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Topics - Nala Valor

All this is is some sort of general idea of this character I thought of a few days ago

Name: Sapphire
Gender: female
Age: 17 or something
Species: idk yet. Either an earth pony or something creative/different.
Appearance: none yet :\ not sure
She was born (somewhere idk yet) and raised by her parents in a small cottage quite far away from the big civilizations. Close to there home, there was a dark abandoned mine that was just a complete failure with almost nothing to mine except maybe a few coal veins and extremely small amounts of rare rocks. Although she always wanted to go in this mine, her parents always told her to stay away since it was not safe for her by telling her ghost story about it. At the age of 14, she went inside the mine when her parents were away for a few hours to meet with some of her father's friend. After some exploring inside the cave with only a torch and a bag, some of the cave's ceiling collapsed in front of her. Safe from debrit that fell in front of her, she used her torch to light the rocks that fell.
((Shall be continued, I have to go so ill finish it later))
((Again but small update))
Resolved Issues / Life in ponyville lag?
2013 Nov 05, 22:07:00
Hum, it's a it hard to explain. I mean, my iPod's Internet is fine, Internet demending game are fine, the forum is fine but as soon as I go in the roleplay section, it sorta stop loading at "life in ponyville" and it takes like 3 minutes to load and an other 3 minutes to load the thread too. Is this because there's too much posts there or it's something else?
(Btw, if it was covered by someone before me, even though I checked quickly)
((Why did I just did a reference of High School Musical? -_-))

Anywho, although I said I would be leaving in the leaving thread, which you probably didn't really see since its so well hidden, I don't know, it's been hard for me to keep a smile since then and I miss y'all, guys. This time, I'll just stay here and try to be as active as before. (Which is a whole bleeping lot, if you don't remember)
So yeah, hello again :)
Hey everyone. I've had this OC for a very long while and I can't remember it's name. All I could find about her is the pic someone did of her for me. ((Thank god someone put it in some sort of OC showcase. I would have never found it))
Does anyone by any chances remember her name?
Resolved Issues / Reply problem
2013 Jul 12, 10:38:20
I don't know if I'm the only one getting this or also if its just me not being concentrated to see my error but here's the problem.

From time to time (rarely. Something like once/twice a month) when I press the reply button, it decides to just send me to the thread creation page of the board I am in. Is this a bug?
Original Characters / New oc ((need help))
2013 May 18, 11:05:25
Name: Marielle
Age: 16-ish
Gender: female
Race: moose...  :3

Appearence: Coco brown coat and lime green eyes.

Personality: energetic, curious, somewhat shy around others (rarely talks to those that she don't know).

she was born in Elkdien. Her mother died by giving birth to her. She travels across Equestria with her father who is a traveling cook who's specialty is maple syrup. They travel from town to town with the Maple frenzy, there restorant/temporary home for a living and so that her father can discover new ideas for recipes and new ingredient.

(I know, extremely short but its not like if all OCs needed a huge backstory with wars or monster fight. We need more simple character with simple desing on the forum)

Like: maple syrup, flowers, music, romantic stories/fairy tales, small animals, pink, necklaces.
Dislike: carnivorous plants, big animals, cats, oranges (the fruit) , stupid people, silence.
Animations Archive / There she is
2013 May 10, 18:09:58
This is just awesome... Just listen:

((Tell me if the link work at least))
Video Games Archive / Pokemon X and Y topic
2013 Jan 07, 11:41:33
Here's what's going on. On the pokemon's japenese website, there is some new that something big is going to happen on January 8 (tomorrow). And for something unexpected, the pokemon USA twitter said the same thing for the same date. Last time they said the same thing for the same day, it was for when 5th gen was announced and before that, it was gen 4.
Yesterday, the USA twitter and the japenese pokemon site asked how many POSSIBLE eeveelution are possible. That means they are going to make new Eeveelutions.

So what does this means? If we take the info and compare it with the past gen's info before there reveiling, they are going to announce Gen 6!
What are your toughts about it?
Off-Topic Archive / Littlest Pet shop
2012 Dec 31, 11:13:31
A few months ago... I saw the show's preview on the Hub's YouTube Chanel. It was the main theme and the first song. ((Yes, songs)) I got addicted to these song and listened to a few episodes... And a few others... Basically, since we are all brony, you all know what happened. I love that show but I'm so ashamed of it.

