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Post here your latest purchases in music, any music. CD's, Vinyl's, Singles, DVD's, Accessories, ...
Rate them and recommend them to others, abhor them and warn others not to buy them or anything in between.

If you have a different opinion, please don't be shy to say it, just keep it... pleasant.

I'll start, last week I bought 2 albums of The Moody Blues.
Days of Future Passed and In Search of the Lost Chord. Both with a lot of bonus track
I made this purchase solely because of one song, Nights in White Satin, which was so impressive, a combination of orchestral, psychedelic and progressive rock.
That was the reason I wanted DoFP at least. The reason I bought ISotLC was mostly because it was a buget-package .
After listening to both of them it's obvious that DoFP is the most orchestral of the two, then again it was recorded with an orchestra.
But orchestra or not I recommend them both to all fans of either orchestral, psychedelic or progressive rock.
"The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is."
- Yoda -

But that does not mean we can not discuss the possibilities.

Ok, to be honest the future itself is something that someone who watched the movies knows already.
However, what happens between the last episode and the movies is something we do not.

A sixth season was confirmed but due to the main focus being shifted towards Star Wars VII, things might be different.
Speculations are delaying, animated movies and the horrific cancellation.
Spoiler: Reference with MAJOR SPOILERS around 2'15" in the first one and a sum up in the second • show
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
This one comes from the official site and is called "The Future of Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

This one says it's cancelled.

Now it is discussion time:
The future of the series, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, Hondo Ohnaka or anything else, you think is interesting or confusing.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Flowers in General
2013 Mar 03, 08:36:45
Everyone knows flowers.

But what is the function of flowers in Equestria.
- Aesthetic
- Food
- Ingredients for potions
Probably all of the above.

But that makes me wonder.
Are ponies like Daisy, Rose, Lilly Valley or any others with flower Cutie Marks Florists, Botanist, Farmers or something else?
Original Characters / Judas
2013 Feb 17, 21:35:57
[Still under construction]

Name: Judas
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Male

Spoiler: Picture by Julius • show

Spoiler: Cutiemark • show
A mortar with pestle made out of a dark grey stone with some lighter shades
The mortar and pestle represent alchemy, experimenting, ... chemistry so to say.
Spoiler: Crude Drawing • show

Spoiler: Where and How • show
In a cave in mountain. Not a nasty, dirty, wet cave, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Alchemist-hole, and that means comfort.

Location is east of Ponyville and south of Canterlot, it is secluded over there and has almost everything necessary to live comfortable.
Spoiler: Location on official map • show

Spoiler: Activities • show
Besides creating potions and poisons, going out on trips in search of new ingredients.
Experimenting with all kinds of things because who knows, it might be fun to watch.

As a hobby you might want to add music, but... it can never be more than a hobby.

Spoiler: Magic abilities • show
Mostly abilities that have practical use.
Levitating and Telekinesis: It speaks for itself, pretty basic and always handy. Able to use on objects and small critters.
Fire: For heating up alembics, flasks, ...
Ice: For cooling down alembics, flasks, ...
Temperature control: In line of the 2 above, I perfected a way to keep a certain temperature constant.

Experimenting does occur from time to time, the number one goal is to manipulate atoms

Spoiler: Personality and Characteristics • show

He is a dreamer, which makes him sometimes oblivious to what is going on around him.
As long as he can experiment or do fun things he is happy, but when boredom strikes he gets all gloomy.

He hates it when reality comes knocking on his door, because it disrupt his idea of utopia.
He has some common ground with Romanticism, though he likes scientific progress and knowledge.

He is a bit paranoid, fearing and doubting others kindness.
That is why he lives alone, far enough from big cities, but close enough to help or swallow his pride and fear and to get help.
This one time I had a conversation with my family about leaving your name and personal info on the web.
Because even companies and other institutions screen you through the internet and judge you based on what they find.
So I began to think, how many links does Google find if I typed my name.

Spoiler: The Damage: • show
In total I found 6 links that lead to a bit of info about me.
2 to a topic here (that are unavailable to see), 2 to the archives of a guestlog of a festival (that mention my love for metal),
1 of my dad (where he mentioned me as his son) and last a family tree (where my name was spelled wrong).

So I think I'm pretty clean and anonymous on the web.

Now my question is, how clean or dirty are you on the internet?
Type your name in google, you might need to use "NAME SURNAME" to get a finer search.

This topic was brought to you by Judas, not to acquire your personal data but to raise awareness.

        Raise awareness, raise awareness
        One, two, three, four
        Together, we can raise awareness
        One, two, three, four
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Faust's Silliness
2013 Jan 13, 05:20:11
Due to the new information that has come to light the topic is renamed

Our Goddess has spoken once more, yet I noticed that now there is a paradox.

