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It is true, that when the question "who is best pony" arises, battles and arguments are bound to break out. Here in this thread, I'd like to see everyone post a photo of their personal pick for "best pony," and I'll keep a little tally in the original post. (Optional: An explanation, in addition to a picture, of why you like said pony best.  ^-^ )

Once again, this is supposed to be a fun thread, so please no arguing. We all know that each person is entitled to their own opinions. We also all know that everypony is best pony!

Disclaimer: Your "best pony" does NOT need to be an actual pony it can be any character from the show My Little Pony, so long as they are indeed your favorite! Choose wisely!  :D
Off-Topic Archive / Dogs are cool.
2014 Aug 20, 14:05:39
Post dogs.

I'll start.
Spoiler: show
^click it btw.. it's a link, even though you can barely tell.. :p
Off-Topic Archive / HAPPY CAPS LOCK DAY.
2012 Oct 22, 18:19:54
Spoiler: as seen in episode • show

Red = Red / Maroon / Crimson

Rose = Magenta / Rose / Orchid

Spoiler: or maybe... • show
Hey there mares and gentlecolts I have another favor to ask of you talented ponies out there!
I have this very very cute lullaby that I would like to sing to my baby, Itty Bit.... BUT, to do that, I would really like to have a backtrack of the song so I can sing with music. >///< So if any of you out there know how to make a backtrack of a song.. that would be amaaaazing.
Here is the song:

Actually, better yet, if somepony can make me a very very nice backtrack, I will draw a request for them.  ^-^
Thanks guys!

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Go to 34:30. Watch Cade(a)nce revive Shining Armour. Watch the mane six react. Yes Pinkie Pie... stare into the blinding light.  ovO
Which episodes' screencaps can you find? (zooooooom in!)

EDIT: Oh I guess it's harder to see on here, but I have the image saved on my computer and I can see every image clearly. o_O
Canterlot Archives / Pinkie's Roleplay!
2012 Jun 27, 22:19:13
This is MY roleplay.
I'm mainly creating this thread to continue the roleplaying between Lary and Moonbeam. I am absolutely open to other people joining, hence why this is a SIGN UP roleplay. Also, please note that although it says 'Pinkie's RP' it isn't a roleplay ABOUT Pinkie.. It is called Pinkie's RP because that's what I am know as on the forums.  ^-^
hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerHTML = 'Spoiler: SIGN UP FORM. Fill this out and PM it to me if you'd like to join.   :Dshow'; }" />Spoiler: SIGN UP FORM. Fill this out and PM it to me if you'd like to join.   :Dshow

Age (human or pony years):
Roleplay Sample:

Ponies Signed Up:
-Pinkie Pie
-Lusterless Nova
-Teal Turken
-Hyper Drive[HD]
-The Stars
-Lord of Madness
-Cloud Chaser
-Itty Bit
-Doctor Light

Last Four Messages
Quote from: Lary on 2012 Jun 27, 16:28:31
Lary began to panic from seeing her upset.
"Moonbeam, stop being sad. Because then it's going to make me sad and I don't like being sad because I've been sad for too long and you've been making me happy and I don't want to go back...!"

Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2012 Jun 27, 16:30:24
Moonbeam stood up abruptly. "I think I'm going to go home...I'll see you later" She rushed out.

Quote from: Lary on 2012 Jun 27, 16:32:56
Lary didn't even move. He sat as he watched her dash out, with his jaw dropping and tears running down his face.

Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2012 Jun 27, 16:35:11
Moonbeam rushed home, she didn't know why she was upset, but she was. She ran inside, slamming the door. Then to the bed, burying her face in a pillow she sobbed.
Yup! I've decided to do something special. No not for you sillys! But you can all enjoy my 'special something' too if you'd like.  ^-^

I am going to record myself singing BBBFF for my older brother for his birthday. (it isn't for a few month, but I wanna do it now...or soon anyway.) I spent this night altering the lyrics slightly so that they would fit us better...since he did NOT teach me how to fly a kite.   =P

