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So I joined a group of ponies who have concerns about the way that the moderation team on Legends of Equestria handles discipline in game among other things.  The members of this group have drafted a letter which was posted to the official LoE Discord and is currently being reviewed and addressed by the moderation team.  I was asked to post the letter here so that it would have more exposure for the general public to review.  Please take a moment to read this (it's only three pages) and let us know your thoughts.  We are not trying to start any trouble with the moderation team, we would just like to see some improvements for the betterment of the player's experience in Legends of Equestria.  This isn't about starting drama or slinging hate or blame, it's about opening up a dialogue so there can be real change for the better.  Please consider this as you read.  And thank you.

An Open Letter To The LoE Development Team
Video / Life In Ponydale
2018 Sep 08, 11:19:02
Hello, Holiday Cheer here.  I am starting a new podcast sort of thing that will be basically about the weird and unexplained happenings in our little slice of Equestria.  I'll also be using it as a platform to advertise upcoming events and help other ponies get their events out there more too.  I'm hoping that this can take off and be a thing that you will all enjoy and that will be useful and entertaining for the community. 

However I need your help and any contributions you would like to make!  I would love to have better thumbnails for the episodes and I would also love to have music to play in the background of the podcast.  If you have skills at either of these things I will happily commission your services.  I am also happy to include any ideas anypony might have for future episodes, for characters in episodes, and of course I want to advertise your event, birthday, anniversary, social gathering, or even roleplay here on this program.  So please contact me here, on Discord, or even in the game to let me know what you'd like to see.  I'm also happy to allow other contributors to provide their own audio and will work with you to let you be a part of it.

Enjoy!   <3  :D

Life In Ponydale 1: Pumpkin Pielot
Art / Ponies In The Natural World
2018 Aug 25, 22:50:12
Hello everypony.  Along with having been introduced to this magic world of pastel talking horses, I've been introduced to the magical world of collecting merchandise of pastel talking horses.  And in doing so I have discovered the joys of taking photos of them in places all over during my travels.  None of this of course would've ever been possible with the support of the lovely Pumpkin Glow and the adorable 'Pocket Pumpkin' she provided me with. <3

So without further ado here are some photos of ponies in natural (and unnatural) settings:


Pocket Pumpkin:

Pumpkin views the krekkomogators:

Fluttershy goes on a mountain hike:

Pocket Pumpkin and Pocket Holiday:

Pinkie at the lake:

Vinyl Scratch:

Many more to come.

Fillies and Gentlecolts.  The Equestria Games Committee would like to announce the first LoE Equestria Games.  This is a celebration of the spirit of teamwork and the bonds of friendship throughout all of Equestria!  This competition will feature a variety of events and all ponies young and old are welcome to join.

The Games will be held from July 22-28, with events occurring at 12PM and 9PM GMT.  You don't have to show up at both times.  The same events will be held at both times with the exception of the Pillow Tag and the Airshow Competition which will only be held at 9PM GMT on their respective days since these require more ponies and coordination ahead of time.  The two times are so ponies in different time zones can still participate in the events.

Following the Opening Ceremony the schedule for the events is as follows:

Tuesday, July 24: Pegasus Airshow and Flight Race. - CLOUDOPOLIS (Meet at Flight School)  Event Early Session at 12PM GMT, Late Session at 9PM GMT.
Wednesday, July 25: CK Earth Pony Hoof Race, Unicorn Obstacle Race. (Meet at CK Stadium) Event Early Session at 12PM GMT, Late Session at 9PM GMT.
Thursday, July 26: Pillow Tag Tournament.  - HEARTLANDS PVP ARENA  Event starts at 9PM GMT.
 Friday, July 27: Earth Pony Triathalon, Unicorn Teleport Race.  (Meet at Cantermore Fountain) Event Early Session at 12PM GMT, Late Session at 9PM GMT.
Saturday, July 28:  All Team Cross Country Race, All Team Relay.  - (Meet at Ponydale Town Hall) 7PM GMT.
Equestria Games Closing Ceremony - CK Stadium following last events.

