)
•   Dark aura- Creates a dark threatening aura behind him almost as a shadow
•   Black Mist- Creates a field of darkness which is used to cover areas preventing site and if used more powerfully other senses
•   Shadow influence: words and whispers into others mind usually used to temp or corrupt but can be used as a message system

Main abilities
•   Dark burst: a burst of dark energy that pushes enemies back like a wave
•   Darkness shield: barrier formed of pure dark energy
•   Shadow phantasm- Creates a shadow beast based from illusions and makes it real for up to ten minutes 
Final abilities (same excuse with Ryo)
•   Shadow storm: Thunder like ability that rains down dark energy over a wide area
•   Chaos gate: pulls the target into their own mental state along with chaos and torments there mind
•   Shadow flame: Shadow fire that although causes no harm paralyzes enemies in dark fire

Occupation:  Evil spirit
Special skills: has the capability of using magic from all parts of the dark arts.
Weaknesses: is currently in a weakened state and cannot keep his form for long due to being sealed in Ryo and his magical levels are lower because of it, because of his revival the items he requires for power are scattered across equestria. Often loud with his actions which often gets him in trouble
( I do not have a full body chaos but again its Ryo in appearance only difference is the eyes)
Cutie mark:  N/A since his true form is unavailable (in other words same as Ryo currently
Personality:  Chaos is corrupted and cunning he plans everything before he takes action although he has the tendency to think too much into situations, he often doesn't care for actions unless they affect him directly, silver tongued because he knows that he can convince others to his cause, large tendency for evil laughter   
Bio:  Chaos is an ancient spirit (im not giving an exact age) who has lived thought the D Disk family and was sealed away eons ago in order to protect equestria from his devastating magic. Although now he is able to revive himself once every thousand years although when he does so he returns with weakened magic and has little memory of the previous revival, although it has been stated that the item from his last incarnation holds the seal to his power from that era and once all the items have been collected he can be reborn in his true form.
It is currently unknown how many times he has been reborn and the only known record of his revival was 10,000 years ago when he was recorded in legends although the tome was to destroyed to find why although it did contain chaos's magic which gave him power
Personal items: Destroyed tome (and items that Ryo carries)

Kai Swift
Age 25
Gender: Stallion
Species: earth
Occupation: Doctor
Special skills: archery, medical knowledge including traditional and herbal knowledge 
Weaknesses: Snakes, Can be overprotective, often gets involved in others problems regardless of danger
Cutie mark: 
Personality: Kai is a friendly pony who is always willing to help others in need even at his own expense, 
Bio:  Kai is an Ex Archer student who was well known for his skills with a bow and high accuracy although after a particular incident with a bad shot on his childhood friend Sara Rose which almost blinded her he gave up and during her treatment he took it apon himself to learn medical knowledge to help the process and with his key accuracy and precision along with determination he became a doctor quickly and now is known as Dr Swift although he often prefers less formality 
Personal items - currently owns a bow, quiver and arrows and uses them in dire events, carries first aid kits and medical tools oh and is usually wearing his doctors coat and red shirt

Sara Wheatsong

Age 17
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Occupation:  N/A
Special skills: Reading air currents 
Cutie mark is a small white wing
Personality- excitable, short tempered, childish at times but strong hearted and is very friendly
Bio- Sara was a prime flyer and was the top of her class in school she spent most of her time with Kai and Ryo in school. She spent a large amount of time with Kai watching him do archery until one day one of Kai's shots went off target and hit her in the eyes blinding her during that time she learnt with the bandages she could feel the air pressure and sense the currents, Then after several years of recuperation with Kai helping with the medical side she could see again
Additional: although Kai blames himself for the accident Sara does not and wishes he would forgive himself and made him promise to use his skills in times of need. Sara loves Kai very much

sidenote she has green eyes

and this is what links them together
Bio: during the days of Canterlot University while Kai was still doing archery and Chaos remained sealed, one of the teachers discovered the secret of the D Disk family though knowledge of a tome he acquired and using the information along with one of its dark magic he attempted to drain the power off all the unicorns at the university to make himself all powerful while the magic was cast the book released the magic of Chaos and weakened Ryo's seal releasing Chaos apon the world and with that the university became distorted and on the grounds Kai aimed his shot at the tome but because of the distorted world it missed and hit Sara Rose instead of course he was unaware of the distortion and blamed himself.
Chaos used the power of his tome to reverse its magic absorbing the power of the teacher and the tome returning his power but before Chaos could make his move he was re-sealed by the head of the university but during the spell the tome was ruined and the corrupt teacher disappeared after that the true nature of Chaos was explained to Ryo and he told Kai what had truly happened that day but he still blamed himself but they both swore to protect ponies from Chaos D Disk

(hehe sorry this sounds more like fan fiction than a bio but it was the best way to fully establish my OC's if you have any questions please ask)

please comment if there is anything that dosnt make sence or you think is OP ill change them before i go jumping back in to Rp's also id love to hear what you think of these charaters oh and i forgot to say i will expand certain parts like chaos's power through Rp's or at least after them depending on how they go
*random drooling from after brain meltdown*
pre recorded message:to anypony who dares to wach all this i warn you prepare your mind for this will make it hurt after but its filled with pure awsome enjoy right lets watch myself oh dear celestia *head explotion* end of recording