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You know how a beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare within seconds?
Remember - anything is possible in a dream, it doesn't need to obey physics or logic or the show canon.
Go ahead! ovO

(If someone forgets to continue the chain, you can just make the previous nightmare even worse.)

User A: Dream: Riding a bike through a forest.

User B: The road turns black and gooey and you slowly sink in, unable to move a muscle.
Dream: Walking on clouds.

Let me begin:
Dream: Playing hide and seek in Ponyville.
Off-Topic Archive / Image test
2016 Aug 31, 12:18:43
I've never posted an image on this server and I want to test it here before I do it for real.

But since you're already here, try to find the odd one out:

Post Merge

It worked!  :D
Each news entry at this site's homepage is marked with a date. But only the month and the day. Now, we all know the recent ones are from this year, however new visitors might not.
When I first visited this web page, I did not know whether LoE is still ongoing or just a thing of the past. You just never know, you know?
I recommend turning it into a full date (with a year). It would also make the web page appear more professional.