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Off-Topic / Undertale and other AUs.
2017 Mar 04, 21:28:40
I have absolutely no idea how an off-topic thread works, for I've only made roleplays(I think), but let's do this!

Anyway, I am an Undertale fan, though I have never played the game. I love all the AUs, as well, especially Underswap! So, let's talk about them! What do you think about the game? What about the AUs? What is your favorite?
Welcome to Standard Academic Free Education Middle School, otherwise known as S.A.F.E. Middle School, where filly's and colt's go to learn. It's like a standard school, but with NO BULLIES!! Camera's are everywhere, so no bullies can escape... Except for Viper, the principal's son. He bullies everyone- and get's away with it! When someone tells the principal about Viper bulling, they get detension for "lying". It seems he's unstoppable! Well, everyone has a weakness, so a group of students will team up, and try to stop Viper! Who will they be? Will they stop them? Is there a taco cart in the building? We'll see... In (Not so) S.A.F.E. Middle School!


Age(around 11-14):
Role (Student, Bully{Be careful, regular bullies can be told on}, Teacher):
Theme song:

Viper(May be either played as less or more)
Name: Viper
Age: 13
Role: Mega Bully(not an option)
Picture: Not Available at the time Snake tail
Species: Pony Snake?
Gender: Male
Theme song: Die in a Fire
Info: As a colt, he was picked on. When he became 7, he couldn't handle it anymore. He then started to bully his bullies. Once they stopped, he would stop, but he didn't. He loved it. When ever anypony questioned his tail, or even looked at him, he targeted them. During the summer, he contacted his old friends, and loosened his guard. Sadly, he lost touch with them. When he was at his dad's middle school, he was a nice pony, again. Then, a group of bullies started punching him, and his anger was restored. He told on them, and they were expelled. He started to bully again, and no one has stopped him.

Aqua Fire
Name: Aqua Fire
Age: 12
Role: Student
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Theme song: Make some Noise: Kidz Bop(What? It's catchy!)
Info: Aqua Fire always was homeschooled, based on her appearance. Then, Aqua's parent's found S.A.F.E. Middle School, so they took her there. That's where she met Viper...
Hi. I'm thinking on making an audio drama of the mane six getting baby dragons to save Equestria. Here's the plot(this is a WIP, as in I'm making it up as I go.):

All was well in Eqestria. They had new allies. Less and less friendship problems. More parties. More time to relax. That is, until a new threat awoke. It was a dragon. Legend says that this dragon, Lord Drago(I'm horrible at names.) was banished from the dragon kingdom for being a horrible ruler. After 100 moons, he set his eyes on a new kingdom, Eqestria. The two princess defeated him, and banished him into stone. Now, he broke free from his stone prison, and he will stop at nothing to conquer Eqestria. He first went to the dragon kingdom, to claim dragon lord. He destroyed out of the eggs, but Ember, the current dragon lord, managed to save 6 of them. She then tried to find a place to hide them. She asked Twilight and her friends to protect them, and use them to defeat Drago. Ember saw that the eggs were special. She flew back to the dragon kingdom, only to find that all of the dragons were captured.

All I need are voices and art help. Message me if you would like to help. Here are the available voices.

Main Voices:

Pinkie Pie:
Rainbow dash:
Lord Drago:
Baby Dragons: Aqua Fire
Apple bloom:
Sweetie belle:

Backround Voices:

Male voice 1:
Male voice 2:
Female Voice 1:
Female Voice 2: Aqua Fire
Little girl voice 1:
Little girl voice 2:
Little boy voice 1:
Little boy voice 2:

I will also need artwork of the scenes. I will come up with the script when we get the voices for the Mane 6 Spike, Lord Drago, and Ember.
Well, that's all! Thank you, and please join!
Hello!! Welcome to The Doodleing Roleplaying Pack!! Here, you doodle, roleplay, and talk!! I doubt anyone will join, BUT WHO CARES!!!! i do..shut up.

B) HI!! I'm Flame!! I'll be your Role play instructer. I give you fun little challenges and games to play every week!! Just put what you want to do in the poll, AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! Oh, and, I guess follow the rules.