And by curiosity, I wanted to know if anyone else watch that show.
Original Characters / Color splash (WIP)
2012 Dec 27, 00:15:05
Name: color splash
Nickname: splashy, (more will be here if you say some)
Gender: mare
Age: 12
Race: unicorn
Personality: hyperactive... That's about it for now... More will come later for that
                  -eyes: change depending on her mood and emotions felt ATM.
                  -body: White (often multicolor because she got crazy with paint, leaving slightly colored marking on her pelt)
                            -style: medium length mane, straight, she curls them at the bottom.
                            -color: light blue (like her body, can be multicolored by paint)
                  -cutie mark: a bucket of blue paint.
Meaning of her cutie mark: her passion for painting.
Magic abilities: weak but with extremely long range levitation. (She can lift something like a book from ~40 meters)
Backstory: she was born in Ponyville and she lived there all her life. At a young age, she discovered that she had a talent at drawing. She didn't like that too much but she drew a lot. At the age of 7, just thinking of drawing made her sick but to make her parents proud, she continued. At 12, her parents divorced and she lived with her dad, who never really like her. He left her on the street and he moved somewhere else in equestria. She didn't bother trying to find him or her mother and started living a solo life. To survive, she became a thief and often stole from the apple family and Sugarcube corner. To pass time, she stole stuff that she didn't need like paint, beauty product, toys, just name some useless junk! She started painting on rocks just outside Ponyville with the paint she stole and also on a few walls in Ponyville.
Not a lot of ponies knows about her eyes. Those who knows is her doctor and her parents.

((The eyes' color depending on the mood/emotion felt at that time))
Sad=yellow or gray ((undecided))
Angry= red
When confused= green
Bored= opposite of sad (yellow or gray) ((undecided))
Tired= purple
Stressed= orange
Scared= pink
((Other situation and color to come))

Yeah... Lot of work for her personality will be needed...
Music Archive / Queen Extravagenza!
2012 Nov 23, 22:15:47
Anyone herd/saw it? It's coming to my town and I want to know if its worth it and if it really sound like the real Queen. The tickets aren't very expencive ((only 40-60$)) I can't really have a good idea of how it is since all the video of it are really bad quality.
Original Characters / New oc! Needs help.
2012 Nov 12, 17:27:18
Before any of you read it, he is suposed to be op, cuz I am planning on using him as a villain in future plots since we don't have many evil/bad guy caracter on the forum.

Name: ((none yet))
Race: unicorn
Gender: male
Age: between 500 and 700 ((not decided)) but looks like 20.
Appearence: ((none yet))
Backstory: ((brief for now but I'll add more later))
He was born in Las Pegasus between the 300th and the 500th year Luna was on the moon. ((Since I don't know what year it is in equestria ATM)) he be found the perfect mare at the age of 18 and he married her the year after. They both knew very powerful magic, even if his wife was a Pegasus. For some reason, they started thinking about stealing Celestia's place to the throne. They attempted twice to do so but they failed twice. The second time they tried was so close that they got banished to Tartarus for destroying almost all of Canterlot. ((I think that's the name of pony hell)) when Cerberus escaped Tartarus ((the moment in the episode)), they escaped. After trying to run away to canterlot, his wife got injured and couldn't continue. She forced him to continue on without her. He kept the only thing she had with her: her blue headband that after all these years, didn't lose its color. He arrived at Ponyville not too long ago, thinking of a way to bring her back and get the throne to take his revenge for his wife.

Personality: ((too lazy to write it ATM))

So... Yeah... That's about it. Comment if you want.

Yeah... It's something weird about carnivals, pony and some strange something cat, it's just such a good but weird song.
These days, I went on DA and found those fakemon made by someone ((cant remember who))  The person who did them said that she/he didn't want to make a game out of them. And I don't know why but it gave me the idea to make some sort of coop here and make our own pokemon game. I remember seeing some hacks of ruby, fire red and emerald so I know it's possible.
So who's with me? ((I know what to do for the majority of the things but I can't because of lack of talent/time.)) :D
A few weeks before today, a strange virus was attacking all animals and fruit-producing trees. The animals seemed to get weaker until a day that they just all dissapeared. All the fruit from the trees died for some reason too. Right the day after that, they had surprise. Some strange creatures started appearing around equestria. All the trees that lost there fruits started blooming and produced some strange berries. The majority of those creatures are still really unkown to everypony. Some of those creatures where really friendly and became friends with ponies. They are a few rumors of giant birds, huge flying snakes and other weird events but there just rumors. Probably aren't real.
1- the regular forum rules. Don't know them? Go read them.
2- NO FIGHTS! Why you ask? The game's fights are too long and get repetitive. The show's fight are always like a free for all and it gets out of hands. So unless it is planned that there is a fight, no fights.
3- Pokemons where just discovered. So no pony knows that the creatures (pokemon) are. ((Except if you start with your pokemon at the start. If you do, you know it's race and a bit about it))
4- when a pokemon talk, he must talk Poke-style. That means only you can understand yours so like if you have for exemple a pikachu, don't say like 'pikachu said "((something English))" but you could only hear "pika pika!" ' only the owner of the pokemon's owner know what it pokemon said.

