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Note: This will NOT be in equestria and OCs will be human

As of now the main story will be one of the typical save the world from demons though that may or may not change over time as of right now there are 10 character slots open for main party members so I will only accept 4 characters (one per pony)

Info needed
Nickname (optional)
Back story:
Appearance: (Description is recommended)

*It is possible for me to create custom classes though they must fit the fantasy realm

(RP based off The World Ends With You)hoofsteps surround you as you wake up. you're in  Ponyville's shopping center as you get up you notice that you can sense other's minds reading them. However they can't hear or see you. A letter appears infront of you. Inside is a message "Make it to Sugercube corner in 15 minutes or face erasage." What happened to you? Why are you here? and why can't anypony see or hear you? Inside of your saddle bag is a pin with a skull on it not being there before you woke up.
Meanwhile two ponies stand on top of a large building watching over the ponies below one is a pink hair mare with a horn and strange black wings. the other is a pony with an orange mane he has a lollipop in his mouth and a big smirk his back bearing the same black wings. Both of their cutie marks are weird skull symbols after watching the new players they leave the building
Player or Reaper?:
(If player) most precious thing in their life

Sign up: [size=78%][/size]

A voice speaks to you and tells you to go to Canterlot Castle but be weary do not speak to anypony just go to the castle the voice says it shall explain when you arrive there

Flame is waiting inside the castle. The princesses are there as are two unknown ponies though they are earth ponies their shadows cast large wings across it
Strange happenings have been going on across Equestria recently ponies saying that they were possessed and strange what appears to be paranormal happenings a strange voice speaks to you one night and tells you about these happenings and what is really going on you set out to stop these paranormal happenings

race (this includes Demon and Angel)

Canterlot Archives / idea:supernatural
2013 Sep 28, 15:56:49
mainly the idea is based around the Supernatural show and of course toned down (taking away the guns and death (not the reapers) for those who do not know Supernatural is a showed based around two brothers hunting down supernatural entities

one day you find a strange stopwatch on the ground the watch is stopped on exactly 12:00 when you pick it up it starts glowing and then everything slowly starts to vanish around you
ah where to start some of the biggest moments had to be
the ending the majority of corpse party blood covered
(cliche I know) mother 3
the ending of Yume Nikki
the crooked man
Music Archive / K-pop thread
2013 Aug 15, 05:30:52
\\if there is already one delete this one//

who is your favorite K-pop artist and song

Video Games Archive / MSdos games
2013 May 18, 14:50:03
anypony know of or play any good ones I have only played Darkseed so far
Sign-up can be found here:
Flame is in the center of town waiting for the others to arrive
((based off Bioshock infinite))
story: After much research and a letter from an unknown mare Flame started research on a pony named Clopstock he wasn't able to fine much after visiting the Dreamscape (correct me Seriack if I am wrong) a floating city had appeared in the sky but does this city hold much darker secrets then any could think of
No gore
No serious injuries
No cussing
Don't be OP (I will give a warning)
No killing
Don't be out of control

special abilities
weapon of choice
Apperence or description

Name: Flame
age: 23
gender: male
race: unicorn
Special abilities: Dark form, demon's eye and Final Judgement
Weapon of choice: Keyblade Rapture/Last Judgement
Apperence: profile picture
they say history is destine to repeat but maybe there is a way to break that loop

Flame and Ice are at the docks waiting for the others to arrive

we start off from the Life in Ponyville point
Sign-up: Right now just PM an application
lately young foals have been dissapearing the kidnapper is unknown but there is one thing known there is always a origami figure when he strikes they have found his 7th victim and it appears it might rain soon

Flame walks out of the Everfree and heads to a house he knocks on the door

Mine would have to be Heavy Rain if you don't choose right and well you know what I mean if you have played it
Resolved Issues / Error?
2012 Oct 10, 20:36:51
I keep trying to connect to a page on my Equestria Hearts RP but every time it takes forever to load and then I get this

Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/legendso/public_html/forum/Sources/Load.php on line 2126
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It is a normal day in equestria when a strange storm spreads across the land

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It is a normal day in equestria when a strange storm spreads across the land

The Retirement Home / WH4T NOW
2012 May 31, 23:22:09

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Guild Archive / [Herd] God tier players
2012 May 29, 00:21:39
God Tier Players
A herd for Homestuck lovvers


OC Name
Fourm name
*Favorite troll