Everypony is welcome to attend the events as a competitor.  Ponies who aren't already on a team will be assigned to the third Crystal Kingdom team.  You can check out my Planning thread on the forum for more information and maps of the race routes. 

And if you would like to volunteer to help with the events, please let me know either here or when you see me in game.

Current Rankings

Crystal Kingdom: Gold 7  Silver 4 Bronze 5  TOTAL POINTS: 34
Cloudopolis:        Gold 5  Silver 8 Bronze 3  TOTAL POINTS: 34
Ponydale:            Gold 4  Silver 5  Bronze 7  TOTAL POINTS: 29

Current Team Rosters


Captain: Festive Cheer
Lemon Cloud
Random Fandom
Day Dream
Cheshire Cat
Fluffy Cloud
Stellar Eclipse
Melody Sweetheart-Cheer
Pink Horse
Amethyst Crust
Night Flame


Captain: SirDeadPuppy
Sunny Skies
Sky Arrow
Fourth Dimension
Chrome Thunder
CMC Scootaloo
Sweet Cookie
Sweet Zeal
Black Orichalcos
Eggy Purplemane
Novy Sprinkle
Night Striker
Shadow Azure
Golden Sky

Blue Storm
Frozen Wing
Sunny Sandbar
Lucky Light

HEY EVERYPONY!  Have you ever wanted to attend a party for a holiday, birthday, wedding, or other social event?  Did you ever want to attend that party as a magical talking tiny horse?  Then look no farther than the party planning committee of Legends of Equestria also know as the

Agents of P.O.N.I. - Party Organization and Networking Initiative. 

This group of hardworking ponies spend much of their precious free time planning and organizing the big events that you and your pony friends attend in Legends of Equestria.  They could be socializing with friends, playing other games, reading a book, or even going 'outside' but they choose to follow the long and difficult road of making sure that there's always fun things to do in this beautifully crafted world of fantasy and talking horses that we all live in. 

So this space is where all events past, future, and present, planned by P.O.N.I. or by other friends of LoE who just want to plan fun events can mention what they're working on.  Please feel free to post your events here as well.  After all, we are all one big family and no one pony is more important than any other.

Please thank anypony you meet who works hard on these events as without them, LoE would be a lot less fun.  Also if you want to join P.O.N.I. just feel free to ask.  We're always happy to have more help.


March has been a busy month for birthdays but there are still some days left.  The upcoming birthdays are:

Coda: March 29
Lemon Cloud: March 30

And on March 24 (this Sunday) at 8PM GMT, please join us at the Cantermore Castle training area to participate in a contest to earn the right to join the Royal Guard and win fabulous prizes.  Spectators are welcome!

And PONI is working on a special Easter event at the end of April.  Be looking forward to this.
Hello everypony.  I've already been around a lot in game so some of you probably recognize me.  Buuuuuut I thought that I should probably actually say hi to the forum in general. 

So I'm Holiday Cheer.  I'm a holiday party pony.  My favorite thing to do is deliver pie to other ponies.  I spend a lot of my spare time baking pies so that I can give them to ponies in need.  Other than delivering pies I strive to be a great and helpful guide pony who can help other ponies find anything they're looking for.  I also have a ton of bits so I'm always happy to go shopping for another pony if they need something and can't/don't want to afford it themselves.  The only thing I'm not good at is fighting, so I won't be much use if you need to fight something.

I'm also really enjoying spending a lot of time at SCC with all the other ponies there and dancing and socializing.  I've really liked everypony I've met so far.  This is a really amazing and special place and I'm grateful for it.  I'm looking forward to making a bunch of long lasting friendships here.

((OOC: I do have other characters and will probably occasionally play them, but Cheer is my main and I'll mostly be her.))