So anyway, I haven't recorded it yet, but I will be doing it soon. Ideally tomorrow, if I have the time.
But for now.... here are the lyrics:
(Again, I only changed three lines...)
Spoiler: Pinkie's Lyrics to BBBFF • show
When I was just a filly I found it rather silly
To see how many other ponies I could meet
I had my games to play, didn't know that there would be a way,
For-other ponies to make my life complete
But there was one colt that I cared for
I knew he would be there for me
My big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, we did everything together
He shared his Xbox with me,
(Best friend forever)
And though we sometimes disagreed,
(We did everything together)
We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams
I miss him more than I realized, it seems

Your big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, you did everything together

And though he's oh so far away
I hoped that he would stay
My big brother best friend

I'm both nervous and excited.  :D <3

EDIT: Funny thing is, my brother has an account here.....
But he is just waiting for the game, so I don't think that I will have to worry about him seeing that thread.  lol

EDIT 2: I'm done with my first recording, this is the original lyrics, I'll do it with my own later, and probably not post that one here.  X3
Here's teh linky-poo~

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Original Characters / PINKIE PIE'S OCs.
2012 Jun 18, 19:41:27
Hello there, welcome to my OC page.

^Art by Stardust
v Art by i like lobsters

Spoiler: Moonbeam • show

[center]m o o n b e a m[/center]

Name: Moonbeam
Gender: Mare
Age: 19 human years
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Dark blue coat. Light blue, silvery, medium length, choppy mane. Neon blue eyes. Smallish, weak looking wings. Overall frail and helpless looking.
Cutie Mark: Duel moon and star design. (img by Dawnstar)
Special Talent: Dream walking. Dream walking is more of a curse than a talent, and, being an innate talent, she earned her cutie mark at a remarkably young age. Although she earned it at a young age, she still hasn't fully developed this ability. Dream walking does a number on her physical strength as well as on her mind, especially when the dreams are nightmares. She cannot control which dreams she goes into and often cannot make her way out of them easily.
Childhood: Moonbeam grew up in Canterlot with a very strict pair of unicorn parents, never learned to fly because her parents forbid it. She never had any friends, and doesn't know her true parents.
Spoiler: Parents: • show
Charles and Berry Pure ((Sorry they don't have cutiemarks..  X3 ))

Relationships: Moonbeam has little experience little experience interacting with others and is very socially awkward. She is currently in a relationship with Lary the Pegasus, but they have a hard time understanding each other.
Spoiler: Mate: • show

Personality: Moonbeam is your typical tsundere character, she is shy and timid around new people, but she will slowly warm up. Once she warms up to someone, she is sweet and fun, but she is a bit bipolar. She can turn bitter and depressed very easily, especially during a new moon.
Short History: Moonbeam was abandoned at birth and found by a snooty unicorn couple who took her in because she was 'different'. They wanted a pegasus foal because every other pony in Canterlot had unicorns. Growing up she was quite a night pony, she felt happier at night and if it weren't for her parents' firm sleeping schedules, she would be nocturnal. Her parents were very strict and never let her learn to fly. They insisted that she learn to look and act like a unicorn and would even bind her wings so she could on fly. To this day her wings are very undergrown and weak.

Once she turned nineteen she finally built up the courage to leave home. She took the few bits she had saved from her rich parents and departed in the middle of the night for Ponyville. Arriving in Ponyville she had no idea what she was doing. She didn't know how to function in the adult world. She used all her bits to purchase a small house at the edge of Ponyville.

When she got to Ponyville she met Lary and started dating him, he is teaching her how to fly.