So sign up if you didn't and have fun ^-^
((Sign up thread= ))
((We are in equestria and pokemons appeared a few days ago. So no need to ask))
Hey, I got a slight problem. I accidentally closed that bar at the bottom that shows who's online and stuff... And for some reason, I can't open it anymore.  :I I don't know if its that I'm on my iPod or its just that the forum is having a glitch or is it just normal, but I would appreciate some help. x3
The Retirement Home / An other contest! Ovo
2012 Sep 16, 23:47:59
Yes, an other contest about singing... but it's singing so why not? ovO
So here is the CHALENGE!

You must sing a song in French. And when I say French, I mean from Quebec since the accent and pronociation is so different.
Like go on YouTube, write in the search "chanson québécoise" and you'll get something to sing!

Just so that you all know what the quebec accent sounds like, I'll sing something for you all! ovO

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New OC. So I'll just jump right in to it.=

Name: Cold Sprinkle
Gender: female
Age: 15
Appearence: coming soon. (a pink pelt, a yellow mane and tail and green eyes and always have a scarf, no Mather the season and temperature.)

Likes:cute cuddly critters ((just any animals that are cute)) ice skating, fashion and her favorite scarf.

Dislikes: her Mom's work, insects, crowds, beeing the center of attention.

Back story: ((I'll make it with more detail later... Tired right now))
She lives in an orphanage with her mom since her mom own and take care of it with her dad and other volunteer that want to help the kids in need. She was raised like all the kids at the orphanage= nicely and getting the health care she needs. When she got older, some of the kids that she grew up with either got adopted in previous years or just left because they were old enough to live on there own. So at 14, she was lonely and all the new kids that were raised we're either too young or just mean with her. Her mom got a small house beside the orphanage so that her mom and her could let more space for the orphans. It didn't took a month that her mom stopped using the house they built and slept in the orphanage to keep an eye on the orphans. She now owns the house all to herself in a way.

Cutie mark story: it was a night heart warming eve. She wanted to pass it with her real family and not with the orphans. After begging her mom, the only answer she received is "I'm sorry but I can't let the kids alone... Next year, I promise" so she was alone for heart warming eve. When it came time to eat, since nothing was ready for her dinner, she went in the kitchen and started to cook. She opened the cabinets to take a knife but the first 2 knife where rusted. Since she know how to sharpen metal blades ((since its not the first time she sharpened a knife)) while sharpening, both the kife's blade broke. She let them on the ground and went to actually eat something. When she came back to the blades to put them somewhere safer so that nopony step on them and hurt themselves. She took them and had a strange tought of putting those blades on her hooves. She stayed with this idea and kept sharpening until she created a new flat side on the blades. She went back in the kitchen and repeated the process with 2 other knifes. She took a strong piece of rope and tied the blades to her hooves. At first eye, she tought she made something stupid but in her mind, she felt like she needed to use the blades for something. She walked with them having a bit of difficulties staying in a straight line. By complete accident, she walked on a thick layer of ice on a lake. She gained back her balance and felt alive. She started to skate like if she knew how already, even tough she never even touched ice before because she's often inside. She did a few jumps and tricks, not sure of her actions. At the end of that performance, she looked at her flank to find her cutie mark.

Note= she doesn't care about temperature. That's why she always has her scarf. ((the temperature varies between -20 and 30 C° .Outside those limits, she will then mention that it's hot/cold
She's the OC that I adopted so y'all know. ^-^
Hey guys. today, I was playing Minecraft and suddenly, my screen went all black. I wasn't in full screen so I don't know what happened. I think it's like dead but it's still have a signal for the little light to tell me that it's open. Is there any way to see if I can repair it or am I forced to change it?

Never mind. I found a spare screen in my house. I'll be fine.

