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Off-Topic Archive / Nonsense
2012 Dec 10, 23:51:21
Can you come up with nonsensical... nonsense? ovO

Kite flying without using one's ankles can be built with exquisitely unkemptness.

Look!  A plaid mole flying through the water, see how she slices that mustard up into thousands of little barrels.

This is actually kinda difficult to sound like sensible nonsense, to the point where custard revolves around purple.

Because I am! Heck, I live in Vegas, why wouldn't I.
If you don't know what I'm talking about and think I'm a crazy pony... your partially right ovO has all the information you need about the con.
It runs from Febuary 22, to 24th. 2013
I bought a C pass :3
Anywho, I know this is a wee bit early

                                                                       Like 3 months early V
                                                                                                          Yes Fluttershy, I know

But I just wanted to know if anypony else was goin' or thinking of goin.. or heard of it even
                                                                                                Nopony else has, you're the only one V
                                                                                                                                            Fluttershy, stahp

Sooooooo.. if anypony has [Insert unicon knowledge,plans, etc. here] then yay :D
Anypony know any fancy, long, rarely heard aloud, confuzzling, odd, or uncommon words they wish to share?
Any word works, preferably english, but its not a necessity.
For example: floccinaucinihilipilification which means Rare. the estimation of something as valueless :]
Whether it be on the internet, or just heard coming from the ponies in front of you. What are some interesting/fun facts you learned? :D
My fact: The word "salary" came from roman soldiers who were payed in salt. :3
If you haven't heard of the Mine Little Pony mod look here

Official Mine Little Pony Skin Thread
With Captain0Ron and Zaner Boy

I am making Mine Little Pony skins for everypony who asks for one. :3
The only two things I need are a picture of what you want me to make into a pony skin,
and where you want it to be looking

(down, up, up and to the right, up and to the left, down and to the right, down and to the left)
If you want me to add accessories that aren't in your picture, tell me.

Please make the skin possible, its hard for me to add tiny details with pixels. :l

Now... Ask away my friends!

Spoiler: Completed Skins • show

Spoiler: Sea Foam • show

Spoiler: Twisted Shadow • show

Spoiler: Spring Melody • show

Spoiler: Cobalt Cloud • show

Spoiler: Lord of Madness • show

Spoiler: PPBG • show

Spoiler: True Light • show

Spoiler: Sapphirepony • show

Spoiler: Vertigo (Pinkamena) • show

Spoiler: SirVown • show

Spoiler: Animalia • show

Spoiler: ForestFire • show
Off-Topic Archive / What do you fear?
2012 Jul 07, 13:31:46
I am doing a small project on fear, and I would love to hear what you all fear most.
And I don't mean things like spiders or snakes. For example, What I fear the most is the inability to control what is happening.
(Feel free to have more than one fear)
I always wondered why 2+2 didnt equal 5, but now I have PROOF! HAHA, AHA, HA, ha.. heh. ovO
Anyway. PROOF
Start with: -20 = -20
Which is the same as: 16-36 = 25-45
Which can also be expressed as: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) = 52) 9 X 5
Add 81/4 to both sides: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) + 81/4 = 52) 9 X 5 + 81/4
Rearrange the terms: ({2+2}) 9/2) 2 = (5-9/2) 2
Ergo: 2+2 - 9/2 = 5
Hence: 2 + 2 = 5

So simple, I can't believe I never though of it this way.
This is for everypony who enjoys building all sorts of large objects
(Pixel art, Big structures, 3d pixel art, Cities, Redstone contraptions, etc.)

I just thought of the idea of making this thread while working on a build of my own :P

So, I have a server in which I do all my builds on. Its not public, but its not private either. So Pm if you want to join.

ANYWAY, feel free and show off builds you have accomplished, builds your working on, or idea's of builds. (I will also do builds and show them here)
(Also I can take builds you have done and showcase them on my server with full credit to the builder if you want)

I felt like adding a contest to test all of your skills at building.

The build is: An airship
It can be futuristic or it can be in a steampunk fashion.

Please use more than one block :l
Please state if you want to take part in the contest so I can add you to the contestant list :)
And feel free to use any texture pack you want. :D


(Please take your time, the contest doesn't end until you all finish.)