Spoiler: Art of Moonbeam. Artists in order: Morgan Sententia, PrincessParfait, Firefly, UNKNOWN, Equestrian, Trilight Dashie, LarryMcLie, Skardan, Sugarcup, GossamerWings, Ethereal Nebula, Tiger, Cats Meow, LarryMcLie(again), Thunder Heart, Devmoder011, Ryo_D_Disk, Johannes, Sulfur, Lary, Shy-blood, Starsong  • show

Spoiler: Cutiemark (second image thanks to Firefly) • show
Spoiler: Breezy Wind • show
[center]b r e e z y   w i n d[/center]
Name: Breezy Wind
Gender: Mare
Age: 15 human years
Race: Earth Pony (part reindeer)
Appearance: Light green coat. Long bleach blonde mane, bangs usually over her eyes, mane typically braided. Sea green with a hint of blue eyes. Hooves like Big Macintosh. She is a bit shorter than most ponies, but average weight. She is part reindeer, thus she has small dark brown horns.
Cutie Mark: Dandelion blowing in the wind. (img by Dawnstar)
Special Talent: Gardening, taking care of plants.

Childhood: Breezy Wind's father was an earth pony, her mother was a reindeer. She never knew her father. She was raised by her mother in a herd of reindeer but one day, when she was 9, she lost her way and never saw her family since. She now wanders Equestria searching for her long lost family, spending most of that time in the Everfree forest.
Relationships: Breezy, like Moonbeam, has little experience with relationships. She had a very close familial relationship among her herd, but no love interests. She has never met anypony out of her herd.
Personality: Kind but timid. Breezy is very shy, but she is also quiet curious... and the curiousity will often overcome the shyness.  ;)
Short History: As I mentioned before, Breezy lived most of her life within a reindeer herd. Her mother was very overprotective of her, but one day she wasn't paying attention, a dragon appeared and scared the herd. They all scattered, and Breezy being too young to know what to do, fled blindly from the dragon. After much running, she was lost. She never saw any of them again. She wandered the forest for years searching for them, but recently stumbled across Ponyville. She doesn't know much about civilization, so she has trouble getting used to the town.

Cutiemark story:Due to the fact that Breezy lived with Reindeer (who don't have cutiemarks), she did not know about them. Because of this, she never tried to figure it out, like most young ponies did. She discovered her love of nature as a young foal. One day she awoke to a seed laying in front of her muzzle, she asked her mother about it and she was told to plant it. She found a spot and did what her mother said. When the plant started to sprout, Breezy was thrilled. She instantly feel in love with nature and soon enough, her cutiemark appeared. When it appeared, she was not the first to see it. After all, what reindeer typically looks at their flank often? It was noticed by another young reindeer. Breezy had no idea what was happening, but again, her mother was there to explain.
Spoiler: Art of Breezy. Artists in order: Tiger, Pigeon, Johannes, Ethereal Nebula, Trilight Dashie, Thunder Heart, Koalalover99 (x2), Crystal Chaos, Fudgemuffin, Ryo_D_Disk, Drizzle Mutt, Skardan, Spirittai1, Cutiebone, Chishio Kunrin, Itty Bit, Firefly • show

Spoiler: Cutiemark • show

Spoiler: Button • show
[center]b  u  t  t  o  n[/center]

Name: Button
Gender: Mare
Age: 20 human years
Race: Earth pony
Appearance: White coat, green to blue to purple pastel ombre mane, average build, icy blue eyes, wears a deep pink bow to match her cutiemark.
Cutie Mark: A deep pink patch heart
Special Talent: Making plushies

More information about Button coming soon.

Spoiler: Art of Button, Artists in order: Itty Bit, Kamikaze • show

A complete collection of pictures of Button can be found here: boop~
Spoiler: Cutiemark • show
The pony creator on deviant art, This one, has SEVERAL hair styles of the show Avatar the Last Airbender.

They have Azula, Zuko, Ty Lee, Katara, Sokka, even Toph. And Aang (bald lol)

I was geeking out about it... :3 So I thought I would share.. :3
Resolved Issues / Site Lag?
2012 Jun 01, 07:41:27
I am getting a dreadful lag on this site right now. All the other sites I have open work fine but LoE seems to be going very very slow. Is this just because the team is still cleaning up the site? I hope it doesn't last long.  :I

I'm too impatient for lag.  >:(

(This thread made a whole lot more sense when I was known as "Pinkie Pie")

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Don't be shy, pink is quite a manly colour~

Thanks to Ryo_D_Disk for the lovely pinkified snowflake.^

Ponies Pinkified so far: OVER SIXTY!!