That screen doesn't work either! DD:
I want to know if someone here on the forum plays this game.
((for those who don't know what is the game))
Its an MMO made by perfect world (company name). This game have a lot of classes and races and  of only that, it is the game that has the most chstumization out there ((no but. Just for the body, you had like 10 scrollers to toggle stuff. The face as like 20 or something.)) I played it once, really liked it but then my brother said that I don't need a MMO since I had diablo 2 and just removed it from my PC. (stupid brother is stupid)
So, yeah, for those who wants to play with me at that game, feel free to find me.  ^-^

((the username will be TheOnlyBeeNut or Tkalithor, depending if someone took it))
Video Games Archive / Combat arms
2012 Aug 07, 12:46:23
Who plays that game? Put your username here if you do!
My username is OnlyBeeNut
Original Characters / Solid Cure ((WIP))
2012 Aug 04, 10:34:21
I've been working on this OC for some time now and I'd like coments so I could improve him.

Name : solid cure
Gender : male
Race : dualorn ((might change name of race))
Age : ? ((for now))
Bio : he was born in the deepest cave of Equestria with his tribe. At young age, he proved that he was able to use strong magic ((compared to the other tribe member)). He was asked to study hard a kind of magic to help his clan. He got attracted by healing magic so that's what he studied. After a year, he became a shaman ((pony doctor equivalent)) and after just a month, the official shaman of the Pegalion. One day, the Pegalion was sick and even all the magic of all the shaman together wasnt enough. Solid Cure had to go to the upperworld, also known to his people as the land of doom. He was the only allowed to go there this time, knowing the risk. He left without warner or food, hopping to find some on his way up. ((which he didn't)) even if he didn't have any food or water, he manage to get to the upperworld. ((and this will be the fist time somepony sees him))

Race's bio : at the first era of equestria that the ponies first appeared, they wheren't the same as what they look today. Unicorns had 2 horn instead of one and where extremely strong, earth ponies where the weak but wise race and the Pegasus , which where rare in those days, where the leaders of the ponies. There names where the dualorns, the grounded and he Pegalion. They lived in the land that today, we call equestria as nomads. A day came that the leader had a child: an Alicorn, a strange creature that had wings and had ONE horn, compared to the dualorn who had 2. They raised the child like all the futur leaders, not knowing that it would want to change all the rules of there land. As soon as the alicorn was the leader, the ponies seperated in two clans: the ponies that became those that we all know today and the "others" ((I don't have a name for a clan)) who evolved into... Something different. The major changes where the eyes that naturally glows and there cold blood so that they can adapt in case they need to go somewhere else. 
Animations Archive / Mau
2012 Aug 03, 20:54:50
This animation... I don't know why but it's like a combination of sadness, epicness and magic. It's in French but the subtitles are in English. Just watch it.

Video Games Archive / Monster MMORPG
2012 Aug 02, 09:20:41
Hi guys, these days, I don't know why, but I got addicted to this game.
I really can't stop!!!
Basicly, it's like Pokemon, but with 600 new monster and no actual Pokemon. The community is moderately big. And since it's a browser game, it does lag a lot. If you want to play or maybe try and make a pvp fight with me, my user name is TheOnlyBeeNut.

A little fact about the game:
Before, it was called "Pokemon MMORPG" but since they started making money, Nintendo sued them. They instead got a bunch of artist to make a lot of monster.
Video Games Archive / Orange box
2012 Jul 24, 23:00:02
Anypony got that game? For those who doesn't know what it is, it's a 5 game pack in one box. Half life2, half life episode 1 and 2, portal and TF2 all on Xbox!
The titles said it all!
But what I won't do is:
•buy a DSi because Indont have the money,
•a new router with a WEP connection because my dad doesn't trust it at all and doesn't want me to buy an other.
•an adapter because i know that my bro's USB key to connect is making slow like a snail and it would be just worst.

So... Anyway to like hack my DS lite or just find a way to bypass the password part before I lose my mind!
This is the one and only Nala Valor. Since it change gender, she changed so it's time to remaster her!

