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MLP: FiM SD Archive / Season 5 Finale
2015 Nov 28, 19:09:24
Spoiler: show
So, what'd you all think?
And what was your favorite part?
I thought it was all outstanding! The writers sure have outdone themselves this time!  :nod:
I couldn't have a favorite part, there is so much to choose from!
I also wonder if we'll be seeing Starlight Glimmer often in season 6. Now that'd be something interesting to see!  X3

Wouldn't it be cool if the My Little Pony movie for generation four (If they'll ever have one besides monster high equestria girls movies) was in 3D?!  :D
Okay, I dont know about you, but I think a 3D movie for MLP:FIM would be spectacular  <3
What would you guys think of the movie if it was in this 3D style?

and a 3D pony movie leaves these questions...
1.) Whats the plot?
2.) New characters?
3.) New places?
Who knows?! Comment below :3
I'm sure what we're all wondering what this is about, I'm not sure if it was just for the ad or it's a hint from the show itself.
For the past half a year, we have slowly seen these new "Rainbow Power" figures invading stores just about everywhere.  It's an entire toy line, complete with Equestria Girls and various forms of the usual Hasbro original ponies.

(Ohmygosh I'm so buying Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie)

Rainbow Falls Episode?
Rainbow Dash is headed to the Equestria Games
trials with the Ponyville Relay Team, but becomes torn when she is offered the
chance to join the more competitive Cloudsdale team.

In my opinion, I think that maybe there's another powerful artifact hidden in Rainbow Falls, enchanted water or rainbows, I DUNNO.  lol But I kinda think Rainbow Falls has to do something with rainbow power. Maybe Rainbow Falls will be like the Crystal Empire, rainbowfying all the ponies there!  :3

Whats in the Tree of Harmony Box?!!?!?
I know I'm not the only one wondering this. But What the heck could be in that box!?!?  :/  I bet rainbow power has to do with everything about that box AND the Elements of Harmony.

Do you remember that RAINBOWS made the vines go away? Remember a RAINBOW trail appeared down from the tree, went to the ground, a flower blossomed with the MYSTERIOUS box IN it?

Remember when a RAINBOW appeared, defeating the villains when the Mane 6 used the Elements of Harmony?

Since they can't use the Elements of Harmony anymore, they might earn Rainbow Power as some sort of power-up from the box.
This is just my opinion and everything I think about rainbow power.   :D
Original Characters / My Oc's
2013 Jul 01, 22:24:56

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Fear: Aliens. She HATES aliens.
Lives in: Canterlot
Family: Time Twizzle (Sister)
Race: Unicorn
Age: (Teen) 18
Star Spark

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Star Fruit
Favorite Hobby: Flying at night
Fear: Cockatrices
Lives in: Cloudsdale
Race: Pegasus
Age: (Teen) 16
Family: Holy Spark (Mom)
If you could have a sleep over with one member of the mane six, who would it be? I would have a sleep over with Fluttershy. 
I have been really wanting to do this for a long time. I wanted to print out that princess flyer on deviantart from:

Here is the link to the flyer. Lets cover the world with these...  ovO
Well I have been thinking... Is Star Swirl the Bearded, Discord?  o.O I know it may sound strange, but here is some of the info I've found.
- Discord returned in season 3 and Celestia has plans to use his magic, so we might see more of Discord's whereabouts unfolding. There is already a speculation that Discord returns again in season 4 and even has a song.
- Whenever Discord teleports or makes things disappear, stars appear.
- Whenever Discord hypnotized one of the mane 6, stars appeared in the background.
- When Discord hypnotized Rainbow Dash, silhouette of the maze was shown with its center being a swirl.
- Both Discord and Star Swirl have a white beard.
- Cheerilee said Discord has a pony head, so draconequii seem to be closely related to ponies.
- Discord is able to time travel, and time travel spells are kept in wing named after Star Swirl.
- There is a huge hourglass in said library wing that seems to be counting to something important. Twilight was easily let inside by a guard, so maybe Celestia wanted her to learn the time travel spell?
- Celestia has prepared next level of Twilight's studies, and Star Swirl's book appeared in that same 2-parter. Markings from this book also appear on the tower on sharp left during The Failure Song.
- Twilight achieved something that even Star Swirl didn't (the magic of friendship) and Discord has never had a friend before. Moreover, Discord excitedly shouts "Yes!" when Twilight says that the mane 5 aren't her friends anymore, so maybe he was jealous of Twilight's friendships.
- Amniomorphic spell may actually be Omniomorphic (based on those "leaked" lines), which supposedly would transform things. Star Swirl is its inventor, and Discord looks like a product of multiple unsuccessful transformations.
- Discord's theater seats have stars on the edges.
- Star Swirl lived at the same period as Clover the Clever (he was mentioned in Hearth's Warming Eve), and both Discord and regal sisters seem to appear shortly after Equestria's founding. Discord clearly remembers Celestia, and even seems to know her personality ("I forgot how boring you can be, Celestia"), which implies he had spent quite a bit of time with her in the past.
- Star Swirl's "unfinished" spell caused Discord-like chaos (cutie marks switched).

By Feniiku on deviantart
What do you think? After reading all of this do you think it could be possible? I have belief that that there's something going on Discord related in season 4...
The Retirement Home / Earth Ponies
2013 Apr 27, 23:21:55
So at the moment Earth Ponies can run. If you could add any skill for earth ponies in legends of equestria, what would they be?
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Spoilers!!
2013 Jan 18, 16:50:03
  O: MLP FIM season 3 episode 10 SPOILERS!!

Also a picture!
Off-Topic Archive / BREAKING NEWS!!
2013 Jan 05, 20:15:33
Omg omg omg SweBow finally sang! He sang cupcakes at the livestream!!!!  ovO  it was awesome!!
The Retirement Home / Slap the keyboard
2012 Nov 29, 22:22:48
Welcome to slap the keyboard! Here are the rules
1. slap your computer keyboard
2. make a sentence out of the letters you got!
Heres an example.
Ponies Are Best Thing in world 
Where did the road to alpha go????  >A<     I want to keep track and see how the LOE team is doing on the game!! Where did it go? where is it ???   :o