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Thought I'd share some screenshots I've taken since I've been here.

My characters are (all are part of Team Cloudsdale):

Chrome Thunder

This is my ponysona. The name is the result of entering my real name into one of those pony name generators. The first one I tried gave me the name "Brother Lionheart". Might have used it, but I checked and there was already around a half dozen other OC's with that name. The second one gave me this and I stuck with it. What I like is the cutie mark almost perfectly  matches the one in the game (cloud and lightning bolt).
Chrome's occupation is a signal maintainer for the railroad. Also a storm spotter (which I really am IRL), and a member of the NLR.


Maverick started as my first ever brushable custom: A G1 big brother pony:
A few years ago I made 2 fanfics that he was the lead character in (Ace Combat: Battle for Equestria and Ace Combat: The Changeling War), changing him from an earth pony to a pegasus and changing his cutie mark from an F-14 to a spade (wish playing card symbols were available as CM's in the game).
Maverick is a weather pony and part of the Shadowbolts branch NLR Air Force. He did don a Wonderbolts costume for one event. Now a member of the Wind Riders / Wind Howlers.


An OC I based off the Nightshade flower. She was another character in my 2 fanfics (in the 1st an antagonist, the 2nd a protagonist).
A tough as nails mare that hates wearing dresses, and loves doing stunt flying (including making low, high speed passes by other ponies), and being mischievous. Also a member of the Shadowbolts and  Wind Riders / Wind Howlers. .

Dahlia Hawthorne

In 2009 I started making a series of G1 and G3  customs based on Ace Attorney characters, including my favorite villain from the series. She became a main character in my Ace Combat: BFE fanfic too.
Unlike the character she's based on she's not evil, and is yet another Shadowbolt and Wind Riders / Wind Howlers member.

Papa Emeritus

Nothing special just a pony based off of the lead singer of a band I became a fan of last year (I wish the skeleton costume worked on him correctly, and I wish a pontiff hat was available in the game).

A unicorn that is fascinated by paranormal stuff, exploration, and is one of the few non pegasus  weather ponies.

Ice Crystal (deleted)

He was based on the G1 Mountain Boy (a series of big brother brushables  only released in the UK). Had to delete him as he was stuck as a foal due to a glitch in the final mission.

Raspberry Beret

She is a canon FiM character that appeared as one of the Method Mares in Made in Manehattan. Originally a no name, she got the name Raspberry Beret as part of a fanbase naming contest on I think Reddit or somewhere. The season 8 episode Horse Play made her name canon.

A mare who's well versed in art and theatrical events (she needs a beret and a turtleneck in the game).

To start: Some from a situation unfolding in deep Everfree as I type this. The dragons and timberwolves have become docile in one room. Even the lv. 65 one. Here's me, Solar Flare, and Twinkle Sparkle with the lv. 65:

And us and Night Powder with a 50:

Here's me and a Timberwolf:

Have lots more, but wanted to post these first (and I don't have time right now ^-^ ).

Edit: And here we go (spoilered to help with page load times):

Spoiler: show
Ok time for some more.

The first one I ever took (and turned into a macro) was when I discovered Cockatrice corner in the Everfree:

Typical SCC shenanigans :

Hearts and Hooves day party:

Uuuuuuh... Dog pony?  :P

Oh, what a feelin'...

Nightshade as a foal with some others:

Soldiers of the night (has anyone tried a meetup of "NLR soldiers?):

My favorite spot to sit on top of SCC:

At the secret cave:

Maverick at the cauldron:

Nightshade flying over Canterlot:

Maverick flying under the fog in Everfree gorge:

Dahlia Hawthorne on Twilight's bed:

There I'm caught up. Will post more if something interesting comes up.

Edit: 3-6-18: Had another event happen in the dragon corner of the Everfree yesterday. Me and a few others were grinding exp from dragons and timberwolves (well they were. My main character is finally maxed out), when suddenly NPC Private Wing Sentinel appeared, and started interfering with us by killing any wolves that got near her, and she wound up in the middle of some of our attacks, and she started coming after us. Namely me even though I wasn't attacking her. She managed to kill me twice, then a second one of her showed up. The others managed to take them out and they didn't reappear.

Introductions / What's up?
2018 Jan 23, 07:37:15
I just discovered the laptop I got last year was capable of running Team Fortress 2, so I figured running LoE wouldn't be a problem. And so here I am. My first taste of the was at the 2016 Midwest Brony Fest when a server was set up there, but I couldn't take part in it because my desktop was too old.

I currently have 3 characters: My main one (and my ponysona) Chrome Thunder (unicorn), Maverick (pegasus), and Ice Crystal (earth) Edit: Now have my other 3: Nightshade (pegasus), Dahlia Hawthorne (pegasus), and Papa Emeritus (unicorn). Concentrating on getting Chrome leveled up first. Some of you have probably already met me in game. If not I'll see you around!