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Music Archive / Ska fans? maybe?
2012 Dec 07, 08:20:39
Seeing all the fans of Metal and Electronic music (no, i don't know the sub-genres by name), I find myself wondering:

Anypony here a fan of Ska? Doesn't matter the era of ska, just in general. It's my genre of choice, so I'm just honestly curious if there's anypony in these forums who shares my liking.
its official. and i think this is the appropriate place to say it. after about a year of being a brony, i finally shed my first manly tears over MLP.

cliche as it is, it was Mic the Mic's reading of "My Little Dashie" that got me. but i figured this was a good place to mark the occasion. i'm still kinda misty-eyed, so, while the feeling's around, anyone else ever have one of these moments? not necessarily with fanfiction, but manly pony tears, anypony?