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Introductions / i guess im back??
2019 Feb 08, 17:05:11
Does anyone remember a user by the name of "Thundergirl" or "Thunder Spin"?

no?i wouldnt be surprised lol

Anyway, if you do in fact have a slight memory of that person, it's me!

I just had to create a new account, because i forgot my password lol[/i] i just feel like i've entirely changed, i've matured a lot and i bet no one would ever recognize me if had i never made this post fsfsfs. I was not intending on coming back, but i've had some nice memories here and i really liked roleplaying.

,,So uh, here are a few facts about me:

- Female
- 15 y/o
- I am like, in love, with Billie Eilish, her songs -if you couldn't tell by my signature and pfp-
- I've been rping since august 2016, i think
- I love electronic music
- I am an ambivert (between introvert and extrovert)
- Art
- Chocolate
- A v o c a d o
- I love a good ol' joke/meme
- I have been learning English for 6 years
- I have been learning French for almost 3 years

So uhm;;
That's it qwq. Hope to get to make new friends, and get back in touch with the people i used to talk to before.

I hope you have a blessed day/night~