Name: Nala Valor
Gender: female
She was born in Canterlot and was raised by her mother who is a nurse, Lunar Blessing and her step-father, Maxime, a griffon ((the origin of the name Nala valor)) that travels around equestria to find and study different type of life. ((a biologist in other words.))she lived with her sister Katerina but she left at the age of 17 to live somewhere else. she was homeschooled by her mom. when she was 18, she decided to walk to Ponyville because she didn't like the neighborhood. They where mean and cared only for themselves. Even tough her parents didn't want her to go alone but she was already gone on her small adventure before they could do anything about it. She took 4 days to arrive at destination. She didn't sleep well during those 4 days. She slept close to 3 hours each night, which is really not enough for any pony. The first thing she did is find some place to live. The first nights, she slept outside town but after that, she got invited to stay by her step sister. Since she had a hard time finding a job, she started offering help so she had something to do and that she can meet a few ponies in town. Once, she helped some rich stalion that was visiting Ponyville. After she helped, that stalion gave her a hooful of bits as a gift. Even if she tried to refuse it since she doesn't need that money, the rich pony insisted and Nala kept the money. With the help of her sister and the generous gift from that pony, she bought a house. ((Her actual house)) after some time, she met Teal. It took a few month and being under the effect of cider to finally say to him her fealing. They started dating a short moment after that.
Mother: lunar bless (unicorn)
Slight bio= she was born in Canterlot. She is a doctor and work in the urgency section. She always have a cloak because of a decease that she has. It make her skin super sensitive to UV light.

Father: iron valor (earth pony) ((real one))
Slight bio= only pony from the "Metal" family who was born in Manehatten. All the "metal" family (exept Nala) is rich, and he's the one who has the most bits. Him and Nala's mother was just an accident and Lunar wanted to keep the baby. Because of Iron's richeness, he kept the kid.

Maxime: griffin ((step dad))
He was born in cloudsdale. At a young age, he found interest in plants. As soon as he was 20, he flew away in hope to discover new life forms that nopony ever found yet. He found one. He only could collect a sample of its pollen because for some reason, it ran away.

Katerina: griffin ((step sister))
Born in canterlot, she learned to fly at a young age but never developed a fast speed. She often trained because she tought that she was weak. she is now really strong. She works as a mail griffin, espetially when it's a heavy package that nopony can lift alone.
I can't believe no-one made a thread for those... Or if there is, I didn't see it... But anyway,
I want to hear some Disney from you :3 I already have a to-do list for Disney song.

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Original Characters / Aissence ((WIP))
2012 Jun 26, 23:00:36
New OC coming! Here it is but it's really not done so it won't be RPied yet...

Name: Aïssence ((pronounced "hi-e-sence")) (((might change it)))
Age: 17
race: * ((a cat furry or something like that))
Personality: a calm and lonely character, he prefer to hide from the unknown and lie when someone ask about him. He get easily sidetracked but can be a good friend and will help the best he can, even when he know he have a chance of destroying everything, he will try. ((and yes, he fail a lot))
backstory: he lived with his loving family all his life. Like a lot of his kind, he learned a bit of magic. ((the best he can do is levitate. He usaly magic for his hands and legs to lift heavy weights because his kind are small as a pony compared to a few other kind in his dimention.)) it was a few day before he was going to graduate from his school that he had an accident. His friend was one of the best magi-caster of the school and she needed to test a spell she invented. His friend's spell was to teleport in an other dimention by creating a portal. Aïssence was going to test the spell and instead of creating a portal like the spell was suppose to work, it teleported instantly Aïssence to an other dimention, Equestria. ((will work on it later))

((((* means I don't know it yet))))
First off, the song. It's a new version of this day aria made by Random encounter ((they make musical of video games))

The project would be like the smile project. We would sing the last part because I think it was epic but needed more... Intensity!

Who's with me?

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Video Games Archive / Battle bear royale
2012 Jun 18, 14:33:32
((for those who don't know what it is))
It's a third person shooter involving bears shooting themselves with strange weapon.
A game on iPod4/iPhone4/iPad/android

There is 7 class in total=
soldier (Oliver)=have simple weapon like a machine gun and a bearzooka ((a bazooka that had no munitions left so he took huggable legs to shoot)) the machine gun can be replaced by a water gun witch is fun to see in action except when you are the target.

Heavy (Rigs)=have a machine gun that shoot bees or zombie meat and a cannon that shoot exploding bees.

Huggable (huggable)=the melee class that have rainbow abbilities such as a spin attack and a rainbow lazer. He will hug you with his cactus or chainsaw arms.

demolition (Tillman)= a robotic panda that shoot explosive. His stingiest weapon is the peace maker. A big fire cracker that goes directly on you!