We all know Spike used the term and I could swear I saw one in Dodge Junction

Discuss and please keep the topic clean of poo-jokes.
The first one who's cheeky enough to make one, I will sent farther than the moon straight to Uranus.

All right I hope this evidence will leave a fertile ground for discussion.
Hello, it's me again.
I have a new suggestion, recently I got 3 PM and I didn't even noticed them until I checked my e-mail much later that day.

Is there a way to make it more noticeable?
The year still has some days left and Murphy may or may not have prepared something for us.
But that's not going to get our happy spirits down.

As a species that constantly look for improvement we all have our idea of an even better 2013.
Now the questions remains, what are your New Years' resolutions?
... And yes, you can be greedy answering this one.

I for one, will scrape some courage together and ask a certain girl out.

Also a whole Graspop 2013 without throwing up.
Resolved Issues / Unintended adds?
2012 Nov 10, 21:05:25
Spoiler: show
Hi there, I'm Little Judas
You might remember me from such classics as
Who's Notable?, New Boards and who could forget Today's Smile.

Well boys and girls, today I going to ask you this:
While typing a little something about Perry joining the asylum, the word "join" became a link, to something called "Wooz Worlds".
I changed my sentence to avoid it and all was forgotten.
That was until Chishio Kunrin typed this:
As you can see "Friends" is also linked to that same place.

Is this an add you admins and mods know about due to financial benefit or is this malevolent add-ware that sneaked into the site?

Words so far.

Did you guys change anything while I was typing? It's gone.
Resolved Issues / Who's Notable?
2012 Sep 30, 19:50:04
I noticed that the new site is available, congratulations on that.
But I saw one of the previous posts and noticed that Chishio Kunrin won "July 2012 Notable Pony Nominations!"
Yet those 2 months afterwards weren't that notable I assume. I'm still happy for them but...
Is that award over or were we that annoying?

(Some of you might need to press "CTRL + F5" on the mainsite to get the new one)
A few moths ago there was a topic for your creative food ideas.
Now my question for you everypony, what unorthodox meals have you actually made.
(Failed and successful experiments welcome)

Let's get started.

Today I actually tried a scrambled egg with whisky.
I can tell you that it isn't... the best.
The Ethanol destroyed the structure of the egg.
The red wine-vinegar I added did nothing much because the taste of red label dominates everything

Conclusion: edible but not something worth trying.
Music Archive / Respect for this guy.
2012 Sep 17, 15:53:08
Just saw this and... wow, just wow.
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

This also made me realize I still suck.
Off-Topic / Today's Smile
2012 Aug 16, 20:12:51
Because there was a topic where you could complain about life and what not...

I thought of a topic where you can all post what made you happy today.
A topic where we appreciate the small and big things in life.
(actually I stole the concept from another forum)

But please keep in mind, that no matter how happy you are of some things, there are still rules in this forum.


I'll start off.
Today I was happy to see an friend who I hadn't seen in months.
Played some 8-ball (I won all games), talked a bit..., we had a good time.
It made me happy.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Unthinkable
2012 Jul 27, 13:23:49
Unthinkable but true.
Most of you did not want to believe it, denied and abhorred it even.

I'm talking about meat, as in food.
Spoiler: Proof! • show

All right, technically she doesn't eat it but it is there.

Do with this information what you want but do not deny its existence.
Also this is not a place to present your own lifestyle choice, there are already topic for.
Resolved Issues / New Boards
2012 Jul 20, 16:51:17

There is a Music Board, an Animation Board and a Video-Games Board.
All good, no complaints or anything.
But I find your lack of Books and Movie Boards disturbing.

Something to think about...

Your faithful [insert witty thing]

*Edit: Other suggestions: Educational Board (or Smarty Pants Board).
Music Archive / In memory of Jon Lord
2012 Jul 16, 16:24:15
Today Jon lord has died due to pancreatic cancer.

Jonathan Douglas "Jon" Lord (9 June 1941 - 16 July 2012) was an English composer, pianist and Hammond organ player known for his pioneering work in fusing rock and classical or baroque forms, especially with Deep Purple, besides Whitesnake, Paice, Ashton & Lord, The Artwoods and Flower Pot Men.

Spoiler: Examples of his music. • show

He composed the classical piece in the middle.

If anyone has knows more songs of which they think it honours him, post them.

Rest in peace

Actually you will play the game.
Something to keep you busy while waiting for season 3...

That right Jigsaw-puzzles PONYFIED!!!

Mane Six
Stainde Glass
Smile, Smile, Smile!
Comic Con 2011

Also did this belong in Pony Off-Topic or Video Games?
Let's poll it.