>.< Oh.. Um.. Hi.. I'm... Drop.. I'm your.. Doodleing instructer.. I challenge you to draw something.. Every week.. That the poll tells you to.. Um.. Yeah.. You see, I'm a little.. Shy..

:ellowee: Well.. That was.. Interesting.. Anyway, I'm Aqua Fire!! I'm the leader and conversation starter. Flame and Drop are my two helpers. Talk about split personality When the conversation starts to slow down, I'll ask a question that will get the conversation started again. Or, Flame and Drop will get the party started. To join, simply fill out a form, and choose if you want to mainly do games or drawing. Each month, we will have a form to see who will be co-leader, and will help with events. Well, now time for rules. REALLY!!! Yes.. Yes, there is rules..yay..


  • Follow the rules, or your banned

  • If you accept a challenge, you have until the next challenge to complete it

  • Do not abuse teammates

  • Do not bully

  • Everyone welcome

  • Have fun

B) Well, now that all of the boring stuff is over, let's come up with a game!! How about, Finish the Story!! You start with once upon a time, and you write three words that make up a story, then the next person, then the next, until I say, The End. Ready? [glow=green,2,300]GO!!![/glow]

>.< Oh, I better get started, too. Well, how about you draw.. What ever you want!! Since this is your first day, might as well do something easy. Ready? [glow=green,2,300]GO!!![/glow]

:ellowee: Topic of the day will be.. What is your favorite thing about changelings? Ready? [glow=green,2,300]TALK!!![/glow]

Pack Name:
Doodleing or Games?:


You decide to play a game, but all the video games were to expensive. You see an ad for Pony Tail, and decided to buy it. It was $1, and you didn't understand why, but at least it was cheap. You load the game, and a spiral spins on the screen. Then, light surrounds you. You try to escape, but you can't, and you get sucked into a world. You are greeted by an alicorn
[glow=pink,2,300]"Hello there!" [/glow[/glow]]She says, in a calm, sweet voice. [glow=pink,2,300] "I'm Princess Star, and welcome, to pony tail. Who are you?" [/glow] You then realized, your in Pony Tail...

Welcome to Pony Tail! You are in a video game, and you need to escape. You can't tell an virtual pony(vp) that they are in a video game. You must try and find other players that are stuck in this realm. You must defeat the boss in order to escape, but he's very powerful, so you'll need a team. You must find the keys to unlock the door. When you do, you must make a choice. Will you leave this place, and return into the real world, or will you stay, and help other players escape? Once a player escapes, the game resets, and you must start all over again. If you go to the real world, you must find the maker of Pony Tail, and stop him or her from continuing the production of the game. Who is the creator? Will you escape? Where are the keys? Will you find a team? Or will you accidentally tell a vp, and destroy both of the world? Tip: Vps talk first. Tip: Vps talk [glow=green,2,300]like this.[/glow]

Here is the form! ( *= optional)
Class: (Elemental, Healer, Archer, Trickster, Warrior, and Familar/Companion)
*Weapon: (Must be related to class)

You can master all/some/one of the elements. They are Water, Fire, wind, Ground, light, Dark, and Nature

You have the special touch. You can heal your teammates and yourself. You can use it to revive your knocked out teammates. Your best choice of weapon is a healing staff.

You can master the arrows. You use all kinds of arrows, poison arrows, nature arrows, regular arrows, and more! Your best choice of weapon is a bow and arrow.

You are as sly as a fox. You leave traps for your enemies, and pranks for your friends. No stone is left unturned.

You are the bravest and strongest of all the classes. The warrior gets more weapon choices, and is meant to protect the weak. Your best choice of weapon is a sword.

You are not a pony. You help your teammates by boosting up their stats. Familars are friendly, but mean when they need to be.

My form:
Name: Aqua Fire
Age: 11
Class: Elemental
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
*Weapon: None
Description: Aqua Fire, born to a bat father and Pegusus mother, was bored. Her older brother, who was a bat pony, didn't want to play with her. He suggested getting Pony Tail, because it was cheap. When she loaded it in, she was sucked into the game. She is trying to find the keys, and help other ponys get out of the game, if they do..

The roleplay thread:
[move]hi my oc is named Aqua Fire, but I can't post the pic for some reason  :c [/move]