Sniper (Astoria)= the only girl in the whole gang. She have a sniper as a main weapon and for tactical uses, a falcon that will annoy you when she trow it at you.

Scout (will)= as a primary weapon, he have a powerful and fast shotgun. As for a secondary weapon, he have his hot pepper flavored baloney that make him spit fire for a few seconds.

Engineer (unknown for now)= this one is not yet complete.

If anyone of you play this game, please post your username here ((if you use gamefly))

Mine is "blble" and I often play as Astoria.

Name= Melody
Race= flameless-Phoenix
age= 168 ((total)) and she change physical/phsicological ages depending on when she last died.
gender= female
Personality= hyperactive, curious, clumsy, friendly, sensitive and random.
She was a cross between some enchanted, talking-bird (not a parrot) and a Phoenix. She was raised the first 10 years of her life by the owner of the Phoenix. She learned how to fly, even if she's probably the weakest and clumsiest flying creature around, and to speak a bit in English. Her owner left her to let her live on her own, just like her mother did before her. She flew from town to town, trying to fit in. She tried fitting in with other birds but it was worthless since she scared any bird away when she came by. (Like when you run toward a bunch of birds) when she met her first pony ((well, actually second if we count the first one earlier)), he took interest in her and cared for her like a normal pet. She never talked during the years with that pony, afraid that this one would be freaked out of a talking bird. when she did, the pony acted as she predicted. It got rid of her. It took a decade before she did contact with an other one. Each 5 to 15 years, the same thing happens. She gets a new owner and after some time, she fly away herself or she gets thrown away from her home and she then finds a new one.
When she was 58, she discover that she could perform elemental magic. She found a book of her owner at that time that was all about that magic and she learned to use it. She only use it when it would be too dangerous to proceed to resurect like she always does or when somepony like a very good friend or her current owner is in great danger and that there is no other solution.
She always want a owner, even I she knows that she can take care of herself most of the time. But it's like a habit that she have and that she cannot get rid of it. ((Like those clothes that are too small and ugly that would be only good for the garbage but you keep them just because you had them for a long time))
(Curent owner) none
Resolved Issues / Screen name problem
2012 May 31, 07:19:57
Why can't I change my screen name? Is this normal or a bug?
Ok... I'm just going to make it as a small form because I don't want write a text right now...

Name:Honey Blast


Appearance: light orange pelt, yellow mane with black stripes in it. I don't know what eye color... Maybe green but if it doesn't look good, brown

Personality:extremely shy, easily confused and energetic. He can also be a bit overprotective over his friends (AKA bees)

Story:((incomplete but I can tell you a few stuff for now))
He was born in Manehatten, and his parents died in an accident a the year after. He was moved in ponyville at 2 years old and he was put in a foster's home ((I think it's how we spell it))

He got his cuttie mark at 6. He was all alone and a bee hive fell on him. He didn't know what to do, since he know what bees do; they sting. He strangely felt happy beeing with the bees. They didn't attack. He stayed a bit with the bees and help them rebuild there hive. It took an hour and it was done. He walked away with a bee on the flank, or so he tought. It is his cuttie mark!
P.S= could someone be kind enough to make him in the pony creator? Please? I'm on my computer and I can't do it on my computer because it's a "computosorus" if you know what I mean.
Here is a song of princess peach.

They are two reference in thus video. One is 100% visible and hearsble but the other one will tell you what the guys who made this song are.

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Well, for those who don't know, I'm actually not a girl. I'm a boy and my OC is a girl. So don't say that it's someone else, ok?

Here is the clarinet cover of "Hush now, Quiet now"

((sorry if it's just a link, I am on the iPod right now.))

Oh, and I found the notes by trial and error.

A vocal cover of "this day Aria" is coming. I need to upload it

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Video Games Archive / Pokemon anypony?
2012 Apr 07, 17:17:10
Hey! Who plays poke on here?
I played all the version and now, I'm doing a new challenge I created myself.
Here is my real team((black version))

Umbreon LV 100 (shiny)
Vaporeon LV 44
Ninetails LV 60
Mandibuzz LV 56
Kangaskhan LV 55
Kingdra LV 54

And here is my challenge= you start the game, when you got the first pokeballs that X gave you, go capture one pokemon. Go release your starter and then, your team will be only pokemons from the first 3 routes. You can have the same pokemon twice and you can evolve them.
In this, those pokemon will be the only one you will have.
Example=((one team for gold, the one I'm using))
Caterpi  ((weedle if you have silver))